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  1. MiniFiend UK

    DC Vinimates

    They do look good. That said Bane looks like he's sucking a squid.
  2. MiniFiend UK

    Aquaman Extended Trailer

    Up to now The DC live action movies for me as a whole haven't been great Wonder Woman being a high point. I can take or leave the live action DC movie stuff, The DC animation movies on the other hand for me have been great. A weird flip side is that I think the Wonder Woman animated movie being the weakest I have seen. Ok enough ramble I wouldn't have put my money that when Worlds Of DC started that an Aquaman movie would be one that I would be more excited then say Batman v Superman or JL. I just think this trailer is so much fun and colourful! I just think if DC would have opened with say this and Wonder Woman then done BVS and JL in not so dark an gritty ppl would think better of them.
  3. MiniFiend UK

    Alias Smith and Jones

    Being English I misread the title as this That being said I do remember the series and because of the interwebs may re-watch a couple of episodes.
  4. MiniFiend UK

    Symbiote Speculation

    Well the original concept for the character was approved I think if the 1602 universe would have gone on a bit longer we could have got something more like this
  5. MiniFiend UK


    I think they missed a letter off the start of company/model name. 😏
  6. MiniFiend UK

    Custom Marvel Minimate Preorder Thread

    Ohh they must have found him then. Last I heard he was missing.
  7. MiniFiend UK

    Incognito MCU

    No thanks. Boring, boring, boring.
  8. MiniFiend UK

    RIP Steve Ditko

    Just read this on BBC website My first exposer to his art would have been the Marvel pocketbook reprints Back then I wouldn't have really known one artist from another, but covers like this hooked me. From the Spidey swinging at you in a classic image seen many times on the original cartoon. To guest stars! LoL I still want Enforcers Minimates and covers like this is probably why.
  9. While not being my favorite design in the cartoon your Wasp custom is great, well done.
  10. MiniFiend UK

    WWF Custom Minimate Preorder Thread

    Zach is jealous of those second head sideburns
  11. MiniFiend UK

    Minimates price hike?

    Nope classed as a necessity. Like water, bread etc. Nothing to fear
  12. When I first heard about this It didn't get my interest but after watching the trailer I am curious. Have to say the sequences and dialog between Miles and his father I think are very good.
  13. MiniFiend UK

    What the F

    ugh my eyeballs hurt and that just from the animator guys top knot. As for Thundercat Roar itself. I'm not a fan of Adventure Time style animation so very very easy pass.
  14. MiniFiend UK

    Yanny Vs Laurel (Audio Clip)

    Earlier on all I could hear is yanny. just clicked now and hear laurel as clear as a bell. so strange there isn't a trace of yanny. Both are the same audio voice/tone as well.
  15. MiniFiend UK

    Yanny Vs Laurel (Audio Clip)

    Saw this on the BBC so thought I would see what ppl hear.