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  1. Ok it's September I'm ready for these!
  2. I suggested remaining thread to Walgreens minimates months ago...
  3. CortherX

    wave 77

    No one has em yet?
  4. CortherX

    wave 77

    Im excited for these. I had to redo my villains display to make room for them.
  5. I'm pretty sure I read it somewhere, but when does Bastion ship?
  6. I am just keeping an eye out for that email saying it's time to order!
  7. I feel like I dont really need the original team as I have the first X-Factor box set (minus Angel, of course) I might just replace the first X-Factor set with this one. I'll have to see them side by side first
  8. I doubt it's gonna be the yellow and blue costume. I'd think theyd want to complete a set/team rather than start a new one. I guess Archangel, Beast and Iceman look the same... but we're still missing Iceman. I'd just be surprised to get something completely unrelated (other than characters/team) to this waves theme. Im excited to see if it's Quicksilver/Iceman or Multiple Men, either way I'll be ordering them. If it were to come with a sticker set, what would you want to see? My first thought is human face Rhane. Maybe just alternate expressions for the others?
  9. Quicksilver isn't THAT hard. 9 or 10 bucks on ebay.
  10. Iceman and Quicksilver would make the most sense, since they are the only 2 missing from each team. i don't know that we NEED either of them, tho. there are already 2 blue costume Quicksilvers and plenty of Icemen that could stand in. of course, a 2 pack of them would make it easier for buyers than tracking them down individually on ebay. a Multiple Man 2 or 4 pack featuring different facial expressions would be cool. there was that whole debacle with the last Multiple Man pack iir, so people couldn't easily army build him, and this would prevent us from having dupes of the other character he comes with in wave 78. other than that, i'm not sure who it would be if they're not new characters. a Caliban / Valerie Cooper set would've been neat, tho.
  11. That's one issue i have with minimates is due to their hair a lot of the women seem to tower over the men.
  12. from facebook. These are fantastic
  13. you could just remove their feet
  14. CortherX

    wave 77

    Sweeet Hydro-Man is one of the few minimates (that i want) that im missing. That and the Powler pack will probably be the only 2 i pick up, but they'll make nice additions! And maaaaybe Kraven. Thats a pretty nice update, whereas Mysterio and Vulture look very similar to their previous mates. I think my Deadly Foes of Spider-Man are going to need their own display at this point.
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