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  1. Modifying Marvel Minimates

    Webline for the vines?
  2. TRU 25

    They are not allowing returns. They mark the barcodes on the packages (& sometimes receipts) with Sharpie.
  3. Modifying Marvel Minimates

    I have no idea who that is, but he looks awesome!
  4. TRU 25

    Stratford. All the Chameleons are gone though, due to BHM, lol.
  5. Modifying Marvel Minimates

    My favorite Punisher head is still Prison Rick Grimes, with all the bruises & bandages.
  6. TRU 25

    I'll have to go back tomorrow to check. I'll need to be Paypalled immediately, as I'm really short right now.
  7. TRU 25

    My store was restocked, but only have one Jack'O'Lantern set left. Plenty of the rest. I hope someone is watching this thread, because I can't afford to grab them & sit on them, nor walk around the store with them forever.
  8. MARVEL STUD10S: The First Ten Years

    Since we do have all of those in Minimate form, could someone with a good camera & Photoshop skills do one for us?
  9. Minimate compatibility thread

    Legos work surprisingly well. I bought at least 4 of the Malibu Mansion from IM3 to supplement my C3 Avengers mansion. I found someone who bought the Marvel Select Doctor Strange but didn't want his display piece, as I saw someone else use that for the Minimates.
  10. Infinity War

    I'm not sure where I heard it, but is inside the Hulkbuster armor. @DSTZach, @NerdyTrev, @Onyx_6, always a pleasure seeing you guys! Zach, I'll get you that Gallery Rocket photo eventually. I'm a procrastinator with a bad memory, haha.
  11. Modifying Marvel Minimates

    Those are absolutely not V-necks. V-necks expose collar bone & upper chest. All those expose is throat. Those are collars that stick up.
  12. wave 75

    Well, I hope the skin tone matches one of MCU Widow's cleavages, because I've been wanting to do a uniformed custom of her for awhile, but the tan skin of Anne Bonny that I used wouldn't match any of the female MCU SHIELD bodies I tried to use.
  13. Infinity War

    I just want the rest of the Black Order. Anyone else is icing.
  14. The Transformers Thread

    That group picture above (and movie Sqweeks on clearance) is the first Hasbro TFs I've bought in years. It's only been about 3rd Party for me, since the official ones were so lackluster.