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  1. I know my bro would love to get a Mazinger Z Minimate, As for I want an Alien one.
  2. I just bought the Mark V and War Machine, I'm glad I finally got me a WM but it seems so cluter Should have got Wave 23 Warmachine even though it Tony and not Rhodes, but the Mark V was pretty cool Matalic Red.
  3. I hope TRU gets this Line I missed my chance when first movie's line was release I really want to get my hands on a Warmachine Mate.
  4. My List Marvel Ironman Dr.doom Hulk Thing Punisher Blade Susan richards Powerhouse thing Spider-Man(SM3) New Goblin Ultimate Ironman Ultimate Hulk Darktide set Cyclops Wolverine Juggernaut Magneto Street Fighter/Darkstalkers Lilith Demitri M.bison Chun-li DC Steel Cyborg Superman Batgirl Bane Stargirl S.T.R.I.P.E. Battlestar Galactica Lieutenant Boomer Cylon Cannon Centurion Cylon 5 Pack Set "Valley of Darkness" Cylon Battle Damaged Cylon Cylon Centurion "Downloaded" Cylon Cylon Cannon Centurion The Spirit Spirit Sand Saref The Octopus Silken Floss Wow! 37 Mates didn't know I had that many well its going to be 41 next week when I get Extremis IM, Titanium Man, Red Tornado & Ma Hunkel if the Holiday rush didn't get them.
  5. I was going to a buy a pack of Handful in Wal-Mart but Wal-Mart being Wal-Mart lines we're long so I desided to wait for it Bad mistake next week didn't see anymore
  6. Getting Minimate Verson of the Evil Dead Cast would be cool Ash,Evil Ash and the deadites it would be awsome.
  7. I envy you you got Ultimate Ironman and The Hulkbuster Ironman I recelty started collecting Heroes From Transformers,Marvel,and G.I.Joe I lurv my Nova Hero.
  8. I liked this show one of the very few Reason I still watch cartoon Network
  9. Nice board I wish I had that board for my New Goblin
  10. 6 Modern Cylons does boomer count?
  11. my screen name is from a character from sd gundam force and same thing as my screen name its just a gundam snake ninja
  12. it usely matters how much money I have mostly I buy two pack which means I get four minimates
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