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  1. The plastic quality is the same. As for miss-paints my beast does have a little bleeding of a line but Kitty is right on. That is how it always is. I am sure that most people got a great Beast, because it is only on one line, the rest of him is great. Over all I am very happy with my set. While I can't speak for the Target sets Series 13 are the same quality as my TRU 4 pack. This is surprising because for a mass-market set the TRU 4 pack was really good.
  2. I saw this movie last night (I had to watch the other two first) and I am crazy excited for this wave although I do think it is strange that there is not Ice-man, Rouge, or Magneto as they played a larger role than Colossus or Juggernaut. Whatever
  3. When they first came my TRU had 4 x-men and 2 avengers. Then a week later (last week) they had easy 10 of each!
  4. I just called my LCS and they are not in. I know the DST weekly list has been checked but sometimes these guys slip by. But not today. Its been so long since any mates have come out they almost did not know what i was talking about.
  5. I prefer to get mine from my local comic book store and have bought most of my mates at a comic book store wither it be my local one (heroes and villains of Tucson) or Pop culture paradise in Tempe. I hate buying things on line and only do so for exclusives. I also buy from the mass market but really only for extras and parts for Customs.
  6. With the next two waves coming out via the mass market and at half the price will any one be buying them from their local comic book store? This thought has plagued me so, that I only bought the x-men set from TRU. I did this for a number of reasons. 1) I feel the need to support our local comic book store. I don’t know about yours but mine is great, the owner is very nice and always gets minimates. 2) To get all the new avengers you will have to get that whole set over. Think about it. Cap comes with Nick, Spidy comes with Ronin, and Sentry come with Luke Cage. Unlike the x-men set where to complete the line you will only need to get Beast a Shadow Cat Now I am not saying one way or the other. If I didn’t love my comic book store I would buy them at TRU and if I really did love my comic book store I would not have bought any at TRU. What it really all comes down to is $$$. But I want to know what other collectors thought and are doing. Thanks to ADYcarter for causing me to think outside the box.
  7. These Mate look sweet I hope they make out and don't wind up with Batman begins and LORT mates. You know canceld because the movies, although awsome, were ruled not popular enough to make minimates, and they were so COOL, just like these!
  8. I am glad they are at target. The main reason is because they are opening minimates up to a wider group of people. I know My comic book store sells out of newly released minimates (when there are any) with in the first month, if not week, and this is Tucson AZ! Nothing is cooler then seeing kids playing with minimates the way we used to play GI-Joes and star wars.
  9. The reason you have not heard of this con before is this is the first year they are doing it. I was also planning on going, until I realized it was on Rosh Hashanah weekend. I doubt it will be so large that you will need to make a plan. But I am sure it will be large enough to be a lot of fun.
  10. I am with neo on this one. While I have not seen them I will be buying them. And why? Because they are minimates. Bad paints apps, whatever, all mass market minimates have had bad paint apps. Just look at the TRU ten pack next to those figures that came out before. Perform a side be side comparisons of the minimates from target and Wal-Mart with those that came from your local comic book store and you will see a huge difference. So don’t hate on speed racer just because of some bad paint apps, you know I won’t.
  11. I check yesterday and today No minimates only diecast (rrrrrrrrrr ) it sounds like they are hitting the east coast first and moving west, is that true? are these only at TRU or will they be other places too?
  12. I can't wait until green arrow. Realy because of kevin Smith
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