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  1. I LOVE Battle Cat, and have since I was a kid. I have, to my knowledge, every toy of his (I'm missing the uncolored M.U.S.C.L.E. one, but I think that's it), and every time I've seen a T-shirt (I even have one of Garfield colored in Cringer's colors, lol). I just sold a Transformer, and turned around and used the money to pay for the Four Horseman's anthro homage: I'm even making a character in one of my comic books a green & orange-furred feline, haha.
  2. Eh, semantics, lol. Could've been extra/alternate arms & legs, and the rest hidden under the white.
  3. I had really hoped that there would've been a Bastion underneath Nimrod, but there wasn't.
  4. Nope! At first I couldn't remember, but I checked my order history on Luke's and it showed I got it from there, but I always preorder everything on BBTS (because I can't afford to pay for everything I want up front), so I must have cancelled it there and picked it up from him because I got impatient. I can see that being more likely than them cancelling it on me, and me having to go elsewhere.
  5. I never found any, and right around the time he was supposed to come out, I'd given up on trying to do that scale, so I kept a few & sold the remainder of what I'd gotten by then. And now I hear people lament that too many teams were left unfinished, so I'm fine with ML & MM only (we get unfinished teams, but not to the extent of MU apparently). And while I have 11 green shirt Jamie 'Mates, I wouldn't have gotten as many ML had they gone that route. But since they went 90's, I went a little crazy.
  6. I've had them for a few months. I put the Purple Man suit on David Tennant's Kilgrave.
  7. I bought it, but don't physically have it yet. It's still sitting in my Pile of Loot at BBTS. But you can always be sure I'll buy Battle Cat merchandise if I know about it.
  8. I mean...unless there's new characters that are more than just civilians (not discounting the need for civilian 'Mates, especially MCU), I already have my ideal versions of those characters.
  9. my Wave 75 from BBTS... *shrug*
  10. *pokes head in* You bet your GD @$$es I bought 10 packs.
  11. Terminator Genisys - now THAT spoiled the movie. (It was a crappy movie regardless, but I would've been kind of impressed by the twist had they not already given it away.) Horror movies that show characters die. That's super spoilery. That's almost the entire reason you go to horror movies - to see who makes it & who doesn't, and to guess along the ride. Show who gets killed off in the trailers, and the only thing left is the gore & nudity. If that. This spoils Endgame's ending, but if anything, makes Mysterio just look like a good guy/hero.
  12. I know I've been asking for 90's X-Factor every thread or two, lol...
  13. Ugh, I've only found one pack so far (WIdow & Ronin), and my Ronin has a Black Widow hand (she has two as well, so it's not like they got swapped). Any chance on CS hooking me up with the missing Ronin hand, or should I just pull a random black one out of my bins?
  14. Very little "Goof Off" on the tip of a cut off cotton swab (cut the cotton end off, sort of "whittling" the cardboard stem to a dull point). Thanks! With the wing, arm, and claws, I wanted one side metal, and one side organic. Thanks! Yeah, I was trying to get as close to his Dark X-Men look as I could with some definite Exiles inspiration mixed in.
  15. Well, now I want to troop build & repaint Iron Giants into Sentinels...
  16. Guardians Vol. 2 two-pack: Watcher & Watcher-lackey Stan.
  17. Could you get someone to paint it for you? Or cut the bun off for you? (I empathize with the unsteady hands & anxiety. I also have arthritis on top of it all.)
  18. I dig that art a lot. What comic is that?
  19. I used George Mason's (from 24) torso, a skirt piece, and the ponytail from BSG Gina Inviere.
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