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  1. Almost every Funko Pop! figure has Watcher proportions by design. Maybe put this noggin on a customized Vinimate body.
  2. Makes sense. I just wish it didn't take a global pandemic to get my plastic crack to the pegs.
  3. Will Walgreens even be getting it anytime soon? With Diamond no longer delivering product, that's gotta impact Walgreens and all of specialty, not just comic shops.
  4. The only time I've sought out a Marvel Funko Pop! figure is to cannibalize it for Iron Man accessories. Otherwise, the styles generally don't mix well, in my opinion. Which is why I wish DST would slot ONE Marvel Select figure or ONE Marvel Comic Gallery PVC Diorama to compliment the Minimates line.
  5. A straight black repaint of any Iron Man armor would be a relatively easy custom. I might have to try that. Now I'm hungry for my Iron Man Minimates but they're... sequestered.
  6. Though it's not indicated as such, I always thought this figure was also a Stealth Iron Man.
  7. Same here. But I recall another series being leapfrogged by a special wave (Venom?) and it still showed up. COVID-19 is doing nothing for the uncertainty but it's cool that one of my local Minimates vendors is considered essential and stays open.
  8. Thanks, Zach. That won't keep me from adding it to my collection, of course, and it's probably more attractive to those who never got a chance at it before. As I recall the last one had metallic paint. I'd still love to see vac-metallized parts on some of these armors.
  9. As someone who values a good nap, I thought it was a home run. The designs were ideal for Minimates. X-film continuity has been all over the place for a while. Odd that they chose to remake the franchise's most successful installment.
  10. Slightly off-topic (topic-adjacent?) but I finally got around to watching Dark Phoenix thanks to HBO and some "panda maniac" (?) keeping everyone inside. Anyway, it would have been pretty easy for DST to offer the entire team not unlike Series 60: Cyclops/Beast & Magneto Raven/Storm & Xavier Mystique/Jean & Vuk Quicksilver/Nightcrawler & Red Lotus Oh well. Great film. Missed opportunity.
  11. Ghost seems like he's phasing, like Sue Storm.
  12. Looks good to me. Any word if Stealth Iron Man will be translucent to help set him apart from previous versions?
  13. That would have made for a much more memorable outing. 😁 No, I was just picking up my plastic crack.
  14. Found Black Widow today on a drug run. Hopefully Series 11 isn't far behind.
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