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  1. The "birthing pod" that Ayesha presents at the end of Vol. 2 is Adam Warlock. Gunn said the cocoon in the Collector's Collection was never meant to be Adam.
  2. Well, Gunn has since said that the cocoon in the Collection was never meant to be Adam, just a fun Easter egg.
  3. Not if Guardians 3 has Adam Warlock, Lylla, or another shot at getting Ayesha in her gold dress...
  4. Hasbro's ponytail head looks bad, too. Maybe animated Jean is just tough to put into 3-D?
  5. SWEET FORKING BABY JESUS. Not Minimates, but... Rahne's only getting a pack-in head & hands with a Walgreens exclusive that isn't her 90's X-Factor uniform. Hopefully they reveal a 90's figure for her for that Guido BAF wave.
  6. "Faint"? What are you doing to your trademark!?
  7. Tiger? (You're welcome, PL)
  8. I really hope we get more MCU Minimates. Them & 90's Mutants are my favorites (for Marvel Legends, too).
  9. It's buried right now (in my Halloween decorations), but I might be able to dig it out if no one else can help.
  10. I LOVE Battle Cat, and have since I was a kid. I have, to my knowledge, every toy of his (I'm missing the uncolored M.U.S.C.L.E. one, but I think that's it), and every time I've seen a T-shirt (I even have one of Garfield colored in Cringer's colors, lol). I just sold a Transformer, and turned around and used the money to pay for the Four Horseman's anthro homage: I'm even making a character in one of my comic books a green & orange-furred feline, haha.
  11. Eh, semantics, lol. Could've been extra/alternate arms & legs, and the rest hidden under the white.
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