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  1. Knowing that the price point was increasing to $8 per 'mate, I'd have been fine paying $16 for these particular 2-packs. I doubt anyone was expecting to find these at the Walgreens price. As a privileged US collector, this is frustrating but I do appreciate your insights. Thanks, Zach.
  2. I know the feeling. When it becomes more frustrating than fun, it's not a very satisfying hobby.
  3. Seems like these should be available on DST's site. The fact that they're not leads me to believe someone's bonus check was tied to eliminating excess inventory by the end of 2021.
  4. DST's new box sets might force them to do the kind of episode-specific sets that some of us have been asking for. A four- or six-pack could easily allow them to offer an entire bridge crew if they included alternate noggins, etc. I can't believe I'm admitting this but if DST offered a TNG/DS9/VOY TV/film-era set that allowed me to create several different characters from the same set, I'd be spending at least $100 on those.
  5. Playmates just revealed their first offerings for the rebooted Star Trek line. No minifigures so I suppose DST still has that part of the license cornered.
  6. I have to admit, if the packaging is as collector-friendly as I expect, it'll save this opener money on Plano™ boxes and Hefty™ bins.
  7. I was thinking the same thing. Time to move on, I believe. ☹️
  8. I'm not familiar with the character but that's pretty impressive! I'm currently on the hunt for tentacles for a custom I'm trying to knock out. Been searching Michael's, JoAnn, and dollar stores for little plastic squids or octopuses. So far no luck but I'm tenacious.
  9. As someone who's both partied with pro wrestlers and been a part of that stunt show, I can't disagree. 🤓
  10. Wasn't the new license described as "scripted"? Wouldn't that rule out sports? (And no, I don't consider pro wrestling a sport. Athletic, absolutely, but it's not a competition if the outcome is scripted.)
  11. I'm no pro wrestling fan but WWE could be huge. I wouldn't mind Archer.
  12. I'm thinking of venerable mainstays. Doctor Who, anyone?
  13. I'm leaning toward Sesame Street, if only because it's not going anywhere and it would complement The Muppets.
  14. Offering Minimates as a third party – either through DC Direct or C3 – hasn't yielded very successful results. It'd be best if DST could just license the minifig category from WBCP directly. The only other alternative is for McFarlane to buy the Minimates brand from DST but we already know how he feels about block figures based on the figures that come with his construction sets.
  15. To be fair, the Phoenix pieces were already tooled, unlike these new Reed pieces that will light up, vibrate, and do your taxes! 60 Minutes. I'm finally getting that Harry Reasoner Minimate that's made my collection incomplete. (Notice how I didn't mention Star Trek first? That's how hopeless it seems.)
  16. New or rebooted licenses, I expect. Maybe something else from Hasbro's portfolio (Magic: The Gathering, Micronauts, Dungeons & Dragons) or another licensor (ViacomCBS Consumer Products).
  17. With even the lowest shipping rate ($13 US) it still works out to over $10 per figure. HOWEVER, if I could order it and have it added to an order shipped to my LCS for free, I might be interested. That could generate foot traffic to retailers and demonstrate demand for the Minimates™ brand.
  18. Given the price hike in Minimates to essentially $10 each, I’ll be paring down the scope of my purchases. I was fully prepared to jump into GI Joe and Power Rangers as a completist despite being far from a fan of either franchise. Now I’ll be stopping at the 2021 SDCC Joe set and I may only collect the original Morphin’ rangers. That said, the only current license DST holds (?) that could bring me and my cash back in full force is Star Trek. I wouldn’t hesitate to cannonball into the pool if DST decided to offer Trek assortments beyond TOS.
  19. As someone who grew up reading more DC than Marvel, the MCU has been somewhat of a re-introduction to that franchise for me. It's bad enough that we didn't get MCU characters like Whiplash and Silver Samurai. The lack of Minimates based on minority-led and dominated Marvel flicks (not to mention all those Spidey variants) is criminal.
  20. Stay safe and healthy, folks, and have a successful 2022! 🖖🤓
  21. I love Minimates and was prepared to go all-in on Joe despite not being a fan. The cards are awesome but I can't justify paying that much more for what amounts to packaging. I'm guessing the license isn't cheap so I understand but this is actually pushing me back toward collecting Star Wars.
  22. I never cared for Venom in comics but DST has done some fun stuff with him. The fact that there are so many Minimates of him works well with such a morphtastic character.
  23. DST is shipping via modified DeLorean now.
  24. People need to stop posting customs like this. I feel like I've missed an official release when I see one this good! 😁👍
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