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  1. All my stores have the Venom sets but none have got the previous two waves at all!
  2. Got these today and was unaware how much I needed a minimate fix! These are great!
  3. So excited to have these ordered and can’t wait for them to show up!!!
  4. Found this wave and seriously love it! Still frustrated that none of the 5 walgreens I frequent have got the last two waves.
  5. Loving the MOTU figures. Missing Teela though. I picked up the Trek and Aliens guys also. Also excited for Hellboy.
  6. My alliance is ok, but I would jump on an alliance of multiversers if they were all active and my son could join (even though he isn't on the forum) I sent you a friend request I am Ackbar5 (spiderman icon)
  7. So happy to find this wave at my TRU (Orem, UT) since they didnt get wave 24 at all. Love it when I get 8 minimates out of 6!
  8. I loved 2049 so much and would love to see minimates of this movie or the original for that matter.
  9. I keep collecting minimates because of the scope of what they include. From movies to comics to tv shows it covers so many things that I love. I also love their look and poseability. My Norman Osborne is my Iron Man hall of armors! I love how many different ways I can customize Iron Man and Tony Starks.
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