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  1. Well, you better not make Deadpool exclusive or I'll kill someone! I agree ill help him . lol
  2. thats so awesome for u i mean im not jealous at all
  3. lol this is a weird topic
  4. thats sick man :biggrin:
  5. Yes its alright if u delete my 2nd account=cale_reborn but don't have to go through the trouble of modifying the post count .Sorry for the inconvenience . A friend of mine went on carousel. Now he's gone.
  6. Huh i was on my laptop when i tried to log in so it might not have worked ... my bad ...what was that post about Mattallica? it feels good to be back sorry for the wait i just have been too busy too log in oh and i have started doing customs i might post them .Master chief,leon s. kennedy,blue blank.
  7. i really hope it is not godzilla 2 ...... (pukes) it is isent it
  8. HI

    no mine mine my minis of joy
  9. Good. Bad. I'm the guy with the gun (ash) aod
  10. HI

    why do i not come to this site more than i should (stupid stupid) im sorry
  11. i think gambit is overdo also. he was on the original promo poster
  12. huh okay uncomfertable (gag) nice spedo lol
  13. sit AT THE COM AND eat pie
  14. well thank you