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  1. Just in time for the third season of Jessica Jones!
  2. Same here. We got a Jewel Minimate six years before Jessica Jones hit Netflix. I don’t think a Hellcat is too much to ask for now that the character’s finally made a relatively comic-accurate appearance on the same show. Her Q-score is higher than ever.
  3. Because we still don’t have a fucking Hellcat Minimate.
  4. I’m halfway through Jessica Jones season 3. Can we get a Hellcat Minimate, please?
  5. LEGO isn’t the issue. Hasbro has the action figure category cornered.
  6. It better be. I ordered one a couple weeks back.
  7. Would Best Buy have helped? DST has a presence there.
  8. If the factory could put the figures in bags, it’d save a little on shipping for DST, too. Maybe not enough to make it worthwhile though. Depends on quantities. Just trying to save Heidi some work. 😉
  9. I’m curious to see what the packaging looks like. I’m also wondering if Luke could order the figures from DST bagged for those who want to save on shipping costs.
  10. I don’t think they’re timing it at all. They don’t seem to have much control over when their products get released.
  11. Barely active! (Hey, Zak!)
  12. You know, back in MY day, an assortment only had seven different Minimates, one of them was a chase figure, and the duplicate wasn’t an army-builder. This wave has NINE characters and our favorite retailer is getting a complementary army-builder 2-pack at an affordable price. You whipper-snappers are spoiled!
  13. I picked up Grey Ghost at my LCS. Still want to get the rest of that wave. As for JLU, I’m still convinced DCC will offer them again with accessories. I’ll wait patiently. If I’m wrong... oh well.
  14. I’ll be surprised if there’s room for extra arms. We may have to resort to borrowing a pair from Polaris.
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