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  1. Does Asgard have tigers?
  2. I'm about halfway through Saga Vol. 7 and I'm glad they don't make Minimates because I'd want them all.
  3. I thought the snowfall was digital because it was so perfect.
  4. Martian Manhunter can be any color he wants. So there.
  5. It's not even about age. It's about experience. The JLA was made up of heroes in their prime, folks who knew how to handle themselves. Cyborg was totally green.
  6. Leap-Frog leapt to my mind, too. Looking at the Minimates legs, modifying them wouldn't help. If the knees bend more than 90° it messes with the center of gravity and throws off the balance the figures need to get into that delightful squat. If you want a decent, articulated crouch, it looks like it's the feet that would have to change as well as the head in order to get the figure to look forward instead of down.
  7. That's good to know it's not a universal problem with this release. My previous figures have been fine. I'll just grab another if I can find it again.
  8. Yes. For some reason they decided to jettison a venerable founding member of the original Justice League in favor of a kid whose daddy was apparently the Pixar lamp. Makes no sense to me.
  9. Let's not start confusing a crouch with a squat.
  10. I'm not sure if there's room in the tray but if there was a way to squeeze some extra parts to create an alternate Quicksilver, it'd certainly encourage me to buy two sets. (Assuming there's time to get approval from Marvel.)
  11. Don't forget the trunks.
  12. *eXpected
  13. Hella great.
  14. Fuck you and your tigers! This is a set we've all been waiting for! You know you're buying at least two of these. Do even try denying, you predictable prick.
  15. I'm gonna have to hide this from my daughter or she'll take that Loki to add to her collection.