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  1. From the Russo's twitter Mind blown!
  2. Just seen these are being done as part of Marvel Anniversary. The original Human Torch Minimate is one of my faves and these two funko's are cool.
  4. OMG new trailer is cool. DONT WATCH IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN ENDGAME!!
  5. Ok here's a bit of a strange question that's rattling around in my head since seeing new Thor Endgame figures especially the final look Thor Funko from Endgame. Which end of Stormbreaker to you lot is the prominent head? Is it the Hammer side or the Axe side? Most toy images I can recall from IW have the hammer head either forward or facing down as it would seem that would be the one that the figure is striking with. While the newer Endgame figures go with the axe head being foward as now that seems the striking part, prob to do with how it was used in IW. Me I go with the hammer side being the main one as just because no matter its MCU I still connect Stormbreaker with Beta Ray Bill first and then Ultimate Thor because of styling and in my head Bill espically is hammer forward.
  6. Another part of a lot of our childhoods gone. RIP Chewie I Don't know if there is a Wookie Valhalla but if there is may there be big hairy hugs and may you always win at Dejarik
  7. Any of them and take my money. Don't Know many Ghost Rider characters but would love a Phantom Rider/Ghostrider
  8. err um. My grandson will love this. Me I think Sonic is too skinny.
  9. The only character I don't recognize is the guy to the right of the whirlwind. Happily take every single one of those characters that we haven't had yet in a heartbeat
  10. Duck and cover matey. If there are any non-Sassenach members of this board your about to get an earful 😁 I'm English as well but do take great delight winding up friends with Scottish roots when they wear them on Birthdays etc. The Skirt dig never gets old.
  11. Never been an out and out fan of the movie Minimates. That being said the Ronin and Thanos mates are really nice.
  12. I tried that with swimming trunks a few times....Didn't work. 😏
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