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  1. That's one issue i have with minimates is due to their hair a lot of the women seem to tower over the men.
  2. from facebook. These are fantastic
  3. you could just remove their feet
  4. CortherX

    wave 77

    Sweeet Hydro-Man is one of the few minimates (that i want) that im missing. That and the Powler pack will probably be the only 2 i pick up, but they'll make nice additions! And maaaaybe Kraven. Thats a pretty nice update, whereas Mysterio and Vulture look very similar to their previous mates. I think my Deadly Foes of Spider-Man are going to need their own display at this point.
  5. Does Ronan look a little lady like to anyone else?
  6. CortherX

    wave 77

    You know who else was a Toybiz exclusive? Synch!
  7. CortherX

    WAVE 76

    So these are out this week and we still dont know what wave 77 is gonna be? I find that troublesome...
  8. i've never even heard of duane reade. i support rite aid getting mates, tho. it'd be nice if one store carried strictly movie mates, the other animated. and i guess if we're gonna start getting comic book waves, those should go with the movie mates too as we don't get those as often.
  9. And where would that be? Can people please start posting City/State when they find these? I found the Enchatress wave and Infinity w2 at the Walgreens on ne 181st and Glisan in Portland Or. Full enchatress wave, but only WM/Cul and Drax/Gamora for Infinity
  10. yeah i've checked out 5 or 6 here in ne and se portland, and there's not a lot going on.
  11. does anyone else use the walgreens app? i used to be able to get an idea of when a store would restock, but now when i do the search store feature, it tells me there's nothing around. is this an common issue?
  12. I just came here to suggest something similar... maybe changing the name of this thread from "animated mates" to "Walgreen mates" since we now have animated, movie, and comic waves.
  13. The app and website are now telling me there are no stores in my area that carry minimates, so that's helpful.
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