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  1. I've been mentally trying to visualise what I think Power Ranger minimates would look like and for me I would prefer a slip on mask over just a tampo of the helmet on a head block. For the most part I'm not a fan of slip on masks on figures like Spiderman etc as I think it bulks out the head too much when its supposed to be a cloth cover. Power Rangers for me are the total opposite, They have hard helmets so I prefer the bulk of the slip on mask would kind of show this. I know that these have in no way confirmed but it was just a thought worm kinda thing that I had to get out of my h
  2. GIJoe Never caught on in the UK as i seem to remember but there was comic strips so I do know some of the classic looks. Like Transformers I'd happily get these as to me they will fit in nicely with the Marvel stuff.
  3. I'm not a massive Transformers fan but they to me look great. I'm already thinking multiple purchese as I have a nephew who is a big classic Transformers fan and a grandson who would also like these.
  4. Hanna Barbera would be great. I totally get into that line.
  5. Episode 5 was WoW lots of info about it before broadcast but still it was a shout at the TV screen moment. I have lots of ppl I know that watch and have watched the MCU stuff and enjoy it, but Wandavision is a slog if you dont know the marvel stories. Hopefully its starting to make sense to them now.
  6. I Googled the Mock-Ups to see the spoiler image. If [REDACTED] looks anything like that image in the series its alot closer to 616 style then I would have guessed they would have gone for straight out the gate. Yes I know the mock ups aren't real but anyone who knows the stories they are touching on in Wandavision then [REDACTED] wouldn't be that much of a surprise.
  7. So marvel have revealed Spidey is getting a new costume in 2021. what are ppls first impressions on it? For me not a big fan if they wanted to have a Hi-Tech suit the Parker industries works fine. I understand a new suit drums up interest in the comic and in the end the suit will not be permanent so nothing to get really annoyed about. It feels more like a team suit like the future foundation one, not really a stand alone Spider suit.
  8. Merry Christmas to all. This place has always been a good place to come an just chill and chuckle no matter what life chucks at you and this year especially I'll take the smiles an laughs all day long.
  9. I know we've had a Venom T-Rex and not sure if Marvel have any rights to Zilla at the moment but I think Venomzilla V Leopardon in King in Black would be so much fun. Could even use Kid Kajiu to somehow pull it off. Just a bit of wild imagining because I thought this artwork was fun.
  10. not knowing much more of predator outside of the movies and the old arcade game, there is some nice figures in that line up. The water emergence one from the first movie is well done showing the cloaking shield failing. The one figure that really did make me smile is one of the blacked out silhouette ones. Ultimate Warrior Predator, I know its nothing to do with wrestling but as soon as i read it I couldn't help imagining one of those figures with bright purple, orange etc paint work WWF style. It really did make me grin. Lol
  11. What I would like is if minimates cant get the MCU, D+ screen licence to go the route of the wave 77 figures so 616 comic figures of Flag Smasher, Shang-Chi etc.
  12. At first I was nice figures but I'm OK with the versions already out there. Just checked against the figures on database and honestly each of these figures has something that stands out as good. Jean's headpiece, Sinister's cape design, Cyclops Visor headpiece and for some reason just Juggernauts colour. I do like these figures they are not as simplified as other Walgreens releases. So all in all a good release IMO I would be OK adding these to a display especially Jean and Sinister
  13. Just a quick google got me this graphic of Panther costumes thru the ages. Just Looking at that I could see a 4 figure boxset would cover the majority of panther looks with 2 main Panther figures an swapping of parts between them covering a high % of looks. You could then easily slot in in a Shuri panther and 1 other like the Coal Tiger or Killmonger. I Know very unlikely but hey just putting it out there.
  14. I could go a classic Black Panther Minimate in this style. we got a munched on by zombies version but not a classic one. full mask and open face mask heads and I'm happy.
  15. Title says it really Hasbro released a new line of Retro style figures. Now I'm not sure if $20 for two small figures is going towards the high end of pricing but damn the packaging to me is just great. Reminds me a lot of the Mego Pocket heroes stuff I had as a kid but I guess that's the idea.
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