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  1. C2E2 2018

    Well, yeah, not that they have that Vulture and Falcon head tooling from the Marvel Animated assortments. (Hail Ivan!)
  2. Antman and the Wasp

    It's possible someone was worried the Wasp's suit would look too much like Yellowjacket's and they subdued the colors to avoid confusion.
  3. WAVE 76

    I'd take a Deathlok. He seems pretty likely, all things considered.
  4. Predator Minimates

    Maybe we could also squeeze in a dropship, one that has a flaming motorcycle that shoots out the back and is piloted by a tiger. Seriously, good lists, YB.
  5. C2E2 2018

    I thought they were returning licenses. You mean "new to Minimates"?
  6. TRU Series 26

    We all know it was the Wrecking Crew.
  7. C2E2 2018

    That's not the way I wanted to start the weekend but I appreciate the reply. Gotham character designs have gotten more toyetic as the show's gone on. It's a shame there isn't more support for the Select line and Minimates. If what showrunners say about the next season is true, it should be even more interesting. I'll just remain hopeful that the returning license is Terminator and not Desperately Seeking Susan.
  8. Antman and the Wasp

    That seems most likely. At a glance Ant-Man's costume isn't much different than his appearance in Civil War but it's hard to sell an Ant-Man and the Wasp set without Ant-Man.
  9. Marvel Minimates Wish List

    Any interest in Agents of ATLAS?
  10. Lost in Space

    Yeah, the classic Lost in Space crew is one well planned 4-pack away from being complete. Put them in those silver spacesuits, toss in alternate noggins for different characters, and it encourages multiple purchases. The Netflix series could inspire multiple assortments.
  11. WAVE 76

    According to the product description: Let the carnage commence! Celebrating its 15th year, the Marvel Minimates line has dedicated its 76th assortment to the epic Spider-Man crossover, Maximum Carnage! Four specialty-exclusive 2-packs make up the assortment - Spider-Man with Black Cat, Venom with Doppelganger, Carnage with Demogoblin and Cloak with Dagger - and if you collect all four you get the pieces to build Shriek!
  12. Infinity War

    T'Challa: ... and get this man a shield! DST: That makes me happy.
  13. Toys R Us closing all 800+ US stores
  14. Toys R Us closing all 800+ US stores

    I was hoping that TRU would lift their ridiculous policy of certain stores not being eligible to stock certain products (even TRU exclusives). All things considered it seems to me that's one thing that led to their demise. But while other stores continue to restock with Pirates, Predator, Dark Tower, and Beetlejuice, mine has none of those. They're getting in plenty of other items. Shelves are not bare, not by a long shot, but it's the same old stuff they apparently couldn't sell enough of in the first place. Raising the price of the Black Panther Minimates was genius though. I think my store is almost sold out of those!