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  1. Thor: Ragnarok

    Found a bunch at the TRU by my work on my lunch break. Grabbed Heimdall/Loki (full price, though). Still no wave 24.
  2. Black Panther Movie Minimates

    I remember hearing we're getting multiple Dora Milaje. Shuri is in the box set, and I'm also hoping for Nakia (Lupita Nyong'o) & Okoye (Danai Gurira) at least.
  3. Kingdom Hearts

    So the blind bags are only paint variants? I hope, as I still want them due to completion's sake, but less worried if I can't if they're not unique characters.
  4. Thor: Ragnarok

    Found the remnants of the wave at one store, and all they had was 8 Thor/Hela packs , and another store just got 3 more cases of Dark Tower, Alien Covenant, and NBX.
  5. tru wave 24

    Still haven't found any in my 2-3 IL stores yet. Still looking. (Found Ragnarok at one store, and all they had was 8 Thor/Hela packs , and another store got 3 more cases of Dark Tower, Alien Covenant, and NBX.)
  6. NYCC 2017 - Reveals

    She doesn't go by "Spider-Gwen," she goes by "Spider-Woman." Fans call her SG to avoid confusion with Jessica & Julia.
  7. NYCC exclusive Contest of Champions 'mates

    That's my f*cking problem with scalpers. They take what other people could have gotten to make a profit. It's not making it available to other people when you're preventing the availability for so many others. What's more convenient, going to the store to buy a toy, or going to the store to buy a toy, not being able to because it's not there because someone else got there first and threw it on eBay for triple what you would've spent in gas for that one visit + retail + tax? Now imagine shelling out all the money that it costs to go to a convention, and wanting to get something for free, but someone else got there first and grabbed them all, and now have them on eBay for ridiculous prices. I will never understand collectors defending the "capitalism" of scalping, and it always makes me suspect that they themselves scalp.
  8. NYCC 2017 - Reveals

    @DSTZach As for Gwen's costume having "hype"...people like different things? Not everyone is always going to like the same thing? Doesn't mean there's "hype." I like things because I like them, not "because everyone else does." That's stupid.
  9. MARVEL STUD10S: The First Ten Years

    Could take care of the MCU 'Mates I want most in two 4-packs: Guardians of the Galaxy Volumes 1 & 2: The Collector (with Ma-Mutt-like accessory Cosmo) Korath Nova Prime (with a head for Rhomann Dey to put on the Nova Corps army builder) gold dress Ayesha Thor: The Dark World: Fandral Hogun Kurse Frigga I'm sure there are others I would welcome, but those are the ones I'm clamoring for most.
  10. Predator Minimates

  11. DC Vinimates

    She is pretty awesome, I had her in my hands for a good while before deciding to wait. I dunno. I may grab her if I see her again.
  12. And Phantasm's hood is black & her body suit grey, when they should be reversed.
  13. Walking Dead Minimates!

    It's still more than I want to spend for just her, but it beats the previous alternative.
  14. tru wave 24

    Not yet. Checked one Sunday & another yesterday - no dice (for Ragnarok, either, and I keep finding the Walgreens wave).