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  1. I'm guessing the yellow Daredevil is DST's excuse not to offer an MCU version like the one that appeared in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law. Not that DST has shown any interest in recapturing the market introduced to Marvel through feature films and Disney+ shows. (Okay. Zombies were thrown a bone with a What If...? SKU.)
  2. Today is the 30th anniversary of DS9. It doesn't appear to be getting much attention from the studio beyond social media. I wonder how the new Playmates line is performing. Target is treating it as an adult collectible, merchandising the figures amongst NECA, Bandai, and Super7. It'll be odd seeing Prodigy toys there.
  3. How would DST find out? In my experience that's what a marketing professional would be tasked with. Would DST come up with digital renders of the Minimates and maybe the packaging to show retailers? Would they offer pre-orders through Previews?
  4. There's no doubt in my mind MacFarlane adores Trek. I agree; the tone shifted in the last season, ironically once the show was put behind the dreaded paywall. 😁 I wouldn't mind seeing him develop an actual Trek series though I'd prefer the aesthetic to be more contemporary. Those late-80s/early-90s production values are another part of the cringe. And yes, I'm missing out. Amazon Prime is one of the streamers I don't have but I keep hearing The Expanse is consistently satisfying.
  5. Yeah, Fox has never done any favors to the genre when it comes to promoting such series. However, I have to take exception with Orville being "very serious." He's got a terrific group of creators who are giving him great Trek material but it still seems like MacFarlane then injects his low-brow humor wherever he can. The tone often feels off and out of place, which is what makes me cringe. It reminds me of having an engaging, philosophical discussion in college and the kid who was the class clown in middle school throws in a fart joke just so he can say he was part of the conversation. Forced humor makes me cringe, like Jar Jar stepping in poop. The material deserves better.
  6. I call The Orville "Cringe Trek." I was totally open to something like Galaxy Quest but Seth MacFarlane's love letter to the franchise is clearly more an homage to early TNG than a parody.
  7. That was my first work for Lucasfilm, yes. An interesting bunch of characters worked at WEG. Good times.
  8. I get it. I used to consider myself a fan of Star Wars until I walked away from Return of the Jedi shaking my head. Then the prequels came and made Episode VI look like The Godfather. Despite my profound disappointment in most of those movies, I found the designs therein to be fun and perfectly toyetic. The Trek fandom has been fractured since the 70s. I happen to be one of those viewers who can enjoy all of it – good and bad – though I'll admit much of it doesn't inspire repeat viewing. (Sorry, Voyager.) Still, as a kid at heart who likes toys based on Star Trek, I'd buy Minimates from any series, even Lower Decks. The point being; you can't please everyone but there's enough content available from this franchise to at least TRY something beyond TOS and a handful of TNG characters.
  9. I was really hoping this guy would be made into a Minimate. That would have made my decade.
  10. Apparently DST is just squatting on whatever Star Trek rights they have left. They haven't said they've lost the license entirely despite other manufacturers clearly developing product in DST's wheelhouse. (Well, except for Minimates.) Maybe they're waiting for new Trek content. You know, other than Discovery, Lower Decks, Picard, Strange New Worlds, and Prodigy.
  11. The latest AskDST indicates they have no intention of going "backwards" with MCU Minimates. 🙄 Zach H.: Will we be seeing more mcu minimates for the movies that just recently came out DSTChuck: I am sorry, there are no plans at this time to go backwards with the Minimates for MCU. Personally, I'd have been content if they'd have picked up where they left off. So much has been skipped...
  12. How about a Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse apology set featuring the Spider-Gang? Miles Morales Peter B. Parker Gwen Stacy Peni Parker Spider-Man Noir Spider-Ham
  13. I imagine this is a particularly challenging time of year to find time and make such an update. It's good of you to make the effort, Ivan.
  14. Every toy line should be so lucky to have such a resource. I never imagined what I started as a "Definitive List" waaaay back on would evolve into the MMDb. Hail Ivan! (And everyone in between!) 🤓👍
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