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  1. Nothing in Northern California yet.... but we always get that stuff last. Not much restocking going on at my TRU - more like restoration at this point.

    This store looked like it was mauled by about 1000 hyperkinetic second graders during a 7.8 earthquake. Hopefully some new stock shows up soon

  2. My submissions:

    1.BEST MINIMATE: Hulkbuster Iron man, Lockjaw, Statue of Liberty

    2.WORST MINIMATE: Battle Ravaged Spiderman, Klaw, Menace

    3.BEST ACCESSORY: Lockheed, GB: World of the Psychic Hairless Cat, Resistance Soldier Backpack & cannisters

    4.WORST ACCESORY: Professor X Blanket, Atlantean Soldier Oversized Gun, Doc Ock's Wonky Arms

    5.BEST ACCESSORIZED MINIMATE: MAX Special Ops, Max Law Enforcement, Max Fire (all)

    6.BEST WAVE OR BOXED SET: GB Slimeblower Boxset

    7.WORST WAVE OR BOXED SET: Spiderman Friends & Foes

    8.BIGGEST SLEEPER- "didn't see that one coming" - unexpectedly good, an unsung hero: Statue of Liberty, Rachel Summers, Minimates Max Red Jet

    9.BEST VARIANT- BTTF Rad Suit Marty McFly

    10.WORST VARIANT- Battle Ravaged Spiderman

    11.SEXIEST MINIMATE: 90's Rogue, Black Queen Jean Grey, Rachel Grey

    12.BIGGEST PAIN IN THE ASS TO OBTAIN: Hulkbuster Iron man

    13.BEST FACIAL EXPRESSION- Statue of Liberty, Viggo the Carpathian (Alternate Head), Shadowcat

    14.BEST HAIRPIECE Black Queen Jean Grey, Secret Wars Storm, Creature from the Black Lagoon

    15.BEST MINIMATE VEHICLE: (tie) BTTF TRU Exclusive DeLorean & Halo TRU Exclusive Warthog

    16.MINIMATE IN MOST NEED OF AN UPDATE- any mate from your collection that is in desperate need of a cosmetic overhaul/update: Witchblade,

  3. Got my series 1 set and a dump case. Seeing how varied the IM2 dump case was ( a lot of collectors got different ratios of mates per case), I thought we could see if DST got their act together with their QC. Here's the breakdown of my dump (case that is):

    Elite Assault armour (gold) x 1

    Elite Assault (khaki) x 2

    ODST (olive) x 2

    CQB Spartan (cyan) x 3

    Mark VI Spartan x 4

    Anybody else get the same or something way off?

    My set matches that.

    and finally i now have enough master chefs to do this:


    Anybody care to show me how to fit six figures into a Warthog? (As promised on the packaging.)

    Yeah - I was wondering that myself - 6 seems a little over-the-top

  4. Yeah - I've noticed that TRU has been raising prices on many things for the holidays - likely to support all those sales and coupons that they are throwing out there...

    Lego minifigs, WWE wrestlers and Star Wars all increased about 25% in the last month... Fortunately the minimates have taken only a slight increase, comparatively

  5. POTC, Tron, and Rocketeer would be nice and I would buy all of those, but MY ideal Disney property would be The Black Hole!


    A couple of exclusive boxsets is all you would need:

    Set 1:

    - V.I.N.CENT

    - Dr. Hans Reinhardt

    - Dr. Alan Durant

    - Capt. Dan Holland

    - Robot Drone

    Set 2:

    - Dr. Kate McRae

    - Old B.O.B.

    - Harry Booth (we need an Ernest Borgnine 'mate!)

    - Lt. Charlie Pizer

    - Maximilian

    V.I.N.CENT is one of my favorites - I've been trying to find a reasonably priced Mego or Kubrick figure, but that hasn't happened.

    I'd really like to see a minimate version.

  6. Prices are up everywhere...

    Individual SW and Marvel Universe figures are about $7.99/ea at the major retailers now - if you catch a sale you might get 2 for $10. In fact, I paid $8.99 at Walmart for a marvel Universe 3.75" figure last week. 2 figures for $9 is still a pretty good deal - especially when you look at Kubrick's @ $10/ea or $20/pr. Other figure multipacks are $12/pr or $20+ for 3-4. Don't get me started on the vehicle price comparison - $12/ea isn't too bad

  7. I stopped by TRU yesterday and they had just put these out so I grabbed both jets and a Delorean. Something was out of place when I opened them though. The extra hands and hair piece for the MAX pilot was included with the Delorean, not the MAX Jet?!? Is anyone else seeing this problem?

    Yeah, I got the Delorean last week and it had those extra hands and hair too.

    Me too... i thought they were extras for the alternate version Delorean & Rad Suit Marty and that DST was packaging a generic parts & instructions kit with both versions

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