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  1. Custom Marvel Minimate Preorder Thread

    My first thought when I read Luke's clue on Facebook was "Oh cool a Rob minimate." Then somehow his minimate would collect everything my minimate has out from under him
  2. We needed a thread where we can chat about the miscellaneous Select figure lines that DST puts out. So here we are! I worked with toys when the first Marvel Select figures started coming out, and was able to see a lot of them in person out of package as they came out. I was a Marvel Legends collector when ToyBiz started that line up so between the 2 lines I just really didnt like what the select lines were about. I've seen the quality improve over the years and slowly they get more characters, more licenses, better Q/A (so I've read), better Paint apps, etc. I finally gave Select figures a chance with the new KH Mickey and Pluto from Walgreens, and a Skellington Jack from there as well. The Mickey is missing his tail but is otherwise a nice little figure, pretty good balance, sculpt, paint. The Jack can't move his legs without being at risk of breaking. I'll chalk that up to the characters design though as getting those skinny legs articulated and keeping the joints nice and usable is probably a tall order. So before I go on, has anyone picked up any of the new Pacific Rim Select figures?
  3. Pacific Rim: Uprising

    Either way I took a chance and picked up a select figure (I don't collect select figures) and within a few minutes I needed to find the customer service email address.
  4. TRU 25

    I have seen a restock of these. Ive also read that the stores still open are continuing to receive trucks twice a week due to such good sales numbers and some may stay open until the end of june/sometime in july.
  5. Pacific Rim: Uprising

    I didn't see one, but do we have an appropriate thread somewhere for discussing misc Diamond Select lines without having to create a new one just for Pacific Rim?
  6. Infinity War

    I'd buy one. Especially if it was Tony the tiger.
  7. Last year had a few significant events for me that changed everything for the positive. And again after my little Zolette would allow me the time, I could finally start applying myself to some customs. Here is my start for the year.
  8. I finally got to take some new pictures and can bring this gallery closer to an up to date status. I don't like to post WIP pics until I'm finished, and I didn't want to post anything new when my older mates had sub standard pics. SOOOOO here we go. The first clear shots of Blackheart and his detailing. One of the first customs I made after a ten year hiatus playing music. There is a very cool version of Blackout from after my fave era of Ghost Rider books, this mate of him is a nice representation until I get closer to filling out a Midnight Sons style shelf. Deathwatch was the driving force of villainy behind the first stretch of 90's Ghost Rider books, and a rival to the Kingpin. Commonly appearing in a business suit, his costume is much more toyetic. Marvel's Scarecrow had such an iconic look. He fought Ghost Rider on several occasions as well as Captain America and other heroes. The Orb is one of the classic Johnny Blaze Ghost Rider baddies from the 70's. He rode a bike, I believe he was in a rival stunt show, and he was disfigured under the big (o) helmet. (sorry if you thought he legit had a big eye for a head.) And finally the Water Wizard was another of Johnny Blaze's baddies from the original series.
  9. Infinity War

    Was the NBXM boxset including the harlequin demon and the fountain we saw at toyfair or was it something totally different?
  10. C2E2 2018

    Panel recap?
  11. Infinity War

    So wave two from the panel is?
  12. C2E2 2018

    Thank you, I didn't know the embargoed properties were there or what was awaiting approvals, but I was hoping there were some kind of retailer exclusives that were not shown (because thats not what Toyfair is for) that we'd be able to see. NBXM being a boxset, I really hope those keep going and we keep getting new mates. After the panel if pics dont surface can you tell us the walgreens lineup for IW, and the Tru 2-pack? Those KH series 3 vinies did look very cool, looking forward to anything halloween based. Loved the 1st Pacific Rim, saw the new one last weekend and really liked it. So for character variety I was actually talking about the select figs for once. The proto kaiju showed off at NYCC and TF looks fantastic and insanely better than what bandai is putting out for the movie kaiju wise. Problem for me is Neca didn't finish all the main kaiju before their license period ran out, though financially PR was a great property for them. And DST doesn't finish most line ups, its a couple of display pieces mentality. This movie has 4 important kaiju and that's it, and if DST intends to get through them all then great I'm all in. But 2 waves of select robots covers a great deal of robots and the first kaiju on your list looks great but is easily the least impressive of the ones in the film, its also the smallest. Is DST willing to go bigger and bigger on each vinyl kaiju release even with the rising price point? That's the only way to make them, and if DST isnt going to make them, then the audience for the toys is not going to invest. Right now it looks like its on a path to be done after the first kaiju comes out since all the jaegers are coming out in the first two waves and there will be nothing else available to put out and support sales. Really hoping for some positive news here. Kingdoms hearts, everyone is hoping for the best for you guys and how to move forward without a TRU type business available going forward. Can this be a point where DST revisits a direct to consumer effort on your website to some degree? Product wise we've seen some cool new ideas come out of DST products before, everything is changing in the industry and without some crazy new business moves the remaining big retailers out there are going to continue to brush off DST products. Just don't bring Digger back, that's too crazy. Dude I have been hoping this Godzilla sequel would bring that conversation back around for a long time. This is good to hear even though it doesn't mean anything yet. Thank you for this one bright spot on this otherwise bummer of a weekend.
  13. C2E2 2018

    I saw pics this morning of non marvel cases. No new mates shown, no new kingdom hearts or Pacific Rim items shown yet. John wick figure was there. I know it's early Saturday and they can add to the cases over the weekend but damn. I was hoping something under wraps from toyfair would be on display.