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  1. Hey y'all. Wow, I haven't logged in a dogs age. I've mainly kept up through the FB page I started during the great forum-outage of 2013 (wild that that was seven years ago). I may make a post there but as it doesn't quite have an 'off-topic' vibe to it so I figured i'd post here first. Anyway. I am making a board game! It's called: A bit more about SHR: I've been working on this for over a year now, I've shown it at three major shows, and am currently in talks with potential publishers. I figured now was a good time to start getting the word out! I am posting constant updates/info and more on my twitter and insta Instagram: Twitter: You can also learn more about the heroes i've revealed so far on my website: Also if you want to help support SHR, I have a Patreon where I post art early, as well as exclusive development art, unseen concept art and take monthly requests from my backers! Also backers get access to exclusive cosmetic variants for some of the hero cards, these will be delivered digitally as well as mailed physically! Lastly, SHR will be coming to Tabletop Sim February 2020 as an early Beta, so keep and eye out and you'll be able to play it for yourself before the Kickstarter! Feel free to respond with any questions, comments feedback, i'll definitely be checking this thread! Great to be back!
  2. its the same design just on a more practical outfit....the only significant difference is the hair. The new Crystal costume runs circles around the original, as do most modern costumes.
  3. Pretty sure the cape is just dramatized for the art's sake, not everything in the promo art can be related to real moldings.
  4. that is definitely just a cut of Dark World and Age of Ultron. Clever idea but I dont believe any finished footage from the film was shown, just BTS work and the short film
  5. Saw it yesterday, probably wont post too many thoughts here, if you're friends with me on Facebook you've probably seen my numerous rants about it. Overall i'd give the movie a sold 5/10 there are parts that I think are fantastically perfect. But the rest of the movie is so shallowly racist, so horribly sexist, and so grossly ablest that I cant in good conscious endorse it to friends.
  6. After seeing the set picks, he may be my favorite Superman yet
  7. SO DOWN FOR THIS. but i think i'd prefer Shuri and Modern Storm to Typhoid Mary and Spiral (but the more the merrier)
  8. From the sound of it the show will be very action oriented, but based on Clone Wars and Steven Universe, I strongly expect them to fit in some good story content as well. I LOVE the animation style, though i seem to be the only one (from the people Ive discussed it with)
  9. I dont think they will have any trouble selling that Kamala figure More representation means more consumers means more toys.
  10. That is one slick looking animated wave, Hyperion and Squirrel Girl are must haves
  11. I dont want to buy a full case but if it comes to that, enough of them are worth it to me
  12. sincerely doubt that considering that would require a whole new body
  13. definitely gonna have to track these down, Silk, Ironman, Venom and Wolverine are must haves. Im very impressed by the prosthetic legs on Flash but disappointed Ironman doesnt come with one his cool new pixelated weapons
  14. that wolverine design was actually done by Kris Anka, though there is definitely inspiration from Ross
  15. Very exciting! that squirrel girl will be a must have (someone alert Groundhog!) cant wait to see whats shown at sdcc, do you guys plan to have a big showing, Zach? also I think he used "them" as a gender neutral pronoun, as to not reveal the characters identity. But i could be mistaken
  16. thats definitely his current costume. would love to see that made into a mate
  17. 1. Stop using the term "politically correct" there is still tons of legalized and institutionalized racism and sexism in this country, none of these choices are made to satisfy politics, they are made to reflect the real world, which surprise, has more than just white men in it. 2. They make new characters all the time. Sometimes they hit, sometimes they don't, same goes for legacy characters, none of this is a new concept, Eric Masterson wss Thor for years, Jean Paul Valley was Batman. Conner Hawke was Green Arrow and Bucky was Captain America. When a character takes on an existing mantel it's 9/10 times the writers choice, and when the next writer wants to, they change it again. You can hate the idea of Cho as Hulk or Miles as Spiderman or Falcon as cap all you want, but don't kid yourself about the medium you're reading, its been this way for decades, it will be this way for decades to come
  18. hoping this is a horribly sexist joke and not your true meaning not all comics are for you sorry not sorry
  19. Warmachines armor is new, its marked 003, the one in AoU was 002, it has a number of noticeable differences the main one being the laser cannon while this promo art is AMAZING I'm a little bummed Scarlet Witch is absent and Widows hair isnt shorter
  20. do we know if the Sabertooth and Kluh sets come with any extra goodies?
  21. he said she would not be in costume in this movie, she may appear as Janet, though I think Michael Douglas has said he only had one film in his contract
  22. I wanna say its Luke Cage and that an unused idea for the story?
  23. I thought it was how many years you have been on the site? EDIT: actually that makes no sense its just an estimate of how much you've contributed? it doesnt seem to coordinate with post count directly
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