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  1. ahuramazda

    New Marvel wave news soon?

    is this a reference to the episode of dukes of hazzard where boss hogg eats his hat?
  2. ahuramazda

    New Marvel wave news soon?

    I agree. and it really wasnt all that long ago that they were released, time wise at least. Colossus and Illyana could also be a possibility. I know people have been clamoring for a new one of him and she would open up the door for the New Mutants.
  3. ahuramazda

    New Marvel wave news soon?

    although I think it is probably northstar and aurora, I would love it if the brother/sister duo were Vanguard and Darkstar. With Titanium Man being made, it isn't too far away to get a whole crew of the Soviet Super-soldiers. We would just need Gremlin and Ursa Major (imagine what all you customisers could do with a bear-body minimate before the battle beasts come out.)
  4. ahuramazda

    MMC Reviews Discussion

    for karamazov's kyle reese review-- that color is called either "light taupe" or "taupe gray." my wife watches far too many shows on HGTV.
  5. ahuramazda

    Final Fantasy Dissidia

    Is anyone out there playing Dissidia? I want to get it because I am a big Final Fantasy fan, but I dont need another fighting game that is just about punching in the same moves to win. I play Tekken for that. I used to own Ehrgeiz but it was pretty boring, and I dont have someone else around to play with. Is it worth my time if I am only going to play alone?
  6. ahuramazda

    The "MAKE ______" Poll

    i would only vote for Man-thing if he was optioned like "Gaijin Wolverine" as "Giant-size Man-thing." Yes, its a real comic:
  7. ahuramazda

    Post Kang

    You are using that correctly...or cat's meow. I have a friend from ireland who says, "thats the dogs bollocks." And to keep on topic, i think Banshee and Mockingbird would be perfect.
  8. ahuramazda

    Post Kang

    I have actually been thinking about this a lot lately. I think we need to see the Falcon. He could come with a Cap America themed set, and if they work his wings right, they would have a mold for those (one or two) people who are desperate for a Stingray.
  9. ahuramazda

    Mace-Man!!!!! - Thankyou AFX

    wankers!! thats what you all are!! i'm not saying it should be fair...but long have vehicles been asked for? and something as simple as a goblin glider? i know some folks here collect SS (fitting initials, seeing how they have overrun the miniature figure world) but as soon as i saw that cycle i called shenanigans.
  10. ahuramazda

    Mace-Man!!!!! - Thankyou AFX

    Different companies hold different aspects of the Marvel license. DST's license allows for figures under 2.5" in height and no playsets or vehicles. Hasbro apparently can make vehicles for their lines. and that is my issue with it...Superhero Squad came out after Minimates, and my understanding from what has been said about the license in the past is that they didnt want the vehicles for the Minimates conflicting with the vehicles from Toybiz. Now that Toybiz isnt really an issue, another company (granted, one of, if not the largest toy company in the US) has stepped in with their own line of 2" figures and is able to do all the things that AA and now DST are not. I just think it seems like a raw deal.
  11. ahuramazda

    Mace-Man!!!!! - Thankyou AFX

    I still want to know why Superhero Squad can give Ghost Rider a bike but the Minimates cant...
  12. ahuramazda

    Questions at SDCC

    i think DCD should learn how popular the DC mates really are...I know it is a dead line and there isnt a whole lot of point in mentioning this, but if you watch this video: which was recorded this week, you can see that the Executive Editor of DC has DC minimates sitting on his shelf during the clip.
  13. ahuramazda

    Series 31 & 32 pics

    i am with you...i think it is the cheekbone detailing, making him look like his lips are pursed, or he just took a big bite of lemon. didnt you make a custom of him with a slip over mask, but with the mouthpart cut out? whoever made that one, that would have been a better way to go. And I dont think the kree soldier has a molded nose...i think it is just the lines and angle of the picture make it seem so.
  14. ummm...i am buying the webarmor spider-man because I was never willing to pay the ridiculous amount for shipping over on afx.
  15. ahuramazda

    New TRU Marvel Wave Due Out Soon?

    thanks-- you saved me the trip when I am in town tomorrow.