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  1. I'm seeing Quicksand pop up in FB but I havent received notification she's been sent. Anyone else get her yet?
  2. I would be furious if we got Capullo Sunspot, but Liefeld Warpath. And Rusty with no Skids? I'd rather see Capullo: Sunspot/Warpath, Feral & Y/K Wolfsbane, Y/K Vanisher/Elixir w/BAF Stryfe. Complete 2 X-Force teams and get arguably their biggest bad.
  3. I hate 90s Beast hair, so that def had to go for me lol
  4. My X-Factor set, plus an old Quicksilver and a quick custom Valerie Cooper. Also, since I'm not displaying the original X-Factor team (already have their original costumes on display) I decided to update my Uncanny X-Men Beast. He looks a lot better!
  5. Sweet I totally guessed this one! I never get these right lol
  6. I have the x-factor set on order if you just wanna throw it in with that.
  7. Got Striker he looks great but wasnt he supposed to come with some purple cloth thing?
  8. Shouldnt Stryker have shipped in August? And isnt Quicksand supposed to ship this month? I recieved Bastion but havent heard anything about shipping updates....
  9. Ok it's September I'm ready for these!
  10. I suggested remaining thread to Walgreens minimates months ago...
  11. CortherX

    wave 77

    No one has em yet?
  12. CortherX

    wave 77

    Im excited for these. I had to redo my villains display to make room for them.
  13. I'm pretty sure I read it somewhere, but when does Bastion ship?
  14. I am just keeping an eye out for that email saying it's time to order!
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