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  1. At first I was nice figures but I'm OK with the versions already out there. Just checked against the figures on database and honestly each of these figures has something that stands out as good. Jean's headpiece, Sinister's cape design, Cyclops Visor headpiece and for some reason just Juggernauts colour. I do like these figures they are not as simplified as other Walgreens releases. So all in all a good release IMO I would be OK adding these to a display especially Jean and Sinister
  2. Just a quick google got me this graphic of Panther costumes thru the ages. Just Looking at that I could see a 4 figure boxset would cover the majority of panther looks with 2 main Panther figures an swapping of parts between them covering a high % of looks. You could then easily slot in in a Shuri panther and 1 other like the Coal Tiger or Killmonger. I Know very unlikely but hey just putting it out there.
  3. I could go a classic Black Panther Minimate in this style. we got a munched on by zombies version but not a classic one. full mask and open face mask heads and I'm happy.
  4. Title says it really Hasbro released a new line of Retro style figures. Now I'm not sure if $20 for two small figures is going towards the high end of pricing but damn the packaging to me is just great. Reminds me a lot of the Mego Pocket heroes stuff I had as a kid but I guess that's the idea.
  5. Dunno if this is "broke", my browser or a combination of the two but since update I get no emoji's showing in the drop down just a blank white space. Firefox auto updated around the same time so not sure if its that as well. I'm also being sent to first page of every thread when accessing new posts. no biggie really just one more button click.
  6. I did wonder how comic accurate this was going to be. I'm honestly very relived.
  7. Thank you Luke and tribe for sorting this all out for me. Great service as always. (I would put a thumbs up emoji but they aren't showing up on my browser.)
  8. Just reading through this thread. An now I have a mental image of a load of older English guys in a Greek airport trying to get a life sized playmobil figure through customs. I can just see them sitting around in depatures with a Footie shirt on the figure all drunk going "Shhh! Its cool, everyone act natural, no one expects a thing" At That point the end music for the original Italian Job movie kicks in.
  9. Cheers I have been following the US postal shenanigans for this very reason of ordering stuff but I wasn't expecting that sort of kick in the postal crotch that early in the morning. I also didn't want to post anything about it as it kinda comes under the no politics bit of the forum rules :) I have messaged Luke using his store system when I posted earlier but because of timezones etc not expecting a super fast response. Onyx my first thought was and prob still is to ask him to hold my order after I've paid if the shipping cant be sorted until hopefully things calm down.
  10. Just to put this out there. An this post is not in anyway a hit on Luke who is a fantastic person an goes above and beyond for anyone here. Just went to place an order for some Minimates and this years Luke crate (The Order was a set of Wave 79 and Wave 80 and a two pack. Loose for shipping where I could and this years Luke Crate.) That order comes a few cents shy of $107 all well and good I'm happy with that. Time to hit the shipping button.....$123.30!!! WhAt ThE $**K! I Actually did swear at my computer screen at that point. Ok Take a breath relax...Take the Luke crate off an
  11. Lots of pics in one place there. Not played the game but glad other would it be side licences? are being explored. Hopefully more characters in the future.
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