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  1. I appreciate the sentiment but dang I guessed Wither and was excited for him! The only character I can think of top my head is Living Pharaoh
  2. There are a few from that first wave I wouldn't mind!
  3. I was surprised to see we're getting another Cyclops who is so similar to Giant Size Cyke... but im excited to use his jacket for my custom Morph!
  4. I'm also surprised we got Cyclops considering he's very similar to the giant sized Cyclops we got not too long ago... BUT it's worth it to me cuz that Jacket is coming right off and going on my custom Morph. Also I think it's funny that they used Avengers BC Phoenix hair on DP, cuz I've been doing the same for a while now! What a great looking wave!
  5. Yo I guessed it again! I'm getting good at these.
  6. What was the clue? I didnt get one. Never mind I did get one. Fixer sounds right to me.
  7. wow first time I ever guessed right, and the first to guess Shadow King 🥇 lol time to order an extra King Pin... Bilbo, def go with the 2nd Kinging
  8. I thought Proteus, too... but then thought, maybe Shadow King? Would be fairly easy to make him out of Kingpin, and we could get another large character cutout of his astral form.
  9. Who's everyone thinking the x-men villain omega level mutant is??
  10. I'm seeing Quicksand pop up in FB but I havent received notification she's been sent. Anyone else get her yet?
  11. I would be furious if we got Capullo Sunspot, but Liefeld Warpath. And Rusty with no Skids? I'd rather see Capullo: Sunspot/Warpath, Feral & Y/K Wolfsbane, Y/K Vanisher/Elixir w/BAF Stryfe. Complete 2 X-Force teams and get arguably their biggest bad.
  12. I hate 90s Beast hair, so that def had to go for me lol
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