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  1. TENIME_art

    Infinity War

    I'd really prefer not to have to spend money on shipping, but can anyone help me out with the Walgreens sets, please? Gamora & Drax and Cull Obsidian & War Machine?
  2. TENIME_art

    Iron Giant Minimates

    Lol sorry, bud.
  3. TENIME_art

    Deadpool 2?

    I assumed
  4. TENIME_art

    Minimates price hike?

    Walgreens has been charging $1-2 more than any other outlet for at least a few years, if not since they've been carrying them. I wouldn't want the other outlets to exceed those prices, as they've been difficult enough for me.
  5. TENIME_art

    Infinity War

    I have been checking all of those as well, and getting extremely frustrated, since I found an ungodly amount of the last wave's exclusives. 😥 God damn it. I swear to god, if I ever see him in person...
  6. TENIME_art

    Infinity War

    For myself, if I ever post vaguely, it's because I'm wary of scalpers lurking the boards. I'm still not 100% sure that Menagerie isn't here under a different name. And especially with he & I shopping at the same stores, I kinda don't want to give him the heads up. I've got cell numbers of a few nearby guys who I trust, and try to let them know specifics even if I don't post on here at all. I've found nothing new at my stores. Not sure if they haven't come in yet, or if Menagerie cleared them out. I found so GD many of the last two exclusives, I'm hoping these are just as plentiful.
  7. TENIME_art

    Infinity War

    I'm still seeing Star-Lords & Stranges. 😕
  8. TENIME_art

    Infinity War **SPOILERS**

    Ben Mendelsohn is reported to be the villain of Captain Marvel, not Lee Pace. And if Carol gets her powers from the Kree, like Trekker said, I don't think he'll be on the "bad side."
  9. TENIME_art

    Antman and the Wasp

    I didn't know if I could even say that I'd seen them until Onyx admitted it first, but I definitely don't know if I can share who the fourth figure is.
  10. TENIME_art

    Vinimates – 4" Vinyl Minimates

    *sigh* If only C3 could've finished my DCAU collection. 😕
  11. TENIME_art

    Antman and the Wasp

    That is not the fourth figure.
  12. TENIME_art

    Toys R Us closing all 800+ US stores

    Do they make a Galaga?
  13. TENIME_art

    Animated Marvel 'Mates

    Newest wave is Jackal/Wasp, right?