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  1. Let me know when they offer Ma Hunkel.
  2. Red Guardian won't come with an alternate noggin?
  3. Four movie figures, four comic figures (counting the BAF). Cool.
  4. Interesting and totally understandable. Like offering a 4-pack of Batman Minimates from different flicks but with no guarantee that collectors would ever be offered villains or supporting characters. I'm guessing DST has the Bruce Lee license, not licenses for the individual films. That precludes them from offering product featuring any other characters. (Not that Minimates require likeness rights.)
  5. I don't recall a Gallery PVC that didn't impress me. That entire line seems pretty solid. We need one that's Minimates-compatible. 😎
  6. Bruce Lee is a pretty dynamic character. I'd hope that action figures would do well so given the choice between Minimates and larger vinyl statues or Minimates, fans would go with something poseable. But that's me. Statues probably do better than any category DST offers.
  7. Nice lasso action. The trailer for the first one sold me on a single shot of Diana diving off a cliff into the sea, like it was taken right out of one George Perez's issues. Likewise this one has a shot of Diana hanging gracefully in the air while being catapulted over a tumbling truck. The pose reminded me of Adam Hughes rendering Wonder Woman at her best. I'm there. No more trailers, featurettes, or TV spots for me. Just show me the movie.
  8. The IP just doesn't have the kick it used to. In a situation like this, are Vinimates and Minimates cannibalizing each other?
  9. I'm leaning toward inactive. Or maybe just postponed until the trailer for John Wick 4 hits. In February. 2021. 😎
  10. It's just weird that the president of DST – a self-described Spider-Man fan – passes on Into the Spider-Verse and Far From Home in favor of a comic-based series (featuring characters that had already been offered) but is going to jump at an MCU wave of Black Widow 'mates. Not that there's been much logic to DST's Magic 8-ball. The last comic Taskmaster was almost eight years ago and I'm sure there's a current comic variant that's more interesting and relevant to the film. If someone feels compelled to add a new, improved yellow Daredevil, so be it.
  11. I wouldn't be surprised if we're offered a comic-styled series inspired by the movie. Saves DST the cost of another license and all the headaches associated with meeting launch dates. And at this point, I'm all in favor of more characters and obscure costume variants.
  12. [flash forward to May 2020] Damn. This could have been TWO series! WTF, DST!?
  13. I see at least three Black Widow costumes in that trailer that would make solid variants. This could be much more than another 4-pack. A full series with a build-a-motorcycle is the best approach.
  14. LEGO gets to do the bike because it's not a vehicle. It's a construction set. If DST had the keychain category they could offer the bike as a keychain. As I've said repeatedly, I'm content with a stand that looks like his bike just so I can display my Ghost Rider actually riding his bike. No need for rolling wheels. I doubt anyone has bothered to amend the agreement since it was first laid out by Art Asylum and Toy Biz. Not that it matters since Green Goblin, Silver Surfer, and Professor X all managed to get their "vehicles." We're talking about an accessory to a product, not the product itself. I'm not even sure whose toes would be getting stepped on since I'm having a real hard time time finding Ghost Rider's bike in the 2" scale. But, yeah... Minimates-compatible John Wick vehicles would be nice.
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