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  1. If that Cyclops is supposed to be an homage to the cartoon, he'll need a more authentic torso, legs, and flesh hands. I'm guessing he might come with an alternate set of arms so folks can display him without the coat.
  2. Yeah, I liked the BAF quite a bit but I'm somewhat of a completist anyway. Given the sheer size of the accessories in this series (those Phoenix FX aren't small) there probably just wasn't room. I'm not convinced BAFs are done yet.
  3. With a large line like Marvel, this is why "Greatest Hits/Best of" assortments are critical to providing a jumping on point for new collectors. If the most popular characters are always available in their most iconic looks, it'll draw in more consumers. And the Marvel line is massive. No other line of Minimates comes close.
  4. If DST wants to launch a line of DC Minimates with figures based on DCeased, I won't stop them.
  5. And in a move that should surprise no one, Hasbro and Disney have renewed their Marvel and Star Wars agreement.
  6. I have to admit, given how Marvel just got film rights back thanks to Disney's acquisition of Fox, a set of Fantastic Four zombies would be morbidly appropriate.
  7. I know a lot of GI Joe collectors are into the figures but what's always attracted this collector to smaller scale lines is the ability to offer vehicles and playsets. That ability diminishes dramatically as the scale goes up, especially with a mass market line like GI Joe. Snake Eyes looks great, and he's got loads of detail, but now I'm wondering if HasLab's next project will be something to go with these 1/12 scale figures.
  8. How long does a licensed property have to sit dormant before DST picks it up? There seems to be this anti-Goldilocks zone where a property is too recent but not old enough to consider. For example, they're done with Endgame and won't touch Into the Spider-verse or Far From Home. However, they'll expand Star Trek in 2017 to offer figures in 2019 from a movie released in 2013. Just wondering if The Walking Dead still has any legs at all or if it's just rotting in the corner.
  9. Zombies are so five years ago. If Marvel Minimates wants to offer something to hit around Halloween, let's go with something more like this: Or this:
  10. I'm just finding out about this now but apparently a company called Well Played Toys has the Lost in Space license. Not only are they planning 6" and 3 3/4" figures, since they have their own construction sets they're offering blind-bagged mini-figs. Here's what they showed last year. Looking forward to seeing more in a couple days. Oh, and the company is practically located in my backyard. DC Collectibles just changed their name back to DC Direct, so nostalgia is strong. Expectations are lower than ever for Minimates so there's nowhere to go but up.
  11. Then there are things that have been cancelled but BBTS had up for pre-order almost a year later. At this point Diamond should have cancelled and resolicited it.
  12. I'm still waiting for MY comic book Batman to appear onscreen. The closest they've come in live-action was Adam West. And that's not just nostalgia speaking. At the time, he was very close to the source material. I can't blame the actors though. From Keaton through Affleck, they worked with what they were given, however flawed.
  13. If DST thinks the box sets aren't selling then, in the absence of TRU, I'm expecting an assortment. The question is will they go to Walgreens or specialty?
  14. Yeah, I recall the reaction to Beetlejuice being cast as Batman. They even had the lead singer from Oingo Boingo score the film and got Lando Calrissian to play Harvey Dent. At least Jack Nicholson won an Academy Award for his role as Joker. No, wait. That was that cowboy from Brokeback Mountain. Or am I confusing him with that weirdo who played Johnny Cash? Anyway, yeah. Vampire movies and Batman clearly don't belong together. Look what happened when they hired the director of The Lost Boys for those two feature film toy commercials. Cool chest gadget though! I bet it's for throwing. Batman loves to throw things.
  15. DST needs to hurry up. They're falling WAY behind on Batman movie Minimates.
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