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  1. I would say straight away it would have to be Galactus. I don't follow funko so not sure if they have done a Watcher etc
  2. be glad you did it was so long ago all our minimates where in black and white.
  3. I think ol BHM is pulling our legs a bit an I can understand why. That image has to me certain palitoy quality's not saying more then that or we could end up down the rabbit hole that was Huge Hog Robin (damn that was a long time ago)
  4. Really liking this wave all-round. I do find it slightly amusing that we get this Spider Woman just as she changes to a new costume design in her new series. I like the new costume but i cant see it sticking (No spider pun intended)
  5. I read that as you found Widow on a drug run, as in she was busting dealers
  6. Took me a second to guess that is I think Mothra in the middle of those two. My mind first went to someones cats pooped in the picture.
  7. I Always thought it was Manson not Mason but either way its one of Mrs F's baby boys. I knew who it was but goggled Mason and it is Mason I just totality brain farted on the name. His book is very good
  8. Not the biggest fan of movie waves but I do like task Master and Red Guardian.
  9. Sling one towards the dude on toy galaxy on you tube he loves translucent stuff.
  10. Bleeding Cool with a write up and some already seen pictures of NYTF. This is the only site I've seen with a mention of Minimates hitting wave 80.
  11. DST walkthrou with Pixel Dan and the one and only Captain Sideburns himself DSTZach
  12. Toyark finally has some DST photos up nothing we haven't seen but the minimates are from image 23 onwards here
  13. Very happy for both these waves. If there is one weak minimate for me its this jacketed Cyclops but that's really just a small nitpick. Again really happy for both waves an a bit sad for no more BAF's I liked that idea.
  14. Happily take the lot. Dont know much about Mockingbird or Spider Woman in these looks but I they are either current or well received so yea they are good. Constrictor is another I don't know much about but doesn't this finish up the minimate version of the Mattel secret wars line? Deathlok yes please all good glad to have him. Ghost and Stealth IM another great figure in Ghost and lovely redo in SIM so well done as I said earlier the first time I looked I thought you used an old figure as a place holder.
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