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  1. gambitron

    Pokémon GO - Friends & Trading

    My friend code. 6857 2864 1459
  2. gambitron

    TRU Series 26

    So excited to have these ordered and can’t wait for them to show up!!!
  3. gambitron

    Pokémon GO - Friends & Trading

    I got a 1551 cp one today!
  4. gambitron

    BC Avengers Wave

    Found this wave and seriously love it! Still frustrated that none of the 5 walgreens I frequent have got the last two waves.
  5. gambitron

    Mega Construx Heroes Single packs

    Loving the MOTU figures. Missing Teela though. I picked up the Trek and Aliens guys also. Also excited for Hellboy.
  6. gambitron

    What the F

    That is a serious wtf!
  7. gambitron

    Contest of Champions

    My alliance is ok, but I would jump on an alliance of multiversers if they were all active and my son could join (even though he isn't on the forum) I sent you a friend request I am Ackbar5 (spiderman icon)
  8. gambitron

    What the F

    All sorts of nope
  9. gambitron

    TRU 25

    So happy to find this wave at my TRU (Orem, UT) since they didnt get wave 24 at all. Love it when I get 8 minimates out of 6!
  10. gambitron

    What the F

    Ugh.......agreed, so lame.
  11. So I like to display minimates in their teams or groups that go together. I grew up loving the 90s X-men so I am familiar with which minimates are part of that group. However, even though I have all the other Marvel minimates my knowledge of which ones properly go together as a team is very very limited. So I was wondering if all of you more knowledgable members could put up pictures of minimates with their teams, or minimates that go together being from the same series etc. Hopefully what I am looking for makes sense. I think this would be really cool to just see the pics and also help me to better set up and display my minimates. I know there are some random pictures here and there that have been taken but I didn't find a dedicated thread for this purpose.
  12. gambitron

    Blade Runner & Blade Runner 2049

    I loved 2049 so much and would love to see minimates of this movie or the original for that matter.
  13. gambitron

    NYCC give away

    I keep collecting minimates because of the scope of what they include. From movies to comics to tv shows it covers so many things that I love. I also love their look and poseability. My Norman Osborne is my Iron Man hall of armors! I love how many different ways I can customize Iron Man and Tony Starks.
  14. gambitron

    NYCC exclusive Contest of Champions 'mates

    As a daily player I want these so bad, so here's hoping that they aren't a pain to get a hold of.
  15. gambitron

    NYCC exclusive Contest of Champions 'mates

    I play MCoC everyday and have suggested they do some of their characters before so this is amazing news to me! Hopefully these are not difficult to get a hold of cause I must have them!
  16. gambitron

    Watchmen Minimates

    Didn't think I would pick these up but saw them at TRU today and they looked so great I had to have them.
  17. gambitron

    Animated Marvel 'Mates

    I live in Utah but was in DC last week and found the whole new wave in a Walgreens just down the street from where Awesome Con was going on. Love finding toys I want when on vacation!
  18. gambitron

    Animated Marvel 'Mates

    It is a sign of how awesome minimates are to me that 75% or more of every wave they release is something that I want to have in my collection. Loving this wave.
  19. gambitron

    Masters of the Universe Minimates!!!!!

    Why?!!!!!!!!!!! So cruel! I want this to be real so bad.
  20. gambitron

    Animated Marvel Minimates Wave 3

    Found the wave! Love the extra spidey faces!
  21. gambitron

    ROGUE ONE: A Star Wars Story

    This movie was amazing, I don't know that my words can do justice to how great it was. So many great easter eggs to.
  22. gambitron

    MMMV Turns 10 - December Giveaway

    Gambit wave 28. I have never been more excited for a minimate!
  23. Anybody else collecting these? if you dont know what they are go here Motu loyal subjects I love these guys but hate blind box stuff. I bought an exclusive two pack with Trap Jaw and Beast Man at Salt Lake Comic Con. Then when the blind boxes showed up at TRU I bought two and got TWO more Beast Mans!!! Uuuuuggggggghhhhhhhhh so pissed off! The two boxes a pulled out of a full case were duplicates of one I already had! I risked buying more a few days later and got Triklops, Man at Arms and He Man. But still want Skeletor and Man E Faces but not sure I want to risk buying more blind boxes and getting more duplicates!
  24. gambitron

    Animated Marvel Minimates Wave 3

    I went to 7 stores in the last 24 hours and nada. None of them had 2.5 either which i bought on ebay, afraid I may have to do that again.
  25. gambitron

    ROGUE ONE: A Star Wars Story

    So excited for this! I bought tickets for first showing on Thrusday the 15th and again for Saturday the 17th. I am pretty sure I am going to love it!