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  1. I think he's getting Red Guardian and Darkstar muddled together but maybe not. There has been both male and female heroes wear a version of the Red Guardian costume. Going by Wiki the female one was actually called Starlight which I remember the character from the Defenders comics but would have swore blind that she was called Red Guardian as well. Darkstar another Russian Super Hero has only been female as far as I know
  2. That game was hard as hell. A real coin muncher.
  3. Wave 80 with a tie in with Marvel 80th then yea I can see that 80 by itself not so much. I'm not thumbing the idea down just 80 seems like a weird number. 50, 75, 100 I can understand. As for if the wave number and back catalogue would stop somebody start collecting I would say no if someone sees a figure they like they will buy it no matter what comes before. Minimates of the core marvel figures are available or being cycled back into production in new ways (Last Hunt Spidey.) In my eyes there is only small percentage of early exclusives that are hard to get and maybe they now could be revisited seeing as even the stores they where exclusive to no longer exist. In the end promote the hell out of wave 80 as there is no thing as bad publicity or so they say.
  4. The only super7 stuff I have is the 4 original Iron Maiden figures I know there is some blind box varients but not bothered with them. Next for me is the Motorhead Snaggletooth figure and If they did Iron Maiden Eddie Funkos I would be officially skint. STOP PRESS!! I going to post a fan image that someone had done saying that I would buy all of these. An googling that image I saw that Funko are doing Iron Maiden Funkos it was announced at SDCC TAKE MY MONEY!!
  5. Looking at the legends releases for 80th I would take a Hulk with ripped shirt, I would have said an updated Iron Man Classic in shiny candy red and gold but the latest Holo Iron Man basicly covers that already. Everything one can be still picked up from the best of range except for FA Wolverine and Thor. It would have been a nice coincidence for this to happen wave 80 on the 80th anniversary an all.
  6. I actually am most interested in Jane Foster Thor movie and the Strange Multiverse one. If I had to choose one figure it would have to be Shang-Chi in his original look from the comics. That one not a Black T shirt one not a red an black jumpsuit one....The Original One! Ok DST You got years before this hits screens more then enough time to get on the ball.
  7. From the Russo's twitter Mind blown!
  8. Just seen these are being done as part of Marvel Anniversary. The original Human Torch Minimate is one of my faves and these two funko's are cool.
  10. OMG new trailer is cool. DONT WATCH IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN ENDGAME!!
  11. Ok here's a bit of a strange question that's rattling around in my head since seeing new Thor Endgame figures especially the final look Thor Funko from Endgame. Which end of Stormbreaker to you lot is the prominent head? Is it the Hammer side or the Axe side? Most toy images I can recall from IW have the hammer head either forward or facing down as it would seem that would be the one that the figure is striking with. While the newer Endgame figures go with the axe head being foward as now that seems the striking part, prob to do with how it was used in IW. Me I go with the hammer side being the main one as just because no matter its MCU I still connect Stormbreaker with Beta Ray Bill first and then Ultimate Thor because of styling and in my head Bill espically is hammer forward.
  12. Another part of a lot of our childhoods gone. RIP Chewie I Don't know if there is a Wookie Valhalla but if there is may there be big hairy hugs and may you always win at Dejarik
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