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  1. Well, you better not make Deadpool exclusive or I'll kill someone! I agree ill help him . lol
  2. thats so awesome for u i mean im not jealous at all
  3. Yes its alright if u delete my 2nd account=cale_reborn but don't have to go through the trouble of modifying the post count .Sorry for the inconvenience . A friend of mine went on carousel. Now he's gone.
  4. Huh i was on my laptop when i tried to log in so it might not have worked ... my bad ...what was that post about Mattallica? it feels good to be back sorry for the wait i just have been too busy too log in oh and i have started doing customs i might post them .Master chief,leon s. kennedy,blue blank.
  5. i really hope it is not godzilla 2 ...... (pukes) it is isent it
  6. cale


    no mine mine my minis of joy
  7. Good. Bad. I'm the guy with the gun (ash) aod
  8. cale


    why do i not come to this site more than i should (stupid stupid) im sorry
  9. i think gambit is overdo also. he was on the original promo poster
  10. huh okay uncomfertable (gag) nice spedo lol
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