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  1. While I'm happy for Pop! collectors, as a Minimates fan, this just continues to make me sad.
  2. It ain't vehicles and playsets, that's for sure.
  3. MisterPL

    wave 79

    "Due to an internal code error" or something like that.
  4. MisterPL

    wave 79

    So what was the refund for?
  5. That's good news. A fall release should give DST ample time to fit in all the movie characters collectors want most. Wait... What?
  6. Looks like DST is passing on the Black Widow movie license and giving us a comic-based tie-in instead. Mockingbird, please!
  7. Maximum Venom did no lingering in my area. Still waiting on Series 11 though.
  8. MisterPL

    wave 79

    I'm beginning to see why pre-orders for previously cancelled product might have been so low. Or at least perceived by DST as low. No worries, Augie. If DST didn't want people thinking a product was canceled, they shouldn't be adding it to a list they publish as "orderforms/JAN20_Cancel.txt". What's troubling is that you got a refund and were led to believe by a retailer that the product was canceled. I have to wonder how many other times an internal error has led to a product with plenty of preorders being perceived as canceled leading to a stop in production. Is this what happened with Ghost Rider? Classic TMNT? Bruce Lee?
  9. And Minimates are nowhere to be found on
  10. MisterPL

    wave 79

    That Darkhawk. Beautiful plumage.
  11. MisterPL

    wave 79

    This would be a grand time for another toy company to make DST an offer for Minimates. I'd be much more concerned about cancellation if this assortment had been bristling with A-list characters in iconic costumes. Even comic shop owners who know the names might not be familiar with these looks, especially in such a stylized format.
  12. Seriously. Pharmacies have had this "pick-up in store" thing down for a hundred years now. Why is it such a nosebleed for my plastic crack?
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