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  1. Hmmm... Green Arrow (Hawkeye) Atom (Ant-Man) Captain Marvel (Thor) Superman (Captain America) Batman (Iron Man) Red Tornado (Vision) Flash (Quicksilver) Zatanna (Scarlet Witch) Wonder Woman (Black Widow) Hulk has me stumped.
  2. Rupert Thorne is the only one I see having a decent shot because of the sheer number of episodes he was in. He could be the accessory to a villain he hires. I do like the Harvey Dent idea, though I was hoping he'd get an Expressions Pack.
  3. I was thinking Batwoman would be a good choice given their relationship in the comics but Renee wasn't in Mystery of the Batwoman. Pairing her with a villain might work. Clock King and Rupert Thorne both leap to mind because they haven't been done but DCC would probably want a safer bet like Harley disguised as a cop.
  4. That would make an interesting Minimate. I'm picturing a translucent standard body with a skeleton printed on it but with translucent parts to add girth and mass.
  5. Who are the lovable morons of the MCU/616?
  6. That makes me 80% happy. I'm hoping they get around to re-releasing Montoya with someone else. I'm a little concerned about what the new paint apps will be for the others. I doubt they'll be as zany as Kenner's old variants. Hopefully corrected versions.
  7. That makes sense. Just trying to wrap my head around it from an engineering POV. I wonder how much trial and error went into this. It looks terrific!
  8. It’s my understanding that the rigid plastic used on action figure bodies is ABS. The more flexible plastic used on arms, legs, and heads is PVC. If this Maximate is only made of one rigid material, I’m wondering how the ball joints fit into the sockets.
  9. The mechanics, sure, but the materials? PVC?
  10. Are the balls rubber? I'm trying to figure out how the ball sockets are articulated. In order to hold in place, there needs to be some amount of surface tension inside that joint.
  11. What if... I hadn't?! 😲 The big deal with these new Disney+ Marvel shows seems to be that they're coming directly from Marvel Studios, not ABC. IE - bigger budgets, no network constraints, obviously the same faces (and many voices) from the MCU.
  12. Marvel Studios is doing a What If...? animated series for Disney+.
  13. That's not a bad idea for fudging a QC. And honestly, if DST gave us Star Trek EVA suits, I'm the type of collector who'd buy multiples either to outfit an entire Away Team or just put them into lockers in the background of a staging area. I've lost count of how many EVA suits I've got from Alien.
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