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  1. Infinity War

    God, I missed you, Miry.
  2. DC Vinimates

    C'mooooooooooon, Suicide Harley...
  3. The Dark Tower

    Saw the movie, loved the movie, can't wait for the Minimates. Not a spoiler - blonde is Jake's mom. @DSTZach Will the Select figures be available at TRU for their lower pricepoint, minus stands or whatever?
  4. The Dark Tower

    4-pack just hit BBTS. When do TRU 2-packs hit?
  5. DC Vinimates

    God, what I wouldn't do for a Blue Lantern repaint of CW Flash...
  6. Marvel Legends discussion thread

    I was luckily able to snag the Netflix figures sans BAF parts (hence cheaper) through Dorkside Toys.
  7. Wave 73 - Spider-man Homecoming

  8. Walking Dead Minimates!

    *sigh* Come on, large retailer. Thanks, Zach.
  9. Marvel Legends discussion thread

    Well, it would sure be nice if any of my Walmarts had any new Legends. I need to finish Vulture's wings, and don't want any of the figures that come with the pieces except Stark Spidey & Vulture himself (and I already have both). Someone hooked me up with Moon Knight's piece, but I still need the rest.
  10. I'd be happy with the ships that were released. When I've found them, I couldn't afford them, and when I could afford them, I couldn't find them.
  11. Watchmen Minimates

    Ha, whoops. Also, even though I bought neither (got the 4-pack), I think a better 2-pack pairing would've been Rorschach & Nite Owl, and Comedian & Manhattan, since they were paired up that way in both comics & movie. *shrug*
  12. Watchmen Minimates

    The ink blot kept changing in the movie because it kept changing in the comics. I also meant mask not freckle-face.
  13. Walking Dead Minimates!

    We never got a last wave, though. After that design reveal, no further Walking Dead Minimates came out.