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  1. I'll bite, but I'd be even more excited if these were based on the video games...
  2. Found series 5 at TRU (Missouri) Friday!
  3. Awesome asst.s! Predator looks complete, now we just need: Nikolai, Stans, Mombassa, Tracker and masked Beserker from Predators. Predator 2 still needs Lost and Boar Pred.s, Leona, perhaps Danny. A King Willie and skinned- corpse would be cool, too! Any chance for a deluxe "trophy wall"?
  4. She'd be an excellent candidate in the event of TRU exclusives...just say'in!
  5. BigBad Toystore has Series 1 (two-packs) up for pre-order.
  6. I was wondering the same, as there's clearly an (empty) spot for one in my tray (under the name-card) as well.
  7. Hmmm, not loving the maskless Pred.s but I understand the tooling-costs involved, so I can accept it. That's definitely a respirator on the BD City-hunter (his armor should be bronze, BTW ). It appears that the left arm shoulder armor is a sculpted piece on both. They've boosted the Pred.s' height (which is good) via the foot/shin armor and loin-guard. This works on City-hunter, but not so much on Jungle-hunter. In effort to conceal J-h's torso extension, his cod-piece appears too long and the loin-cloth will certainly restrict movement. I was expecting J-h's thigh armor to be separate slip-covers on the legs (disappointing), but am pleasantly surprised that his bone-trophies are sculpted (yay) rather than tampoed. I presume that there are more accessories that we're not seeing: C-h's spear and smart-disc (hopefully it will peg onto the thigh holster), Billy's gun, Colin's scalpel, and perhaps a few surprises. All-n-all a decent asst., though I'd have liked to see a bit more variety amongst the Pred.s (P2 "lost-clan" or Ps "super-pred.s"). Here's hoping that the 2-packs don't contain too many repeats as there're a lot of characters to cover!
  8. "Anytime". I cannot wait to finally see how the Predator is constructed!
  9. I actually hope the success of both Aliens and Predator lines leads to an eventual merger. Say what you will about the quality of the AVP films, but there were some great creature designs. Wolf is possibly the most bad-assed Yautja despite starring in the worst film in the franchise! No humans necessary other than maybe the lead female from AVP.
  10. Not to mention that the flame bits can then be added to Frost to recreate when trigger-happy Dietrich accidently frys his poor ass! Yes, I very much like this variant.
  11. Zach already confirmed in reply to one of my previous posts that series 2 would be comprised of Bishop, Newt, Frost, Crowe, and another Ripley and that there'd likely be another TRU wave. By my count that only leaves Ferro and Gorman (amongst Xeno variants like incinerated Alien) to be made from Aliens. It's safe to say that we'll get the full cast if Spunkmeyer and Crowe are done. I'm personally more concerned with completing my Alien cast. Anything beyond that (Alien3, etc.) is gravy IMO.
  12. Sweet! Though by my count, that only leaves Ferro and Gorman. Unless we're talking variations of previous characters, I can't imagine what surprises you have in store! I can't wait!
  13. Huh, I would've bet Hudson and Vasquez would be the Series 2 equivilent of Hicks and Drake. Not that I'm disappointed to get them sooner, I just figured TRU would get the same but with the Frost/incinerated Alien and Crowe/Alien that we saw previously replacing Dietrich/Colonist and Apone/Alien. What happened to those 'mates? I hope they're still planned. So TRU's Ripley and Hicks are split-up and paired with Aliens?
  14. Hmmm, while I still think sculpted mandibles are the way to go, I can understand wanting to reduce the amount of toolings (even if they could be reused multple times for Lost Clan, etc.). The profile may look odd, but I suspect a brow-forehead/dread cap will suffice. However won't each mask variation require separate toolings, or are the plans to utilize one headsculpt with the unique masks being separate pieces? That could be a cool way to kill two birds with one stone if done right. Just a suggestion! That was how I imagined them, but it may still work. We'll see. I'm more concerned with sculpted details and overall silhouette (stature, proportions, etc.). If they put as much care into these as with the Alien/s Xenos (despite slight inaccuracies), I think we're in for a treat!
  15. Technically the 3" carded Star Trek from Target were my first, but I vividly remember how excited I was when they announced the Marvel line in 2"! The wait seemed like an eternity from announcement to release. In fact, I'm pretty sure that I purchased the TRU 5-packs before my series 1 preorder finally arrived at my LCS.
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