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  1. That's definitely the AMT model kit. The Pin Mate set has less detail. Either way, it looks like either would work well!
  2. That's the only one that leapt to my mind.
  3. I doubt the diorama is for Minimates (though that would be cool).
  4. Considering "minimates" would bring up personal massagers on the Walgreens site, I imagine a Google search of "minimates man-thing" could be pretty interesting. Unless someone here can help a newbie out I'd recommend keeping an eye on Luke's Toy Store. He gets some loose figures in every once in awhile.
  5. If it's a set of 'mates from the 1990 movie, I might be back.
  6. Alternate heads will only encourage collectors to buy more than one set. I don't see how DST could come to this decision. It just makes too much sense. #BitterTrekkie
  7. See? That would have made me happy. Great job. 👍
  8. Classic characters aside, I'd have been happy if I could have gotten an X-23 to finish the All-New X-Men.
  9. THAT'S what I'm talking about. 😎👍
  10. Yeah, I heard these are worse than early C3 sets. At least those were scaled for Minimates. Has anyone tried seeing how Minimates scale with Hasbro's 3 3/4" vehicles? I know my Halo Minimates look pretty dang sweet inside most Star Wars vehicles since they're generally so underscaled.
  11. I wouldn't get my hopes up about tigers with this brand. Especially if they ride motorcycles.
  12. He's ridiculously talented as an engineer and an artist. Truly jaw-dropping, inspired work.
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