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  1. Minimates definitely offers some obscure characters so if that’s your jam, you’ve found the right toy line! (Plus they don’t take up much space.) Welcome aboard!
  2. Yeah. It’s looking like my symbiote box is getting fuller. First-world problems.
  3. Selects/IMG_6269__scaled_800.jpg Many of my Minimates are archived by character. Hulk gets a box, Cap gets a box, Spidey gets a box. Where am I supposed to put the Maximum Venom ‘mates? And should we retitle this thread to Walgreens Minimates?
  4. It depends on how many sets retailers sell. My LCS typically sells two full sets from the one case they order. The other set lingers on the pegs until it sells. If they’re getting another set that may collect dust, it may not be worth it to order a full case if the LCS can only move half of it instead of 2/3. I guess we’ll see.
  5. Barring the packaging restrictions in the agreement, carded singles would be cool even beyond the 80th anniversary.
  6. MisterPL

    DC Vinimates

    Cool. Which DC character is this?
  7. With all the Rite Aid stores Walgreens just bought, it makes sense to close ones in areas where there are so many. Some areas are saturated while others barely have any.
  8. Entertainment Earth suggests that Spider-Man was never manufactured but Wolverine was “sold out.” Either they’re mistaken or there’s a nominal quantity of Wolverine Max statues out there.
  9. I’d want enough alternate looks to encourage multiple purchases but I’m happy with those characters.
  10. As with Marvel Minimates MAX statues, any Marvel Vinimates offerings would have to include Marvel’s most popular characters. So a Fin Fang Foom would have to be offered with an Iron Man. A Giant Man would have to be paired with someone like Captain America. A sentinel would have to be offered with a Wolverine. Which would be fine with me.
  11. I’d take some Great Lakes Avengers, please. 😊
  12. Unless there’s a significant change in the retail marketplace, I’ll be surprised if we see any MCU Minimates for the foreseeable future. DST will likely use their Marvel Comics agreement to offer assortments that tie in to whatever is hot during Phase 4, whether it’s on the big screen or streaming through Disney+ Or Hulu. The only way I see them offering MCU Minimates is by allowing another agreement to expire (Animated, for example) or if a retailer can make it worthwhile to go after the license. Otherwise, Phase 3 was the end of the road.
  13. Pretty sure it was confirmed on Facebook or Instagram.
  14. This is the kind of assortment that will end the line. If they get enough preorders, it’ll only be because retailers are willing to take a huge chance on them. Personally I think this will be the first “Animated” assortment to be cancelled. Can we at least get a Batwoman based on that film to tie into the upcoming CW series? Geez, DCC.
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