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  1. It must be a very affordable license knowing that DST has to pay an annual guarantee either way. I understand that the rights were segregated prior to the reunification of CBS and Paramount but it seems like both parties could now find a way to take advantage of Discovery, Picard, Lower Decks, the upcoming Prodigy, Strange New Worlds, or maybe even pick up where the Legacy line left off.
  2. We can thank COVID for these. If the MCU had stayed on schedule, Disney probably wouldn't have been as interested in letting licensees mine previous Fox films. The timing is actually pretty perfect since there are so few film releases and product tie-ins in the mass market. Now give me a Professor X, Pierce, and X-24. A few more from the Deadpool movies would be welcome, too, but I'm thrilled to see Negasonic Teenage Warhead offered.
  3. Any chance Loki will merit a hex pack? I see Hasbro is already offering one of the new characters.
  4. As someone who never got into the TV series but thoroughly enjoyed the movie, I'd be pretty happy with a 4-pack from the film. I picked up the Jazwares line of 3 3/4" figures when I had the chance.
  5. I'd have to see it in person but even at $250, I'd probably pass. Honestly, I'm much more interested in individual dioramas specifically tailored to my 'mates. Yeah, gimme the bridge, sick bay, engineering, the transporter room, and maybe the brig. I don't need a big, fancy, electronic display piece that's the size of furniture. Besides, I already have one of these.
  6. Same here. Still. Nine years later. Looking forward to the 20th anniversary of the Minimates brand though! Never say never!
  7. And just like that, I suddenly need an assortment of SHAZAM! Minimates.
  8. I can see it being de-contented (no figures or electronics) and being offered for considerably less but skimming is a solid market strategy. The franchise doesn't seem to be able to support volume sales at this time. Hopefully Prodigy will generate more interest in Star Trek.
  9. Even if they were willing to try, I'm wondering what contractual hoops DST would have to leap through to offer playsets for Trek Minimates. It seems like the category is off limits for some reason or they'd have offered a Build-a-Bridge in the Select line by now, right? Right?
  10. Those Mezco figures would be more tempting if they were less expensive. But yeah, that's the way to release those kaiju.
  11. The Engineering section looks like it would work better for 2" Minimates. As is, the Playmobil figure looks gigantic in that space!
  12. Now there's a ringtone. πŸ––πŸ€“
  13. Hands are great, too. I'm all for a variety of facial expressions. It depends on the character.
  14. The only reason I bothered giving Minimates a try was because of the articulation. As far as I know it's still superior to every other block figure available (especially LEGO), which is an admittedly low bar, but Minimates leaps over that bar with ease. Is there room for improvement? Sure. Would it help attract more consumers than it would it would lose? Hard to tell. I've often wondered if simply changing the size of the peg hole in the foot would be a benefit since the brand would no longer compete in the construction set category. Personally, I'd welcome a bicep swivel so long as gravity didn't make the forearm fall off. But is it worth the development costs?
  15. I'm glad Marvel let DST run with this mistake. It could have been much costlier, I know. What a great surprise. I do have to wonder whose contractual toes got stepped on this time, though.
  16. PLEASE tell me this Build-a-Sable "mistake" is a legal loophole! Get my hopes up!
  17. It feels like we've waited quite a while. Then again, these 'mates were revealed almost a year and a half ago. 😢 Someone remind me; Are there alternate looks for these?
  18. Yeah, but it’s June 9th. Wait... what month is it? [checks calendar] (Damn pandemic.) YES! πŸ˜πŸ‘
  19. That's what gets me. It was my understanding that Minimates enjoy a much quicker turnaround time from concept through licensor approval to production. I distinctly recall a representative bragging about the relatively rapid turnaround for these block figures. And let's not underestimate the window of opportunity with collectibles aimed at geeks. Some of us waited years to finally get the main bad guy from that space movie a few decades back. If Shang-Chi becomes the next Black Panther, DST might want to consider taking a chance and letting the market decide what they want.
  20. I'm not sure whether to laugh or roll my eyes when I read "the timing did not work out." I can't recall when timing has ever been DST's strong suit. This is the company that tried to debut John Wick 2 Minimates instead of John Wick when John Wick 3 is hitting theaters. This is the company that struggles to get out anniversary product within the correct calendar year. Shang-Chi doesn't hit until September. There's merchandise on the shelves right now, WAY ahead of time, after only one trailer. Seems like there's time to throw out a solicitation and let the consumers decide if they want at least a 4-pack from this flick.
  21. Bettany will be back. The MCU is basically a photo-realistically animated franchise now. They can get anyone to fill the mo-cap suit and get Bettany to do the voiceover while wearing the face-capture rig. As for an assortment based on WandaVision, "Never say never!β„’"
  22. There was a time when some movies warranted more than one assortment. Now we can't even get a 2-pack that includes the titular character. If anything warranted concern it was when Chuck, a self-professed Spider-Fan, passed on Far From Home AND Into the Spider-verse. At least Ghost Rider got prototypes. Is DST offering any Shang-Chi product or are they just passing on Minimates?
  23. No Shang-Chi Minimates, according to Chuck. I'm a little shocked they're not even soliciting a 4-pack. No concept art. Nothing. Just a solid pass on Marvel's first film with an Asian lead.
  24. As someone with 25 years of dealing with Marvel Licensing under his belt, I can't disagree. But I'd definitely start with talking to Luke (as your distributor) and then Marvel. Get them on board and I'm sure DST will listen.
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