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  1. Definitely getting that Harley & gift-wrapped Batman statue!
  2. Minimates can absolutely crouch - it's the only way I pose Wolverines. (Old, literally dusty pic incoming)
  3. I'm just missing Shatterstar & Colossus to finish the wave myself.
  4. Ooh, yeah, I forgot about that.
  5. Yep, I got mine as well! Thanks for actually doing something right, TRU.com. I gave Rocket her gun. I've been trying to think about how to give him one of the SHIELD jetpacks without permanently attaching it to his back.
  6. I thought of Maggie, too, but it's definitely just a shirt. Winter Zombie has a PERFECT maroon coat with cream fur collar. And because he came with a variant Michonne, I have two of them, so I'm definitely using that. I'm fine with it not having the plaid lines. Trying to find a black skirt piece and top (Tabitha Galavan would be perfect if her skin tone matched Leslie's). Funny enough, I really love Copycat's hair, does anyone know if it's come in black, or does anyone have a spare they don't need?
  7. Obviously, it's going to vary depending on details, but what's the basic price range of one of these things?
  8. 2nd to last weekend in April.
  9. Maybe someone can help me out here. I'm looking for some options for some QCs, with zero altering (especially painting) required. I need a plaid winter coat for Vanessa: And a good head for Donald Pierce: Sunglasses not required, but if there's one out there with similar shades and sandy facial hair, even better.
  10. My Specialty one is waiting to ship in my PoL (I hit ship, but it's still "in the warehouse" being fulfilled).
  11. Definitely. I'd buy a case and as many Madrox packs as possible from Luke, BBTS, and anyone else offering them.
  12. I still don't have the last wave.
  13. Rocket definitely needs slightly bigger legs. I don't have mine yet, can anyone with the Hot Topic Cheshire Cat see how his rear legs look on Rocket? Not that I want to have to track down a second Cat and try to paint match...