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  1. Nothing at the TRUs here.
  2. Didn't think I saw any mention in this thread, but Zach confirmed in the X-Men box set thread that we're getting Executioner in this wave!
  3. You had me at Joe Madureira Minimates.
  4. I already have my ideal Xavier, so this will be all Mastermind for me.
  5. Cyborg's brown. Beast Boy is green.
  6. Repeated for posterity.
  7. Can't stay a teen forever?
  8. Didn't New 52 make him a JL member?
  9. I will take a couple extra reasonably priced green Banner Hulkbusters.
  10. Are all those exclusive, or just Hanzo?
  11. Old @$$ pic of old @$$ customs, but to reiterate, Minimates can crouch:
  12. C'mooooooooooooon, Sucide Harley...
  13. Zach, as a Battle Cat fanatic, you have no idea how much I loved that reference. Any chance on a tongue accessory for Toad? Like Banshee/Siryn's scream pieces?
  14. If I can get them for reasonable prices, I'd take another Hulkbuster or two.