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  1. Enjoyed the movie but pass on any figures. Namor would be fun to see the parts made but everything else no thanks. Character outfits in the the movie are high fashion civilian an a few super suits.
  2. Everyone doing their favorites that they would like but me being from England I have to put my hand up for prob some obscure Joe enemies. Baron Ironblood and the Red Shadows. I think they are still counted as Joe figures as they where a spin of from Joes in The UK called Action Force. These guys where my main enemies for my Mego Pocket Hero figures back when I was a kid So at least my Little Mego Figures had someone to fight.
  3. Just where will the madness end. The next thing it will be tigers and who would ever want a minmate tiger? 😆 Toyark as better shots of the display if you want to check there
  4. They look really nice and I much prefer the cartoon colour style and these.
  5. I thought he was a standout character in the Big Hero 6 animation. ?
  6. I would have preferred The Patriot and Stature Young Avengers but this is still a good set. I kinda see why they would have gone with this team over the other. All the young avengers have been hinted at through the MCU through either movies or the TV series but Hawkeye and America have been used as the actual characters and the looks are recognisable to ppl that aren't totally up-to speed on the characters. When I always see new pieces used on Minimates I always think who else could that used for. Hulklings Wings made me think of Gargoyle straight away. Come on Minimate Gods revisit The Defenders and give us Gargoyle, Hellcat, Astral Dr Strange, Valkyrie (Its time for another one), Son Of Satan, Red Guardian, Clea. Yes I was a big Classic Defenders fan back in the day.
  7. about 8.50 starts the minimate little bit of discussion. 9.25 onwards mentions its an old cartoon etc
  8. Didnt Say D&D by name but 80s cartoon 6 packs etc. I would love it to be D&D I'm fingers crossed hope that's what it is. I Cant think of six main villains thou. Venger, Tiamat (To big for a box-set) and I think Warduke was in the cartoon. I do remember a action figure of him being in shops when I was a kid. after that I'm stumped. I think Hasbro owns MASK nowadays that could easily fit the 6 heroes and villains box-sets loadout and would go well with GI Joe etc
  9. Did A quick Google and the teams listed as being formed from 2010 onwards I could see are Avengers Academy Future Foundation Avengers Unity Squad Mercs For Money Champions Strange Academy? Not sure if this was an actual team. Children Of The Atom None of them that I can see have the Male, Female breakdown mentioned. Hopefully someone with alot more modern comic knowledge than me can crack it.
  10. I Hope that's just a clever camera angle for the Hulk/Thor pic. Drilling around there to fix the cloud effect makes me wince. Oh an the Hulk smile makes it all the funnier.
  11. My X-Men reading is more the classic Blue an Yellow team. So Any pick would for me be from that era and prob be villians. Mimic my top pick First time I saw Super Adaptoid was in a X-men comic so he fits Ka-Zar Savage land plays a big part in X-men stuff over the years so I'm surprised no Ka-Zar Angel in his yellow an red outfit. I know its horrid, lol Red Raven I'm a sucker for old superhero war comics like The Invaders so anychance I get of maybe a Liberty Legion character I'm taking it
  12. dont stop here its still not been revealed that the whole fun of this forum we can be daft an laugh I just cant figure out a good one for Scott Hall but there must be one with that last name.
  13. in the build a figure section there is a Mr Hyde build a figure minimate. lol
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