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  1. arnim zola

    SDCC 2018

    Im not sure the wave is better fit for comic shops. I think its the kind of wave comic shops would order and it wouldn't sell enough of, which would mean more shops ordering less and writing off minimates which is already happening. Comic and specialty need something crazy awesome to grab customers, they've lost sales to years of Tru shared waves. DST needs to figure that out. Gmonkey, that's what the community is for bud.
  2. arnim zola

    Animated Marvel 'Mates

    I kind of like the new ghost rider. Might light it up like my other one. I haven't watched the cartoon, but if they attached the Johnny Blaze name to a Dance Ketch design AGAIN, eh I don't even know what to expect out of these shows. Also this is not what I've meant in the years of saying we need a new classic Dan ghost rider. 😾
  3. arnim zola

    SDCC 2018

    Anyone at the panel that should be over shortly? Need news and pics!
  4. arnim zola

    SDCC 2018

    So I recall there's a new retailer jumping on board that may be announced at sdcc? So I don't EVER recall seeing this before (and again big city/lots of retail), but we were just in a Walmart yesterday and walked past series one of the Kingdom Hearts Vinimates in the electronics section. Not that crap walking dead collector type section by the self checkouts that no one looks at, but a high exposure area. I was excited, by my wife's expression, she... She was not.
  5. arnim zola

    SDCC 2018

    Sometimes I'm on here seeing myself stoutly defending DST's honor and other times I'm blasting them out of the ejector seat over things that just don't make any sense. I do agree that the downturn in "risks" and the steady play it safe method may be the root of the current pattern. Underutilizing great ideas, over utilizing bad ideas that REPEATEDLY do not pay off the way they do during the line pitch. Then we get rich licenses with tons of opportunity abruptly cancelled after a single wave or boxset. I've read "The sales aren't there" so many times I can't believe it. I understand business, I understand toys, and I understand collectors. Consider this: If you have comic shops (the equivalent to mom and pop stores) and you offer them a product they consistently order and sell, then that's good for your business. Then one day you sign a big box retail store with deep pockets, more locations, longer hours, and wide distribution network that helps you get more opportunities to expand your business. Then you decide to share product among your customers, though the one with deeper pockets will offer them at a significantly lower price. On top of that even if it's just for a year or two you are going to blind package your product for the mom and pop store, but the same product with be easier to aquire, complete a set of, and again be cheaper at the big box store. This is not hindsight. It was discussed, here, and often, proceeding all of these things happening. I used to be able to say I had 20+ comic shops in my area all carrying minimates. I officially have gone back to none. The the trust just isn't there.
  6. arnim zola

    Infinity War

    Only $100?
  7. arnim zola

    Animated Marvel 'Mates

    So Walgreens isn't getting new waves on shelves fast enough, and are losing sales because people like us can't buy them. Ok, I'm hearing that around different places. They have too much old waves sitting there and aren't putting out the new waves for me to buy. I'm hearing that too. I'm just curious about everyone's thought process here. These are Walgreens exclusive waves, especially the animated ones, and half the movie ones. If they put out the new waves like they used too right when they get released, what does everyone think happens to all the older mates they ordered? They have around 9000 stores. A few don't carry mates here, and a few restock frequently. Its fair to say they have a hefty stock of unsold older mates to burn through. The further we get away from black panther and Ragnarok, you think anyone's going to walk in and pick those up with enthusiasm? Old waves and the customer base being too small is taking these a long time to sell through. If this was a comic shop they would have stopped ordering new waves.
  8. arnim zola

    Lord of the Rings Minimates

    They would have been the wave after. I actually would like to have at least known the full lineup to that wave.
  9. arnim zola

    DC Vinimates

    Articulated key freshener tiger bikers.
  10. arnim zola

    TMNT Minimates - it's official!

    I haven't seen anything else about the new shows figures except the main 4, April and splinter ever since the reveal and super backlash everyone had against the designs. I haven't followed every turtle iteration, but has there been this much of a gap between series before? Transformers has always had something going, even if it was garbage.
  11. arnim zola

    Toys R Us closing all 800+ US stores

    My wife, daughter, and I had a big "R Us thank you" cake made for the staff at our main store and they took pictures with us.
  12. arnim zola

    Lord of the Rings Minimates

    I've literally gotten alerts on here that Ive ran out of attachment space on here so I can only post new pics I've put up elsewhere. Sorry if IG pics are inconvenient, not adept at using it yet. If you hover over the sides of the pics a few will have little arrows pop up with more pics to cycle through. I didn't catch that for a while just scrolling through threads. I left the elves out because they were almost the same as the prequel elve's, and I left the Aragorn out because I got him mixed up with the released one since I pulled them both out at the same time for pics with this wave. I'll have more later, but let me know if there's anything else you wanted to see and Ill try to get a pic.
  13. arnim zola

    Infinity War

    Tenime, the new infinity gauntlet is sculpted like those newer reusable hands where they put the thumb in the middle, so it's overall it's pretty slim and most other bulked up hand pieces look bigger. Even compared to the new Thanos's right hand it is smaller than it should be, like he had to really buy a lot of galactic butter to squeeze into that thing. The infinity war comic boxset from a while back has the best glove so far that could be widely used. you