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  1. Thanks everyone! I know I am not on as often as I used to be but I try to check in periodically. I really appreciate popping on here and still finding people who remember I was.
  2. No seriously. I don't care for the one's shown, if there were boy ponies, I might care. that makes them not girly.
  3. Bloody hell! Those Game of Thrones blind boxes are cool. And I have a feeling I will be owning the MLP regardless if my wife sees these.
  4. Bom dia!! Where are you from in Brazil? I am visiting Passo Fundo, Gramado, and Canela(RS) at the end of Feb. beginning of Mar. My wife is from Londrina in Parana state. Maybe we can work something to get you some mates de forma mais barata.
  5. I see the Pop! line as being more analogous to Kubricks. Tons of licenses, basic look, rabid fan base willing to spend rediculous amounts on variants.
  6. A huge THANK YOU to my Secret Santa. I recieved Deadpool TPB Vol. 6 I Rule, You Suck, Rick and Zombie 2 pack, AND Xavier and Shaw 2 pack! AWESOME. I was debating buying the WD mates but after seeing these in hand I think I am going to cave. I believe my Santa is Bob Harris. If I am wrong I apologize to both Mr. Harris and Mr. MB. I guess I missed a translation. Thanks!!
  7. I take Unicorn. They are a deceptive and angry creature.
  8. Glad it arrived so quickly! Thanks for sharing the link. I was a little fearful of sending a printed shortened link and it not translating.
  9. I think you are right if we use vanilla mate then typically we are referring to a mate that is sans any accessory. I think allowing one or two sculpted pieces would be too confusing. I retract my idea. I do like the idea of best sculpted though.
  10. I was hoping for a best simplistic minimate i.e. mate with no sculpted pieces aside from hair, belt, cuffs or non sculted chests/heads. I am still in love with wave 1 through 10 and how simply awesome those were. Mind you I loved Vorin and Hulk Buster, but the original design is what brought me in.
  11. I have been MIA for months, but I would love to do it if you'll have me.
  12. Case ratio seemed to be 4 Spidey/Punisher, 4 Daredevil/Boss Hog, 2 Rictor/Boom Boom, 2 Mirage/Magma.
  13. I had a request for the SKU and since it looks like they used a duplicate SKU. It is the "Marvel Wave 10 Minimate" SKU 699788721865. They were 7.49.
  14. No, he comes with only the webline and the pretty, pretty princess headdress only. I would love to, as that is a great idea, unfortunately, I am moving in 3 weeks and all my mates are stored in a giant tote. I tried digging through hoping he might have been easy to find, but alas, he was nowhere to be found.
  15. Is this for real? Hooray! For those that follow the 'pics or it didn't happen' dogma In Package Rictor & Boomer Little disappointed cause I thought we were getting a second head blowing a bubble gum bubble for Boomer.(Maybe I just dreamed seeing that head.) Mirage & Magma Daredevil & Kingpin Spider-Man & Punisher Just for fun
  16. Found them in Gainesville, fl. I'll try to get pics tonight.
  17. I am done with the game. I no longer find it fun. Just frustrating. By the time I have made enough money to level a character to 10 I have to level every other character, then I get them leveled and have no money again and can't buy research or I lose money or they reset my flight deck. I am just done.
  18. Happy Birthday! You purple loving Feind.
  19. So let's say the Gauntlet is the genesis for the second Avengers movie. Nothing says the gauntlet in the treasure room is complete. All the other Marvel movies could easily be tied in by having each gem from the gauntlet found. Not necessarily being a prominent part. Iron Man 3 - Mandarin has the rings or some similar thing and one of the rings is one of the Infinity Gems. At the end we see Thanos show up sift through the wreckage and collect the ring/gem. Thor2 - Whoever loosed Surtur also nabbed the gauntlet with its sole gem still intact and gives it to Thanos Hulk 2 - Hulk fights someone powered by a gem. Like Iron Man we see Thanos collect the gem. Captain America 2 - Cap battles whoever on their quest to obtain an infinite power source. Bad guy gets to location finds item missing, believes he was tricked fights Cap and his underling. We find out Thanos was the one who nabbed the Gem. Avengers 2- Opens with Thanos obtaining 5th gem. Act 2 he fights avengers as he gains 6th gem, beats them then disappears. Act 3 usual hero stuff.
  20. I thought he did a great job in AMC's Rubicon. A show that if you love mind games/espionage/suspense you will like.
  21. Did they really wear the outfits or was it just for a promo/cover? I ask because I would like to know how the "House of Ideas" lamed into this.
  22. Well considering I live in Gainesville, FL, I am willing to give you a few Gators, course they are a little harder to come by now that they are out of class.
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