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  1. That's good to know. I'll keep an eye out. My nearest Walgreens is pretty barren with four 2-packs on two pegs. The one 20 miles away had two full pegs of 'mates from Black Panther, Endgame, 1,000,000 BC, and Black Widow. It's so frustrating.
  2. I remember the premiere of the original Battlestar Galactica vividly because it was interrupted by President Carter getting Anwar Sadat and Menachem Begin to sign the Camp David Accords. (Congrats on the impending Nobel Peace Prize, fellas, but I really need to watch this new space show!) I had a tape recorder next to my 13" Sony ready to go! I loved that series. The reboot was outstanding. I went in with a bit of skepticism but ended up being pleasantly surprised. They left a hell of a legacy. So while I'm equally apprehensive about the new series, I'll give it the same shot as the
  3. I'm still on the hunt for the Falcon and Winter Soldier sets but I get the impression they're being held back for the series debut.
  4. Yes but I didn't see this in time. Hope all went well with the doctor though!
  5. I'm three episodes in and the costume designs are Minimatastic!
  6. According to DST, it'll be shipping in spring. So sometime between March 20th and June 20th. I'm going with September.
  7. As I'm listening to the soundtrack for Millennium, I'm really wishing we had a clean Bishop so I could at least make a Frank Black custom to go with Mulder and Scully.
  8. Happy to already have one (congrats, folks) but excited for Minimates™ news!
  9. I don't know. That's a pretty big cast for an assortment these days. Five years ago things would have been different.
  10. They were resetting the toy section when I was there a couple days ago. I’ll have to hit them up tomorrow to see if anything new is on the pegs.
  11. At first glance it looks like Robert Kirkman’s version of a spider-man for Invincible.
  12. A third run? Dang.
  13. Pretty cool. I hope they find appreciative homes. 🤓👍
  14. I wonder what color it's supposed to be. Like, the original was black and red. As with Batman's black cape and cowl the highlights were colored blue. Over time the Batsuit became blue and grey. So I'm wondering if this new Spider-suit is supposed to be black and grey or blue and silver. Can't say I'm a fan of the lighted aspects. Sure, it's visually interesting but do even radioactive spiders glow in the dark? And wouldn't that ruin any element of surprise when villains notice this luminescent logo lurking in the shadows? Do the bulkier web-shooters mean even more web fluid? Ye
  15. Ha! Fun Fact: Slime™ and Elmer's glue will gum up small engines even in small amounts.
  16. I've still got my Queen Hive playset from Kenner. It's got some great sculpting and I've always meant to use it as part of an Alien backdrop.
  17. Any time DST wants to offer Minimates from The Black Hole, I'm totally down with pre-ordering a set (or more if sentries are included).
  18. The Deluxe assortment gave us so many good SKUs, not just in Aliens but others as well. It makes the lack of a dropship with Ferro and Bishop all the more heartbreaking.
  19. The Egg Chamber? It's pretty cool but $120 cool?
  20. I do love this oasis of peaceful appreciation of plastic. Cheers, everyone.
  21. Not gonna lie: When I see what NECA has done with this franchise compared to DST, I frown a bit.
  22. While I understand that manufacturers and retailers prefer to stick with merchandising tie-ins to the most recent movies, that doesn't always end well and it seems they're finally figuring that out. I'd still be up for an assortment of Minimates from the first two Raimi flicks. (Think "Best of".) And given the hype surrounding the MCU Spider-verse crossover, DST may be getting another chance at such an opportunity.
  23. As soon as WB has a deal with Roku I'll probably be getting HBO Max. Raised by Wolves is on my list. I'd be happy with a set of Lynch's Dune Minimates, too. I just like Bob Ringwood's costume designs.
  24. For someone who insists he's a Spider-Man fan, Chuck has skipped an awful lot of popular Spider-Man properties. No Spider-Man so no Green Goblin. No Spider-Man 2 so no Doc Ock. But, hey, we got Spider-Man 3 and the two Amazing entries, even if the villains were lackluster (Rhino!). No Into the Spider-verse or Far From Home but we got comic-based substitutions. Can you imagine a DC licensee half-assing it like this with Batman?
  25. That's where I'm leaning as well. Whatever it happens to be I'd like enough parts to allow for some variety. Alternate helmets, weapons, armor... stuff like that if it's appropriate. But I do like the idea of a 4-pack of Hand Minimates. Bring on the bad guys.
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