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  1. Been a long time since I'm been into the minimate scene but I'm back again and with more reviews! DeadPool Vs. Dante (which I finally finished writing the review for) Super Skrull Vs. Crimson Viper (Just got these from my LCS) Hope ya all like the reviews and pics! Come back soon for more reviews!
  2. Thanks Urban Saboteur. As for what were asking. About the hands: Yes exactly what I was talking about Um..I'm not sure if anyone has. About the shield: Exactly! Though I also was thinking kinda like how they did with Captain America but with clip-on instead of a slip-on. Yep! I'm gonna Review Deadpool and Dante. And Thanks!
  3. Thanks pawcanada. ^^ Ooooh! I was wondering honestly why it was there and who it was for. But yeah I like it. Though I wish it were a little more clear and less...cloudy? Well regardless I'm glad they are making stands like these because it gives more option on how to pose our minimates without a balancing battle. And thanks, that would be helpful I suppose since I lack much knowledge on Capcom characters besides those from Street Fighter ^^;
  4. Nice job on the latest Christmas shorts and that Santa Minimate looks like an official one. ^^ I almost wondered where you could have gotten him from til I found out you made him.
  5. Thanks Dinobot ^^ Sorry it's been so long since I've updated on the minimate section.I've still been updating the blog, just not a lotta minimate stuff. So thanks for checking it out and check back soon more minimates and other things
  6. Hi guys Been a while since I've been on the minimates scene and I'm back. ^^ I was walking in TRU and I saw them on the pegs and I remembered how much I wanted them when they first showed them. Anyway check out the full review here and I hope you like it.
  7. OOooh! These are looking quite nice. Especially now with the cool packaging they'll be in. Can't wait to pick these up. Hopefully they won't be too hard to find around here. I do find it a little odd that they're being released so much later after the initial release of the actual game. But then again there is a new version of MvC3 coming out I believe so I guess it makes sense. I just want 'em as soon as possible! XD
  8. I say open 'em! Because minimates are much more fun to play with then to keep in the box to collect dust. I guess if you plan on reselling them then keeping them sealed isn't such bad idea. But if you like collecting them and playing (I mean "posing" ;D)with them, then by all means open them up if ya want. ^^
  9. Dinobot! Good seeing you too. So much has happened in the minimate world that my head's spinning. So many new minis coming out... 8]
  10. Been while since I've posted but all I can say is that I'm looking forward to: Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 Marvel TRU series 11 & 12 M.A.X. sets and box set Vehicles Halo Series 3 & 4 (just recently got some and their pretty cool) Halo Reach Warthog sets MODOK (now if only I had more AIM troops) Also the Sentinel from MvC3 is something that I wish I could army build. Wow I got some catching up to do since I still wanna get the Thor,Halo series 1 & 2, and the Capt. America minimates... 8D
  11. Wow! Nicely done! One question though: What happens to those that ended without any bids...? ^^;
  12. Looks like it's getting even more intense the closer we get to the final round. Oh yeah, got my votes in. ^^ Liking the Science vs. Magic, the Monkey Vs. Samaria, and some of the other battles too. Also I think it'd be pretty cool to see the Diabolos face off.
  13. Nice job with the tournament. Lookin' good so far. do you delete your own votes becuase I don't see any button for that and I haven't even voted yet but every time I go to it says: "An Error Occurred Sorry, an error occurred. If you are unsure on how to use a feature, or don't know why you got this error message, try looking through the help files for more information. [#10355] You must cast your vote in each question of the poll." Which is what I did...I'm so confused...
  14. Wow Luke, those pictures are awesome! Glad my little guy made it there safe and sound. Though it looks like he's gotten himself into some monkey business. Glad every likes the Player Select Screen. BWT I've made a few minor changes to it and will post it soon when it's finished. Edit: Go right a ahead Bob, It's cool with me.
  15. Here an updated version of the Player Select Screen Hope you all like it. ^^
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