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  1. I'm gonna spend the weekend rereading the David Visionaries volumes.
  2. Too late. How can a squared off .75" appendage physically accomplish that, though?
  3. Oof, I thought $12 for Reptar cereal at FYE was expensive...
  4. I think everyone missed the point of my joke. I was just looking for a ludicrous number, I wasn't actually trying to suss out how many figures we're getting. No math problems or digging for clues; just being silly.
  5. Now mass produce them for the rest of us!
  6. I'll admit my post was more than a bit hyperbolic, but DON'T TOY WITH MY EMOTIONS, OAT.
  7. Suicide Squad 1, "Daddy's Little Monster," hot-pants PVC?
  9. How many individual, swappable Minimate hands will be released throughout 2019?
  10. Upper arms Halo Arbiter:'Moramee) Lower arms...I don't remember. I went through my "video game" bin which has Halo, Tomb Raider, and Pathfinder/Dragon Age. I think they're all from there? I tried to use Hale Caesar's arms at first, but the skin tones didn't match, so I gave up. Maybe the lower arms & gloves were from my "movies/TV" bin with Kill Bill, BttF, Gotham, Godzilla?
  11. Is Suicide Squad 1 Harley still on the list? I recall both you & Chuck saying she's a very good possibility. Just hoping that hasn't changed.
  12. I know prototypes never show translucency. @DSTZach can you confirm if the fire/water/smoke pieces will be?
  13. Someone didn't grow up in the 90s...
  14. #notmySpiderSlayer But no, the wave looks great!
  15. But it's 3rd grade grammar! If you know better now, then fix it!
  16. Aha, nice. Except you used the correct grammar, and he did not. C'mon, Gmonkey!
  17. Action figures are toys. Action figures are not dolls, which is the all-too-common mistake by non-collectors.
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