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  1. MisterPL

    The Alien™ Franchise

    DST should approach Target with an assortment. We’re still one Ripley short (Alien: Resurrection) so she can anchor it. Progressive Target will love the emphasis on the athletic female character. (Make sure to include a basketball.) A brand new xeno in the form of the Runner from Alien 3 will attract veteran collectors. After that add Bishop, Ferro, Clemens, and Dr. Gediman (because Brad Dourif!).
  2. MisterPL

    When are we getting a Stan Lee minimate?

    It was my understanding that likenesses aren’t legally an issue since the portraits are noseless caricatures protected by parody law. Technically, DST could offer a box of “comic book creators” that just happen to look like Stan and Jack and Joe and Jerry. They simply wouldn’t be able to use their names. That said, any attempt to circumvent a proper license to produce anything based on Stan “The Man” Lee (or any other beloved comic book creator) would likely be met with litigation from more than one corner. It simply wouldn’t be worth the effort. Get the license. Tie it to a charity. DST can write it off and those of us who want one can get an official Stan Lee Minimate.
  3. MisterPL

    DC Vinimates

    ... that lights up. Seriously, I've been interested in light-up Minimates for years. Seems like Vinimates could do that.
  4. MisterPL

    The Alien™ Franchise

    They could have easily included Bishop in another Alien 3 assortment. My LCS loved the last assortment. They had no problem selling it because, as the owner told me, "it has lots of Aliens." He'd probably go for youbastards' army dump, too.
  5. MisterPL

    The Alien™ Franchise

    It's epic because it's true. They always leave something waiting in the wings to anchor the next assortment but as we've seen time and time again there are no guarantees. In all fairness, this time I blame TRU. Still, it would have been nice for DST to at least TRY to offer another assortment to retailers. What I do know is that with Alien and Predator going away, I'm buying far fewer Minimates.
  6. MisterPL

    Captain Marvel Movie Minimates

    It may not work well with the sculpted hair anyway.
  7. MisterPL

    Captain Marvel Movie Minimates

    Some neat artwork.
  8. MisterPL

    Captain Marvel Movie Minimates

    If they were making room for a BAM it would have made sense. As it is, I'll be putting a jacket on her. The trick will be that cool design on the back. Fortunately I have access to that art. 😎
  9. The mini-statues are a slightly higher price point and probably enjoy a bigger margin than Minimates. I'm just looking at what Gentle Giant Studios has to offer and wondering, as with any acquisition where there's the perception of duplication, what's staying and what's going. To end consumers they're different products. To retailers who don't have to stock both, one may be more lucrative. To DST... who knows?
  10. I noticed them in the latest email from TOYCHESTnews. Here's Deadpool.
  11. MisterPL

    Wave 78

    How about $5 single packs instead?
  12. MisterPL

    Captain Marvel Movie Minimates

    Goose is a huge deal. I mean, he's not Jar Jar Binks huge but Marvel's putting him on a lot of product.
  13. MisterPL

    Wave 78

    I blame the colors. As much as I love the movie assortments, the comic-based stuff is so toyetically vibrant, it catches the eye. They're like fresh boxes of crayons.
  14. MisterPL

    DC Vinimates

    I've picked up Cthulhu, Iron Giant, and Dr. Manhattan, too. Still on the fence about Godzilla. If DST offered Elasti-Girl from Doom Patrol, I'd be down with that.
  15. MisterPL

    Cover/scene recreations?

    Ka-Zar #1 with Zabu!