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  1. Yup. I might need that Maximilian Select figure, too.
  2. Hopefully the merger between CBS and Viacom — and subsequent reunification of the Star Trek franchise — will change things for the better.
  3. Same here. At least solicit something and give it a chance.
  4. Cookie Monster is the X-wing of Sesame Street characters. If they wanted to go sail barge, they’d have gone with Big Bird.
  5. Yeah, except for all those action figures, vehicles and play accessories Playmates made between 1992 and 2009 and the figures Art Asylum and DST produced since 2001, there’s been no interest for decades.
  6. DST has had enough trouble getting movie product out around a film release. I recall the trouble they had getting the All-New X-Men Bobby Drake costume right because the early concept art had changed. Fortunately we caught it and they were able to correct it but that’s an example of why offering product that coincides with an event isn’t always a good idea. I still feel movie assortments are better served being released during the home video promotion. Likewise, a comic event might be better off coinciding with the trade paperback.
  7. I just saw the first film ($7.50 at Target!) and now I’m really wondering why DST started with the second film. Still looking forward to this set but, dang, hopefully the first flick will get some love.
  8. As with the Fantastic Four and X-Men, Disney doesn’t want to promote anything that benefits the competition. It’s my understanding that Paramount still owns distribution rights to the Indiana Jones films, much like Fox did with Star Wars. I doubt Disney will promote Indy until they have a film of their own. Most merchandising will likely focus on that fifth film, not the previous installments.
  9. MisterPL

    wave 79

    Wrecking Crew. 😎
  10. Offering variations on Indy would allow new collectors to jump on board at any time. Look what DST did with Predator. We got WAY more variations of Dutch and the Predator than I expected. - Spider-covered Indy - Professor Indy - Nepal Indy - German disguise Indy And that’s just from the first flick.
  11. DST needs to be acquired by a company with the desire to take the Minimates brand to the next level.
  12. Same here. That’s just screaming to be a premium.
  13. I can’t see it either. ☹️
  14. MisterPL


    I still haven’t seen these at brick & mortar stores. Has anyone else spotted them in the wild?
  15. I could have sworn we were promised something for Minimates but none showed up among DST’s announced exclusives.
  16. Maybe after the current sale is over. I’m sure they’ll want to show something at SDCC.
  17. MisterPL

    wave 77

    Miles is an authentic Minimate adaptation of a lousy Spider-Man costume. I’ll allow it but, DAYAM, I wish we’d gotten an “Into the Spider-Verse” assortment.
  18. MisterPL

    wave 77

    That’s the trade off with build-a-‘mates. The extra room for accessories goes to the ninth figure.
  19. I walked past a Dr. Pepper display featuring pics of Mysterio and Spidey in his various costumes and lament the lack of Minimates from this flick even more. 😖
  20. That’s all, folks. Spoilers in the link.
  21. What “statement?” I see two questions. 😖
  22. This was a fun contest. Good jobs, everyone. 😎👍
  23. I would be surprised to see DST offer more than a 4-pack for The Rocketeer (despite having comic book/film crossover appeal) but I didn’t thing they’d go as deep as they did with Alien either. I’d have no problem coming up with an entire assortment. Both The Rocketeer and Captain America were directed by Joe Johnston and the characters demand to share shelf space!
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