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  1. By be at you mean have something on their socials as SDCC is not on this year
  2. What happens in the Jungle Room stays In the Jungle Room.
  3. Peg holes on bald or non slip on masked characters is one of my personal bugbears. Its not been that bad for a good few waves but when it happens it makes me seethe! I've not got around to ordering the latest wave So Moondragon had slipped my mind but a quick imige serch an yep head hole. 😡🤬
  4. Always cool to see tour customs an the backstories make them even better. Shockfox and Catspider standout for me of these. Shockfox just looks so right the parts the colours etc. An Catspider a punk Venom oh yea, looks like a great foe for Spider-Punk from the Spiderverse stuff.
  5. I'm not on Facebook at all so seeing stuff here is always good.
  6. I think you just quoted Janet van Dyne
  7. Those are really good. I love the use of the battle beast legs for gorgon.
  8. Now that's a way to make an entrance. Welcome an be ready for prob a few in-box mails.
  9. real nice. The Robin looks like he'd rip your arms off an stuff em down your neck then leave you to good officers of GCPD
  10. I have a Mame Arcade in my house and I've never played that game all the way through. I think that's me sorted for the next little while. Ive played The Spider-man 4 player to the end and the Punisher/Nick Fury one but never the X-men 4 player or the Cap America Avengers that I can remember.
  11. I can relate as well to the Adam West Batman thoughts. I haven't watched an episode in years but did watch the Movie a good while back with my grandson who may have been about 6 at the time and he loved it. Maybe its the bright colours and it was easy going but watching it with a young kid and seeing the simple joy and laughter at the daft stuff like running around with the bomb had on him I can appreciate it a bit more. On british side note my daughter facetimed me the other week as we are all social distancing and she had a Emu hand/arm puppet which was mine as a child that my dad tormented/tickled and chased me around the house with and I did the same to my kids an now she was doing it to my 2 year old granddaughter and she was loving it. They had youtubed some episodes of Emu and the Parkinson interview I think with Emu its the anarchy an naughtiness that kids love getting one up on the grown ups.
  12. Its fine if you forgot Hell right now there are times I have no idea what day of the week it is. They are all merging together kinda like the time between xmas an New Years its like one loooong sunday.
  13. Aren't Miles morales Spiderman Kid Arachnid And Spy-D basicly the same thing its just in the cartoon they haven't settled on a name. Those are Walgreens figures not from the main marvel line. Oh an Ivan is hailed
  14. Before I actually checked that spoiler. I did check to see that this was posted after April 1st it would have been a perfect time for a joke post and after nearly 2 weeks of lockdown I'm starting to go a bit paranoid an daft.
  15. Some movies deserve a bigger screen to take it in. For me the tent pole stuff should be held back, so Marvel, Bond etc I'm fine with being held back. The concern I have is for the movies an TV that are in production that have been delayed because its a knock on effect of its not finished for the time its supposed to be released so we would have holes in our entertainment calendar. It would be interesting to know how the movies released to VoD have faired compared to their expected box office returns. Now I don't think they will get close to what they thought it would be but the % would be interesting to see. When this finally comes to pass and the majority of the world gets back to some normality I do think that these big release movies will make over their expected revenue as ppl celebrate their ability to go out together and enjoy stuff in company.
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