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  1. Nothing in Northern California yet.... but we always get that stuff last. Not much restocking going on at my TRU - more like restoration at this point. This store looked like it was mauled by about 1000 hyperkinetic second graders during a 7.8 earthquake. Hopefully some new stock shows up soon
  2. My submissions: 1.BEST MINIMATE: Hulkbuster Iron man, Lockjaw, Statue of Liberty 2.WORST MINIMATE: Battle Ravaged Spiderman, Klaw, Menace 3.BEST ACCESSORY: Lockheed, GB: World of the Psychic Hairless Cat, Resistance Soldier Backpack & cannisters 4.WORST ACCESORY: Professor X Blanket, Atlantean Soldier Oversized Gun, Doc Ock's Wonky Arms 5.BEST ACCESSORIZED MINIMATE: MAX Special Ops, Max Law Enforcement, Max Fire (all) 6.BEST WAVE OR BOXED SET: GB Slimeblower Boxset 7.WORST WAVE OR BOXED SET: Spiderman Friends & Foes 8.BIGGEST SLEEPER- "didn't see that one coming" - unexpectedly good, an unsung hero: Statue of Liberty, Rachel Summers, Minimates Max Red Jet 9.BEST VARIANT- BTTF Rad Suit Marty McFly 10.WORST VARIANT- Battle Ravaged Spiderman 11.SEXIEST MINIMATE: 90's Rogue, Black Queen Jean Grey, Rachel Grey 12.BIGGEST PAIN IN THE ASS TO OBTAIN: Hulkbuster Iron man 13.BEST FACIAL EXPRESSION- Statue of Liberty, Viggo the Carpathian (Alternate Head), Shadowcat 14.BEST HAIRPIECE Black Queen Jean Grey, Secret Wars Storm, Creature from the Black Lagoon 15.BEST MINIMATE VEHICLE: (tie) BTTF TRU Exclusive DeLorean & Halo TRU Exclusive Warthog 16.MINIMATE IN MOST NEED OF AN UPDATE- any mate from your collection that is in desperate need of a cosmetic overhaul/update: Witchblade,
  3. My set matches that. Anybody care to show me how to fit six figures into a Warthog? (As promised on the packaging.) Yeah - I was wondering that myself - 6 seems a little over-the-top
  4. For anyone interested, SciFi Genre has the singles for sale individually:
  5. though it would be involved, I suggest creating all the categories and then having nominations from the floor, with at least one other member to second the nomination. Once the list is compiled, everyone votes
  6. Those 5th Element mates are outstanding... very well done.
  7. Yeah - I've noticed that TRU has been raising prices on many things for the holidays - likely to support all those sales and coupons that they are throwing out there... Lego minifigs, WWE wrestlers and Star Wars all increased about 25% in the last month... Fortunately the minimates have taken only a slight increase, comparatively
  8. These finally showed in Northern California this afternoon - though no Warthog.
  9. Well - based on today's minimate Q & A, any talk of another boxset or completion wave with GB1 Janine and others is pretty much done. On the RGB (which doesn't really excite me).
  10. These finally made a showing in Northern California today
  11. I wonder if Pirates are on hold until Spring/Summer to coincide with the likely resurgent interest in pirates that will coincide with the release of POTC: On Stranger Tides (which may also be the POTC/Jack Sparrow hint we saw snuck into the Lego exhibit at SDCC.
  12. I still can't wait for the MAXX pirates - I like the idea of Navy (with a small zodiac boat?) and I also think divers would be interesting...
  13. I scraped together a whole set over the last week - though I was surprised to see that on my last visit there was only 1 police set left - these flew off the shelves in my area
  14. V.I.N.CENT is one of my favorites - I've been trying to find a reasonably priced Mego or Kubrick figure, but that hasn't happened. I'd really like to see a minimate version.
  15. Sorry for the thread Necro but wanted to throw out that AFX is blowing out the Cyberdyne exclusives @ $2.99 ea (the IM2 Battle tactics is also on sale for about 1/2 off) Sadly, these deals are probably best if you're scooping up some of the NYCC exclusives - because AFX is not exactly gentle when it comes to shipping charges. Linkage
  16. I read that and saw the clips... seeing him as Marty looked like a wierd, alternate reality version of BTTF
  17. Prices are up everywhere... Individual SW and Marvel Universe figures are about $7.99/ea at the major retailers now - if you catch a sale you might get 2 for $10. In fact, I paid $8.99 at Walmart for a marvel Universe 3.75" figure last week. 2 figures for $9 is still a pretty good deal - especially when you look at Kubrick's @ $10/ea or $20/pr. Other figure multipacks are $12/pr or $20+ for 3-4. Don't get me started on the vehicle price comparison - $12/ea isn't too bad
  18. These showed up in Northern California this week
  19. Thanks for the links... I got my set ordered without the customary running around
  20. I think Luke said that 9/29 is the new release date
  21. Nothing here on the West Coast yet either... but if the other waves are any indicator, we may have a couple of weeks
  22. I think these are still available online at TRU.
  23. Yeah, I got the Delorean last week and it had those extra hands and hair too. Me too... i thought they were extras for the alternate version Delorean & Rad Suit Marty and that DST was packaging a generic parts & instructions kit with both versions
  24. Looks like DST updated their Summer shipping dates
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