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  1. MiniFiend UK

    What the F

    ugh my eyeballs hurt and that just from the animator guys top knot. As for Thundercat Roar itself. I'm not a fan of Adventure Time style animation so very very easy pass.
  2. MiniFiend UK

    Yanny Vs Laurel (Audio Clip)

    Earlier on all I could hear is yanny. just clicked now and hear laurel as clear as a bell. so strange there isn't a trace of yanny. Both are the same audio voice/tone as well.
  3. MiniFiend UK

    Yanny Vs Laurel (Audio Clip)

    Saw this on the BBC so thought I would see what ppl hear.
  4. MiniFiend UK

    The X-Files

    online retailer in the UK just posted this if anyone is interested.
  5. MiniFiend UK

    RIP Margot KIdder

    For some of us, older minimate fans Superhero movies and TV series were few and far between. So when they happened it was a great thing. So if Christopher Reeve made us believe a man could fly, she was the lady that made him turn back time. The falling person catch from the helicopter for me should be classed as one of the iconic pieces of cinema
  6. MiniFiend UK

    Deadpool 2?

    Deadpool 2 marketing team in full effect again.
  7. MiniFiend UK

    Any more best of waves?

    YES PLZ And A Thousand times YES PLZ! Everytime I remember those minimates from CustomCon I'm blown away how good they are. Be very proud.
  8. MiniFiend UK

    Any more best of waves?

    I would be interested in best of waves. Especially A Spidey with Web chute and Vulture with extra Blackie Drago head/cap
  9. MiniFiend UK

    WAVE 76

    Really Happy for this wave its right up my street. That Demogoblin!!
  10. MiniFiend UK

    Animated Marvel 'Mates

    I actually like the top 4 minimates. the bottom 4 not so much . they match what they are supposed to do but do I want or need them, nope not at all so easy skip for me.
  11. MiniFiend UK

    What the F

    Ok so when did Moon Girl join The Turtles? All joking aside that looks terrible I've never been a big TMNT fan but that looks like some bad animation.
  12. MiniFiend UK

    Long shots.

    Isaiah Bradley, grandfather to Patriot from Young Avengers.
  13. MiniFiend UK

    Funko Pop!

    Took my Grandson to Liverpool Comic-Con yesterday. Couldn't resist this guy. So my Pop total is now 3
  14. MiniFiend UK

    Superhero BootLego

    I usually don't go for bootlego stuff but this is prob the best lego figure ever. That Lobo rocks!!
  15. MiniFiend UK

    Infinity War

    Heres Something about Thor I haven't seen mentioned before.