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  1. lclone123

    Video Game Discussion

    From good ol "from bricks to bothans" (fbtb), the avatar was specially made for me. here are some that a couple of people made.
  2. lclone123

    Video Game Discussion

    Think it's april 8th, but anyway for some reason I can't unlock the eva helm, no matter how many times i have beaten the game, do i need to watch through the credits or something. Please help .
  3. lclone123

    Give us some bad guys

    We definably need more villains, seeing how marvel tries to fill in the gap by making so many variants of different villains. Vulture and Shocker are what I would like to see.
  4. Megaman mates would be great, i would love to see protoman.
  5. lclone123

    lclone123's customs

    ughhh.. u counted wrong... im 13 .
  6. lclone123

    lclone123's customs

    well i know halo 2 came out for the computer soooo... u could get that .
  7. lclone123

    lclone123's customs

    I like your mc clayface!..... halo 3.... 12:00 baby !
  8. lclone123

    lclone123's customs

    paint got messed up while drying.
  9. my first custom (don't be to harsh ) (warning! big image)
  10. lclone123

    good place to get your minimates?

    perfect sense .
  11. lclone123

    good place to get your minimates?

    really? Like two days ago i searched on google for reviews for their store, and every review that i found was positive. Now i don't know if i should order from them .
  12. lclone123

    good place to get your minimates?

    im not asking where people get their minimates, i am asking if is a site that I can trust.
  13. sorry if this is in the wrong forum, but is a good place to get marvel minimates?
  14. lclone123

    Crisis of Infinite Minimates

    i just plan on getting the spidey wave, maybe rocky, and marvel wave 20. After that ill be fine...until next summer anyway . So i don't really feel all that overwhelmed with all the minimates coming out.