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  1. King Cesar, they already have the set up with that exact mecha Godzilla they made
  2. Wow this is the first I heard of this, crazy.
  3. I still haven't picked up wave 2 after my 2 pre-orders of wave 1 had garbage paint apps, but I've picked up more since then and I've just been waiting for a good opportunity to grab wave 2. Im definitely excited for these 2 waves and will be pre-ordering at the earliest opportunity.
  4. No minimates at toyfair but 2 new Godzilla pvc gallery statues, and 2 new Godzilla Vinimates and 1 Mecha-Godzilla Vinimate!
  5. Glad to hear you got back movie characters, let's make the most of it. Truly this game series in like licensing hell. So many people to make happy before product can even get worked on, FF fans need to lighten up and be realistic. KH has never had a solid comprehensive collection that covered everything, and there's a reason for that. The business hoops you have to jump through were set up by cirque du solei.
  6. Speaking of secret gift events, Mysterious you still rocking that farscape custom you got?
  7. Google Tru when you can, the firm's and hedge funds that closed all the stores instead of selling them to save jobs are excited to let us know they are planning on coming back already! And they plan to have their own previously exclusive house brands as the flagship brands on their shelves ali with all the regular toys you would see at a store! Sooooo many things wrong with this, dont know where to begin...
  8. I just got back from Disneyland, on the first night I'm walking to Walgreens for some hotel snacks and find the last 2 exclusives I needed. Right down the highway from home base, sneaky buggers.
  9. arnim zola

    WAVE 76

    Which parts did you find so powerful they brought you tears?
  10. Whoa I need to see this! Aaaaaand Norman is somehow always involved. And how is it Carnage without Cletus? His symbiote was a piece of venoms mixed with his blood right? The venom symbiote as a whole was jumping hosts but Carnage was unique. Still cant believe the 616 president gave Norman control over national security and shield for a while. Bwahahahahaha!!!!!
  11. So the red goblin is a symbiote? I usually don't get interested in any characters that are just copies of existing characters. She thing, she hulk, lady bullseye, Daken, That marvel Boy guy from Thunderbolts or whatever his name was, the one million spiderman and Deadpool variants. The life foundation symbiotes had substance and a good explanation. Spider woman was a different type of character all together with a name that didn't fit. Miles Morales, Spider girl (I think) alt universes? Silk actually got bit by the same original spider. But damn there are too many clone characters out there. Too many hulk's, goblins, etc. At least the veno symbiote actually jumped hosts for extended periods, then we get anit-venom, WTF? Like why can't we get some stilt man clones or alt universe versions of him?
  12. Im not sure the wave is better fit for comic shops. I think its the kind of wave comic shops would order and it wouldn't sell enough of, which would mean more shops ordering less and writing off minimates which is already happening. Comic and specialty need something crazy awesome to grab customers, they've lost sales to years of Tru shared waves. DST needs to figure that out. Gmonkey, that's what the community is for bud.
  13. I kind of like the new ghost rider. Might light it up like my other one. I haven't watched the cartoon, but if they attached the Johnny Blaze name to a Dance Ketch design AGAIN, eh I don't even know what to expect out of these shows. Also this is not what I've meant in the years of saying we need a new classic Dan ghost rider. 😾
  14. Anyone at the panel that should be over shortly? Need news and pics!
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