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  1. MisterPL

    wave 77

    That's what sold me on them, too. I had no interest in block figures. The style was fun but they generally seemed pretty restricted when it came to poseability. Then I got my mitts on those 3-inch Trek Minimates and, yeah, I was impressed.
  2. MisterPL

    wave 77

    My addiction started at Target as well. My mother thought it would be cute to buy me toys for my 36th birthday. Six 6-inch Star Trek 'mates later and I was hooked. Thanks, Mom.
  3. The Lego minifigures for The Incredibles are pretty sad. The characters have such different body styles that the Lego body just doesn't lend itself well to that kind of variety. Minimates would be better.
  4. MisterPL

    Toys R Us closing all 800+ US stores

    I'd buy another but I already have three! It's a great piece.
  5. MisterPL

    Infinity War

    Nothing yet at my stores. I make a point of looking elsewhere just in case but so far nada.
  6. MisterPL

    Toys R Us closing all 800+ US stores

    Yesterday I bought the last Minimates 2-pack my store had. From what I could tell the only remaining ‘mates there were two or three Deluxe Alien Spacejockey sets. Otherwise things were as described; the back of the store was barren with stock moved toward the front. 😔
  7. MisterPL

    Minimates price hike?

    Not sure if I'm ready to start paying $12.50 for each 2-pack. Unfortunately there's no way to source manufacturing in the United States since employers, consumers, and retailers have pretty much driven the business overseas.
  8. MisterPL

    wave 77

    Not only that but DST generally doesn't like to repeat the same figure, preferring to retire them in favor of another version. This Doctor Strange should have come with crossed legs and a cape that acts as a stand to simulate levitation.
  9. MisterPL

    The Alien™ Franchise

    At least they've looked into things like playsets. I'd be curious how they determine demand. Are they just asking retailers or are they presenting concept art? Because I'd REALLY like to see concept art!
  10. MisterPL

    Infinity War

    My nearest Walgreens just restocked the first assortment again. Maybe they’re holding the second wave until the Home video release?
  11. MisterPL

    Lord of the Rings Minimates

    Cave Troll and Treebeard Vinimates, please. 😎
  12. MisterPL

    wave 77

    DST may not even be sure yet.
  13. MisterPL

    The Alien™ Franchise

    Ask DST! Or better yet, ask your favorite retailers. If they see enough demand and start asking their sales reps about it, they'll pass along that interest to DST. Remember: DST doesn't sell to us; they sell to the retailers.
  14. MisterPL

    The Alien™ Franchise

    That's a pretty reasonable explanation. So long as my shop gets credit for the two cases they didn't receive all should be good. Thanks again, Zach. 👍