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  1. That sounds like the kind of compromise we offered up when it looked like we'd only get one 4-pack of 'mates from Alien. How about we just get an assortment of Prometheus Minimates instead?
  2. I know of it and recall giving it an instant pass upon learning the title. Nothing I saw or read compelled me to have anything to do with that movie. Maybe if I were a drinker I'd give it a shot but from the synopsis in the link, it sounds far worse than what I saw last night.
  3. The piping is different but it's close enough for the ladies: However the boys have noticeably different suits:
  4. The movie hits May 19th. These are listed on BBTS for release in September. The designs remind me of Mass Effect, which fit in with GotG to me. Heck, even the New Goblin Francomate™ above looks like it wouldn't be entirely out of place.
  5. I've been a fan of King Kong for as long as I can remember. My first exposure was probably watching King Kong vs. Godzilla on TV followed by seeing the original 1933 film but I have fond memories of going to Dino DeLaurentis' 1976 remake. (That's where I fell in love with both Rick Baker's rubber monkey skills and that new starlet named Jessica Lange, but I digress...) Circumstances wouldn't allow me to see Peter Jackson's version on the big screen so I made a point of getting to see Kong: Skull Island while it's still in theaters. And I'm not quite sure where I stand on it. I really want to like it, of course. It had plenty of fun parts but felt at times like it was trying to ape Aliens, from the premise to the banter between the soldiers. The visual effects were stunning but the monster designs just didn't feel right. Kong's proportions were too human, like they were consciously trying to make him look like a guy in an ape suit. A really good ape suit but he certainly wasn't the gorilla that Jackson's was. On the other hand, the antagonizing beasts seemed too foreign, like something realized from discarded concept sketches for Beetlejuice. The main cast was fine but I couldn't find myself rooting for any of them with the exception of John C. Reilly's character. I was waiting for any of them to stand out but Reilly's was the only one who did. On a side note, it was interesting to see so many Marvel movie alumni – six by my count – in a movie produced by Warner Bros. One other nitpick: as someone who spent an entire decade in the 70s, the movie might have been better off and much more authentic if Brie Larson's character hadn't worn a bra. Out of five, I think I'll give it
  6. "Butch and Marsellus each come with a piece of sidewalk from their chase scene!" When I think of a scene in Pulp Fiction with Butch and Marsellus, that's not the scene that leaps to mind. Bring out the gimp. And re: "PULP FICTION SELECT AF SERIES 1 ASST" Whenever I read "AF", thanks to the internet, I no longer read it as "action figure," particularly in this property's context, right, Jules?
  7. I wonder how many series we can squeeze out of just this film. (I'm trailer-celibate so I have no idea.) It depends on sell-through, of course, but given the army-building nature of the first offering, I don't see a problem getting a second series. I'm guessing from the silhouettes that the variations to the xenomorphs will be tampo'd, not sculpted.
  8. Toad and Abomination are my guesses for the bad guys.
  9. Thanks to TNI, here's a look at most of the upcoming Minimates from Alien: Covenant.
  10. Turtleneck. (Don't tell Eastman & Laird!)
  11. Moon Knight through the ages. We know. (And I'm with you!)
  12. If anyone's looking for reference, TheMarySue did a pretty comprehensive history of the costumes of the Captains Marvel.
  13. This Toad's certainly been crawling toward an assortment long enough. Now watch; we'll get a Daredevil series with Leapfrog.
  14. DSTChuck has always been against blind packaging. His sales team talked him into it because that's what they said retailers wanted. So Kmart got one assortment of blind-bagged Turtles and have passed on Minimates since. GameStop got one assortment of blind-bagged Mass Effect and have passed on Minimates since. That seems like the start of a dangerous trend for the brand. At least Hot Topic got more than one assortment of blind-bagged NBX.