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  1. Dang. A guy goes away for a couple of years, and now I'm Howard Hughes... Pretty close, actually. Down in the basement working on something... Pretty sure it's not the biggest thing since the C3 foot though... I get on here maybe once a month or so. Really burnt out on Minimates when the started doing all of the movie stuff. Don't get me wrong. I still love the little blocks. I've even started rebuying some here and there. Definately not as many as I used to. Just the one's that strike my fancy.. I haven't done a whole lot of custom Minimates for awhile. Burnt out. I've been working on a set of figures for myself for the last year and a half. Pretty slow going... Although, I was "talked into" making some new figures for one of our members. Still working on them, I promise. I've got a kid now, and he takes alot out of me. My late night customizing sessions usually end up with me asleep in the chair at my work table. I will have an update "soon"? Hopefully...
  2. Isn't it obvious? This is the year that we finally get the long delayed Power Pack boxset... FINALLY!
  3. Thanks. I really dig your 4th Doctor. It's bizarre there's two Doctors in this contest.
  4. And I've finished my entry... William Hartnell, the first Doctor from Doctor Who. And my source: I always said that if I was going to make a Minimate of him, I'd do it in Black & White, so this contest was a perfect excuse to do it... Thanks Luke.
  5. Just out of curiosity (and my stupidity), is the deadline Saturday NIGHT by Midnight, or Friday NIGHT by Midnight? I think I'll be able to get my entry done either way, but there's some stuff I want to redo? Thanks.
  6. I watched the little clip with him on the BBC's website... I kinda like this kid. He's got a weird, nervous energy about him that I think will follow Tennant well... Has to do something about the hair though...
  7. Hello everyone. Finished just in time for the Indie-Mate contest, I have my entry... Clownface from Jason Pearson's Body Bags. As always, he's in the first post, and in this bloody shade of red... There are tons of pictures of the WIP in my Flickr account, if you're interested:
  8. Finished this just in time... Here's my entry: Clownface from Jason Pearson's Body Bags... Source Art: For those that recognize Clownface from the Legendary Heroes 2-pack, I decided to go with his look from the original series, Father's Day. That is why he has the Red Chucks and no Iron Cross necklace...
  9. Thanks Shamrock. The tie and collar are a seperate piece that goes over the neckpost and is held down by the jacket... I like the way it turned out. I didn't want to just paint on a tie, and this worked out nicely.
  10. I've got a new figure today. It's on the first page in this spirited shade of blue
  11. Thanks guys. It feels good to be making figures again... I don't feel like such a slacker if I'm making "art"... Back today with four new figures that took me way too long to finish... They're all in the DC section in this sinister shade of yellow. Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated.
  12. Hey everybody. I've been a lurker since January, but have finally gotten back into making some new figures. I'm back today with six new figures. Two of them have been seen before, but one of them's finished now... All of my new figures are in the first post, and in purple. Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated... It's good to be back.
  13. Something tells me that the hand in the jar is going to play a part in all of this...
  14. There's a list on (somewhere) with the reported problems with the emulation. When I was looking into getting one, I studied the list pretty hard. Most of the "Big Games" seemed to work fine - Mostly just stuttering during FMV... Ultimately I went with the 60gb. I think that the 80gb are being phased out right now. Not sure of the last time that I saw one in a store. If I remeber correctly the 40gb models do have PS1 compatability, but I'm not for sure... When you're looking at the price of a Blu-Ray player compared to the 40gb PS3, it's a no-brainer to go for the PS3. Why not get a console for free? The only thing is I'm not really impressed with it's DVD upconvert... It looks better, but I can't get it to take up the entire screen. Not sure what the problem is there... It's like it's letterboxed, but on the sides as well as the top... Weird
  15. I'll play. My top 5 for the PSP (in no particular order): 1. LocoRoco - Just outright brilliant 2. Patapon - Quite fun once you get the hang of it 3. Lumines - Great update on a "Tetris-like" game 4. Dead Head Fred - Lots of fun, plus John C. McGinnley! 5. Death Jr. 1 & 2 - Great platformers. Liked the second one better. I like the PSP for puzzle games (mostly). I can't stand to play it for a long time, so it really only gets used at lunch when I can play for about 20 minutes. Honorable Mention: goes to Silent Hill Origins (Sure it's also on PS2, but it broke on PSP). Wasn't sure how they would get the "Feel" of a SH game on a handheld, but they managed to do it well. Just be sure to play with headphones.
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