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  1. I was mainly hoping to get money for upcoming figures that aren't out yet. I'd like Retaliation Storm Shadow, but he's only $189, and I paid $415 for Thanos (and even he's going for $382 on BBTS...why is it that other people double, triple, quadruple their initial costs when reselling something, and I always end up taking huge losses? *sigh* ).
  2. I'm selling Thanos if anyone is interested. Displayed briefly in a smoke-free, pet-free home. Complete (even outer packing box). As mint as he could possibly be, being opened. Just looking to recoup my initial cost.
  3. Chuck said at the booth that the DC Vinimates will not have the neck articulation due to licensing restrictions.
  4. There is no spoon.
  5. Oh, I'm super salty that we got my least favorite, Pepe, but no Rizzo, let alone Sam, (my second favorite) Sweetums, Lew, or Snowths (who really should have been accessories to Mahna Mahna). At least I got (two of) my favorite, Gonzo.
  6. I missed the prank - were there actually pictures? Can someone repost them here? Ivan? Bueller?
  7. Except he cancelled the 5 inch TV WD figures in favor of the new, extremely-less-articulated, 7 inch ones. Not that I care, as I didn't collect them. No idea if we're still getting 5 inch comic/video game WD figures anymore. Those I care about immensely.
  8. HA!
  9. Why is it Goofy can talk & walk upright & wear clothes, but Pluto's naked on a leash, barking?
  10. Aunt May.
  11. DST can't do vehicles for Marvel, due to license restrictions.
  12. Well, we both used the same torsos, lol...