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  1. From good ol "from bricks to bothans" (fbtb), the avatar was specially made for me. here are some that a couple of people made.
  2. Think it's april 8th, but anyway for some reason I can't unlock the eva helm, no matter how many times i have beaten the game, do i need to watch through the credits or something. Please help .
  3. We definably need more villains, seeing how marvel tries to fill in the gap by making so many variants of different villains. Vulture and Shocker are what I would like to see.
  4. Megaman mates would be great, i would love to see protoman.
  5. ughhh.. u counted wrong... im 13 .
  6. well i know halo 2 came out for the computer soooo... u could get that .
  7. I like your mc clayface!..... halo 3.... 12:00 baby !
  8. paint got messed up while drying.
  9. my first custom (don't be to harsh ) (warning! big image)
  10. perfect sense .
  11. really? Like two days ago i searched on google for reviews for their store, and every review that i found was positive. Now i don't know if i should order from them .
  12. im not asking where people get their minimates, i am asking if is a site that I can trust.
  13. sorry if this is in the wrong forum, but is a good place to get marvel minimates?
  14. i just plan on getting the spidey wave, maybe rocky, and marvel wave 20. After that ill be fine...until next summer anyway . So i don't really feel all that overwhelmed with all the minimates coming out.