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  1. Can I make multiple new accounts just to vote for every one. Got to vote captain britain but I would seriously take every single one of those characters in a heart beat. And I do know who Omega the unknown is
  2. Animated Marvel 'Mates

    I still need a spider gwen so will try an pick this up. Spidey is ok but just bland. Screwball could pass for comic style from what I remember but the mouth on that figure just completely ruins it for me. When I first saw Jackel I didn't realize who it was but the ears an mohawk scream Stripe from gremlins . I don't know much about modern wasp so not much to say except I can see a female beetle custom in there if someone gets inspired. Modok and Masque are both butt fuggin ugly and I wish I could remove the images from my memory if that Modok was in the running for this years worst minimate award it would get my vote. Panther is a nice figure and could go into a modern 616 display. All in all one figure I would like, one figure I wouldn't mind and the rest either burn or just not bothered by
  3. Grey Gargoyle, but adaptoid is a close second army builders got go with sons
  4. Infinity War

    The Spidey suit had more blue on it and except for the large logo reminds of his parker enterprises modern outfit with it being shiny metallic.
  5. The Supernatural Realm: Informal Character Poll #5

    Don't get me started on Lillith Daughter of Dracula. Those black and white marvel dracula comics had quite effect on a young me.
  6. The Supernatural Realm: Informal Character Poll #5

    that was a hard one to choose from. I would be happy with any of the main characters listed and the army builder mindless ones or brothers grimm all day long
  7. DC Vinimates

    Holy snoz rockets! the beak on that Batman. Oswald would be proud
  8. Runaways Minimates Please!

    how about generic civilian looking characters. I have never read the comics (I have heard they are very good.) The closest thing to it I have read is a few issues of Avengers arena that had the gothy witch one in it, Nico. For me, the Minimates would need to have a hook of some sort and these look pedestrian.
  9. Netflix Marvel The Punisher

    damn for some reason I thought this came out on the 27th, not the 17th. No sleep for me tonight.
  10. Bandanna's and Headwraps.

    Ok this may sound like a strange one. A person I know just in passing has found out she has to have chemotherapy and it may result in her losing her hair. Now she as asked me if there is anywhere she can get bandanna's/ headwraps but here's the catch the more offensive the better as in her own words she's not one for pink and flowery Now my first go to would prob be biker sites as the Harley crowd would have stuff like that but maybe there is actually somewhere that does cancer-related ones. So just putting it out there if anyone has any idea etc I'll gladly pass em on.
  11. DC Vinimates

    Well bugger me. I've been trying to avoid these things but that Superman looks amazing and now I'm very tempted.
  12. Marvel Minimates Wish List

    Yep there is a helmeted Thing even though the database doesn't show that look (Ivan yer slipping matey ) I always thought early on in minimates that the helmet would have been used for the DD version of gladiator.
  13. wave 75

    Ahh marvel Pocket Books and the sideways format of Marvel Titans. I remember them with fondness. Anyway Back to the Minimates. I actually know nothing of these looks for any of the characters only I'm guessing that they are the current outfits. Not that I won't buy them just that I don't think I will making display space for them.
  14. ABCs Inhumans

    I was underwhelmed by the trailer. I liked Lockjaw and Maximus (that actor always gets the loony roles.) The rest not as much. The thing that stuck in my head and what if right I'm going to dislike is that from the trailer as soon black bolt it seems gets out of the Inhuman city its put on civvie clothes and try and blend in. Out go any superhero stuff then its just bloke in suit. Dunno there is just something about this at the moment that just grates on me. I will watch it when I get chance and am more then willing to say hey in the end I actually enjoyed it. I have got to like all the superhero tv stuff (not watched Legion yet) so who knows.
  15. Wonder Woman Movie

    Cheers for clearing that up for me. Honestly, Rock and Unknown Soldier are the only 2 "War" characters I could remember from DC just forgot what war Wonder Woman was set in