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  1. MisterPL

    Animated Marvel 'Mates

    You're not alone, YB. My Minimates momentum is waning considerably, and not just with the Walgreens waves. If it wasn't for some custom fodder I needed from Luke's, I'd be spending my cash elsewhere already.
  2. MisterPL

    TRU Series 26

    How are we numbering this assortment? Is it Walgreens Comic 1?
  3. MisterPL

    What if...?

    Do you mean interesting to retail buyers or end consumers (us)? Because it looks like retail buyers will stock anything with Marvel's most popular characters in the mix, even if they're ridiculously adorned and barely recognizable. I mean, we've gotten two WWII Wolverines. Both are generic soldier bodies with Logan's noggin and popped bone claws. In this context it might as well be "What If GI Joe was a MUTANT?"
  4. MisterPL

    90's X-Men

    That could work. Remember DST's coloring process for animated figures is different for animated 'mates. There'd be no metallic colors (yellow instead of gold). They'd blend in with "Best of/Greatest Hits" though. Given the Fox acquisition, a "Greatest Hits" assortment might be a better place for a Jim Lee comic wave.
  5. MisterPL

    What if...?

    Before Disney we might have had a chance at an official DC/Marvel toy crossover. Licensing is the reason Amalgam Minimates would be more likely offered by Luke as customs. Sorry! Looking at the costumes there are plenty that could probably be QCs but then I thought, hey, these are popular characters. Why not an official assortment? You mean like Spider-Man Noir, Joe Fixit Hulk, and "Patch" Wolverine? The "What If...?" concept fits the Minimates mix & match play pattern perfectly.
  6. MisterPL

    90's X-Men

    Would anyone be interested in a 90s X-Men animated series assortment? Maybe the eight core members and Professor X with one of the members as a BAF? Something in time for Marvel's 80th anniversary next year?
  7. MisterPL

    Predator Minimates

    Or not. When is this boxed set due out again? With an absence of Marvel Animated and Infinity War Series 2 at Walgreens I'm getting itchy for new 'mates.
  8. MisterPL

    What if...?

    After coming across an article about the time Matt Murdock became an agent of SHIELD, I was thinking about an assortment based on Marvel's "What if...?" title. Some of the costume variants are a little confusing (Daredevil's was purple and yellow on the cover but purple and blue in the pages). But even Wolverine was an agent of SHIELD. So was Frank Castle. How about Peter Parker as the Punisher? Or Jane Foster as Thordis? Or The Watcher cosplaying Marilyn Monroe?! It might be an interesting comic-based wave.
  9. MisterPL

    Antman and the Wasp

    Just reminding myself why I'm looking forward to October. With TRU gone and Walgreens continuing to struggle with distribution, is there any chance DST will go back to offering 8-figure movie assortments to specialty? I'm really missing Janet and the Xcon gang. Bill Foster would have made a decent build-a-figure.
  10. MisterPL


    Also cool! The scale is pretty fuzzy but I'm reading a generally consensus that they're 1:1000, same as Ittyblox. Even if they're larger, it seems they'd work well with Minimates.
  11. MisterPL


    After checking out the site, I'm still pretty interested. Finally; NYC real estate that's affordable. The Godzilla 'mates would look pretty sweet in this micro-neighborhood.
  12. MisterPL


    That's way too cool. If only we had some Pacific Rim Minimates to go with them.
  13. MisterPL


    I'd agree that Predator is running out of steam but the new movie could bring in more interest. I don't collect NBX but from what I've seen DST is doing a very good job of milking it. Alien has been harvesting largely from the first two films and only recently tapped into the other four as well as the Alien: Isolation video game. I'd argue there are a few more assortments left in that line. DST does need to continue looking at properties like Buffy. However, they also need to make sure their execution meets expectations and that they can keep the momentum going so collectors don't lose interest. That's a standard for any ongoing line.
  14. MisterPL

    DC Vinimates

    Nope. That's a familiar and slippery slope for me. The only Vinimates I buy are ones that complement my Minimates collection. I know from experience how weak I am, especially when it comes to DC characters. It'd start with Batman, then Robin, then the Super Friends, some more Justice League characters, "Okay, just a few villains..." Nope.
  15. MisterPL


    As someone who watched X-Files religiously, I'd have no problem coming up with a wishlist of recurring characters to complement Scully & Mulder as well as variants of the leads. Hell, Frank Black got his own show! If we ever get a clean Bishop in the Alien line, I'm buying an extra 'mate just to customize for my X-Files collection.