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  1. Just seen the new Motorhead Lemmy and Snaggletooth pops along with the ZZ Top ones. wave 2 of Iron maiden ReAction figures, ohh my aching wallet.
  2. So does that make Ghost Rider some sort of jinx for Marvel waves as I can only think of the movie GR set being the other Marvel wave cancelled. Sucks either way as it may not have been star heavy I was up for the wave even though Darkhawk and CGR where the only ones that stood out for me.
  3. I wonder what the thermal insulation property's of a wall of Funko Pops is?
  4. The cape looks like the one used on nearly all the early minmates in the style, but the colour is a strange one. I would have thought a Dr Doom cape or maybe Black Bnight would have been the start for Mon El because of the round bits.
  5. Between the marvel 80th Pops and the 4 Iron maiden ones about to be released funko's hard to resist at the moment. Then they go an do this. If they start on JSA/ All Star Squadron I'm doomed.
  6. Doesn't give to much away which for me is a good thing. The music is an earworm. I'm looking forward to this as the first WW movie is one of the better DCU films.
  7. comic styled Red Guardian and I'm happy
  8. Now that actually made me laugh out loud. Glad I wasn't drinking anything at the time, well played
  9. for me
  10. fantastic exactly what I wanted to hear .
  11. Can anyone make out the text next to Cosmic GR? Hopefully it says something about the dome being translucent and and the skull being on a head block because as a solid piece it looks terrible.
  12. The only minimates I've seen have been on Marvelous News and they where the Walgreens Venom Wave. Not looking good for our plastic crack of choice.
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