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  1. The perfect Doom was done years ago All Credit To Mini_Myte. This ranks as probably fav Minimate custom of all time.
  2. FA Cap Britain is prob top of any wish list I would do. Any of the others and I would be a happy camper.
  3. For a second I forgot what thread I was in and thought they were Minimates. The cape threw me. Ohh the pain when it clicked they weren't.
  4. Nothing jumps out at me to go wow fantastic on any of the stuff. And what's with the head on the Ghostrider Statue (Pics 8-10) just looks way off. something was bugging me while looking at it, it was I don't like it but it reminds me of something .An then it clicked For some reason, I look at that and see Planet of the Apes faces.
  5. I must be the only person not overwhelmed by this lineup. Honestly, I put that down to me not reading any X-Factor stuff so not having an attachment to the characters. I will be getting these either way. Kinda bugs me that no Iceman to round out that side of the team. Its got to be a long time since that figure was released an ppl may have to pay a premium to finish off a team again. It actually made me think back to as I vaguely remember the Silverage Angel/X-factor Angel mix up that ppl where not happy with.
  6. If one of those down the front is Wolsbane, who is The other?
  7. I dont think anyone will have a "Hard Time" guessing this one. Also one of my fav characters to play on WWF Wrestlefest along with Jake Roberts
  8. You're right on looking at a larger image what I thought where edges of the frames are actually the headband wrapping around the head block. When I first saw the figure I was like they are some big Edna Everage style glasses.
  9. I have to agree with most ppl here. other than the Miles figure (even though I do want to see how those glasses are attached to the head block.) I think this is a great wave. A lot of updates to figures that may be hard for ppl to get hold of nowadays. All in all for me very happy. One thing that I did notice is Mysterio's bowl an cape seems to be one piece on this figure so maybe the whole thing slips over a head block? Or it could just be the way the sample is produced no matter either way.
  10. So from my neck of the woods I can post this.
  11. Print out the pictures and fold them into paper planes and whichever flies the furthest wins. As long as you don't get done for littering there going to be some confused ppl if they unfold them and read them
  12. doing a search on MM database (Ivan Be Hailed) comes up with this I agree wildcat would be the closest but if you don't mind a little bulkier Iron fist is easier to come by and I'm sure even there is an enough of those damnable riot Spideys that would gladly make the sacrifice.
  13. I'll take a guess and say that Everyone will have a price for this custom figure.
  14. I had to have a double take at that ouitfit pic as at first Thor looked like Wolverine (Must be the stance)
  15. I was a bit mehh about New Godzilla but this trailer is changing my mind
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