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  1. Same here. Until DST manages to get the Marvel license for Vinimates (or deigns to offer a Minimates-styled Galactus in their Select line), that version's my stand-in.
  2. Which is exactly why I don’t play that game. That’d be my luck. 😖
  3. “We know ‘Return of the Jedi’ just came out but we’ve decided to focus our first assortment on ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ since Vader pretty much looks the same in all three movies.” — Diamond Select Toys, 1983 (alternate reality)
  4. With the Crisis coming up, there’s plenty more to offer. Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman? 👍
  5. And apparently so has the other store. 😖
  6. One of my two stores appears to have restocked Series 8. 🙄
  7. November? Pass.
  8. A new store in Schenectady had leftovers from Infinity War and Series 9.
  9. Tigers are great. What the franchise needs is a flaming motorcycle. YB knows the score. 😎👍
  10. I would agree with you if we were talking about Marvel. Do you really think John Wick fans give a crap about colorful costumes? That’s some Kenner-era Disco-Assault Batman logic right there. Having only seen the first John Wick movie I’m still baffled as to why DST went with a set based on the second movie. Seems like a dumb idea but I’m sure they have their reasons. Either way, I’m looking forward to characters from all the films and in authentic costumes. If offering an Arctic Camo John Wick is the only way to do that... well, that’s pretty fucking sad.
  11. DST might get retailers interested in product based on the first Black Widow solo flick. Fingers crossed for a box set at least.
  12. Seems a little late to cancel it. By now they should have manufactured quantities.
  13. Unless DST finds another TRU-level retailer, I expect MCU Minimates to go away. I’m not sure it’s worth the extra licensing fees. ☹️
  14. I didn’t see it listed in Previews Toy Chest News email. However, it does list the Bruce Lee Select figure for $150.00, the 1999 Godzilla Vinimate for $80.00, and the Batwoman PVC figure for $9.99 so there may be other oversights.
  15. It's my understanding that DST abandoned the Best of/Greatest Hits assortments. Zach can correct me if I'm mistaken. Either way, if Series 80 offers a way for newbies to jump in and for veterans to gladly add to their ranks via alternate looks (Baghead Spidey, I'm looking at you), that'd be ideal.
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