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  1. TENIME_art

    Modifying Marvel Minimates

    Could you get someone to paint it for you? Or cut the bun off for you? (I empathize with the unsteady hands & anxiety. I also have arthritis on top of it all.)
  2. TENIME_art

    Wave 78

    I dig that art a lot. What comic is that?
  3. TENIME_art

    Wave 78

    I used George Mason's (from 24) torso, a skirt piece, and the ponytail from BSG Gina Inviere.
  4. TENIME_art

    DST Gallery PVC Dioramas

  5. TENIME_art

    John Wick

    Broken image.
  6. TENIME_art

    Ask Zach

  7. TENIME_art

    Cover/scene recreations?

    On topic, we had a contest a long while back, and here was my submission: That brings back memories. Also, how I would change so much with my better Photoshop skills.
  8. TENIME_art

    Wave 78

  9. TENIME_art

    Wave 78

    I'm gonna spend the weekend rereading the David Visionaries volumes.
  10. TENIME_art

    Wave 78

  11. TENIME_art

    Cover/scene recreations?

    Too late. How can a squared off .75" appendage physically accomplish that, though?
  12. TENIME_art

    Ask Zach

    Oof, I thought $12 for Reptar cereal at FYE was expensive...
  13. TENIME_art

    CaptainPaco's Customs (Star Trek and more) is free.
  14. TENIME_art

    Ask Zach

    I think everyone missed the point of my joke. I was just looking for a ludicrous number, I wasn't actually trying to suss out how many figures we're getting. No math problems or digging for clues; just being silly.
  15. TENIME_art

    Spider-Man: Far From Home

    Now mass produce them for the rest of us!