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  1. Super-happy to get Sable as a bonus! I was really disappointed when she was dropped. Did Bobbi get a different hairpiece to the promo art? Looks like movie Carol’s hairpiece.
  2. Shame, but thanks for replying. I’ll stay optimistic
  3. Nice!! Been a while since we got any F4. Zach, any chance we will see the planned BAF Silver Sable in a future wave? I’d love an updated version. Thanks.
  4. I'm working on a custom set of Marauders! As far as sets I'd like to see, I'd love The Winter Guard. We basically have Ursa Major already using Tekken Kuma parts.
  5. Hey! Larfleeze was a commission so I don't actually own him. I don't spend so much time on here nowadays since I lost a lot of my posts last year when the server moved, but if you'd like to see my more recent work and contact t me for commissions, search Instagram for braddock_manor_minimates. Thanks!
  6. Hey, I've been missed off the Silk list. My request is on page 3. Thanks!
  7. My customs page is missing anything posted after May 2015. I also can't upload any pictures. Thanks for any help. Oh, I've also lost lots of PM's.
  8. Hadn't noticed the Silk list had been lost. Please can I be added back on? Thanks.
  9. Thanks guys. Etrigan and Barda were probably the trickiest to be honest. Etrigan's cape is not removable as I had to sculpt it to his chest piece. Barda's helmet looks kind of scrappy in the photo but I think it looks a bit better in person.
  10. Thanks for the comments everyone. I'm enjoying working on some classic customs. Looking forward to getting the official Disco Dazzler in wave 64. Alongside the latest Marvel commissions I have been working on a DC commission set as well. Etrigan the Demon: Black Hand: Big Barda: Captain Cold: Mr Miracle:
  11. Thanks everyone! I had a lot of fun working on that last batch, especially the Dazzler set. Here's my latest Marvel commission batch: Crimson Dynamo (Alex Nevsky): Graviton: Doctor Faustus: Rocket Racer: Whirlwind: I should have some DC commissions to share soon.
  12. Yeah alright, I'll play. F: Iceman (he needs someone to teach him, right?!) M; Rictor (circa X-Factor v3: it's the beard I think.) K: Northstar
  13. My favorite part is he put up an ice-wall because he didn't want to talk to her about it. This was my favourite part too. I'm interested and willing to see where this goes, as I do believe the situation with Bobby is plausible given his history.
  14. There has been speculation about Iceman's sexuality for years, particularly in the gay community. The way I'm looking at it is that current Bobby is gay too, just in deep denial. I actually think a pretty valid point is being made, albeit clumsily.Lots of gay men end up denying who they are in an attempt to fit into acceptable societal norms.
  15. Outstanding, as always! I love the shot of the Aliens laughing at the Hydra Agents.
  16. Love that new Gambit! Dazzler hairpiece works really well.
  17. Thanks guys. I agree, it can be a massive drain on time, so I now play knowing I probably won't ever have a complete roster.
  18. Anyone here still playing? I gave up for a while but have recently come back to the game because I want to get Enchantress. Looking for help with Group bosses if anyone else is. Thanks!
  19. Thanks guys. I have an Age of X for myself already, but I am considering making the rest for myself too now.
  20. Psyguy

    Wave 60

    I am really excited for this wave too. I think I ordered 2 cases.....which is the most I have ever ordered of any wave before. I don't collect movie mates so this wave more than makes up for the movie waves that we will get this year. Not that I dislike the movie mates, I just had to make a pledge very early in my collecting that I had some kind of boundary in place!
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