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  1. TENIME_art

    Symbiote Speculation

    Hahaha I loved that figure. The sculpting was great!
  2. TENIME_art

    DC Vinimates

    Not that they're not worth full price (I bought CW Flash, Iron Giant, Dr. Manhattan, & Pumpkin King Jack all at full price), but not all stores have. I really want that batarang Batman, but not enough to pay full price, and have only found him at full price or marked down to $5, lol.
  3. TENIME_art

    Symbiote Speculation

    God bless Kaiyodo for bringing back a Magneto action figure that's actually magnetic. Good on ya, Toy Biz.
  4. TENIME_art

    90's X-Factor

    My first customs. Fully painted (and amateurishly with enamel paints): I only made one Jamie, the rest are just the same figure photographed in different positions, and composited together. Luke sculpted the barrel chest onto a 2.5" LotR body & put a 2" neck joint (and sculpted the hair twirl) for me. My current QC versions (with DST Madrox, Pietro, and Longshot - albeit the latter has a different hairpiece):
  5. TENIME_art

    Animated Marvel 'Mates

  6. I'm thinking maybe ask him, haha.
  7. TENIME_art

    Another eBay gripe

    THANK YOU. Any time I do as a seller, I set my "auto-decline" significantly less than my asking price, and when I get an offer, I'm willing to wiggle, depending on the two different amounts. But the last two listings I attempted to make offers on, one dude would only go down 40 cents from his $30 asking price while I was offering $25, $26, $27, and the other guy barely went down a dollar.
  8. Whoever's making the giant Minimates on Facebook needs to post progress/finished/recipe pics in here...
  9. TENIME_art

    Animated Marvel 'Mates

    Stiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiill jacksh** nothing for these or Infinity War wave 2. I was so excited to not only find wave 1, but an overabundance of it to where I was able to help quite a few board members, including overseas ones. *sigh*
  10. TENIME_art

    Marvel Legends discussion thread

    I haven't started yet, but I definitely will not want X-Men Deadpool. On the fence about Boxers; was gonna wait until I got him in hand (that sounds awful). Definitely keeping Lady DP & Headpool.
  11. TENIME_art

    Animated Marvel 'Mates

    Are we compiling "Help Lists" for Animated & Infinity War? I'd like to get on them, please.
  12. TENIME_art

    Ask Zach

    Very nice!
  13. TENIME_art

    SDCC 2018

    Nice buzzcut, @DSTZach!
  14. TENIME_art

    SDCC 2018

    Exactly. It's only Thursday. We still have three whole days (which is all most cons run) left.
  15. I can do $8 a month (plus, I assume $20-ish for the figure?). But man, I am disgustingly behind. I had the whole series on hold at my friends' comic shop, but when they went out of business, I had to pick & choose what in my hold pile I could afford, and unfortunately, all unpurchased BTAS figures got sacrificed for Minimates. I only have both Batmans (TAS/TNA), both Robins, Nightwing, TNA Batgirl, TAS Catwoman, TAS Joker, TAS Harley, TNA Two-Face, TNA Scarecrow, TNA Mr. Freeze, and TAS R'as al'Ghul. That's it. This is a series I wanted to get completed, as these are my preferred designs/interpretations of these characters. I got rid of most of my DCUC collection for these (and unfortunately, the money went to other Minimates). If these weren't so expensive, or if they'd come out a few years earlier when I still lived with roommates & had more expendable income, I'd be current with every release. Even the big sets. But if I couldn't afford the GCPD set at retail, I definitely won't be able to afford it at $500+.