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  1. Looks like Free Shipping on the SDCC exclusives at also.... I got my set.
  2. My In-laws bought that for my son... it's not all that spectacular.
  3. These hit the West Coast yesterday - I found Wave 10(minus Nemesis) + Halo wave 2 & Captain America. Of course they arrive 2 days after I get them by mail
  4. Fixed. I had TRU look these up along with first class x-men. Based on the computer, they were due to arrive in the DC and expected in stores about end of May (based on typical shipping times)
  5. and lots of others are getting 1-2 day delivery. That sucks you have to wait so long. I hate UPS, because they definitely take their time, to make sure you know you didn't pay for anything faster... sometimes stuff just sits at a warehouse in the area for a day or two to make sure you don't get service you didn't pay for.... That being said, that UPS-USPS hybrid service really pisses me off too... the tracking is so hit-or-miss if you can find the special UPS portal that tracks those packages - the std UPS thing doesn't work. Hate to say it, but for the cost, Priority Mail is almost the best deal going
  6. I got a set ordered without any issues - Oddly enough - a few days ago I was thinking about the way used to take pre-orders and that it had stopped as of late.
  7. Is anyone else conjuring images of Eric Cartman so engrossed in playing Warcraft on a computer, that his mom brings a bucket for him to take a dump? (from the episode Make Love, not Warcraft)
  8. My kids had a number of the Castle sets with the landscape plates as well as the POTC sets (most of which we bought on clearance) - sadly, megabloks do not secure as well as lego and we often had issues with bases disintegrating, unless they were built on a solid piece of wood. too many of the megabloks pieces have sporadic placement of the connecting points to be of much use. Not sure that that I'd bother buying any more sets, given how unusable they are compared to lego
  9. After the number of times that fan polls have ben snuffed in the Q & A, I can't really say that this should come as a surprise.
  10. I picked up a single pack Undertaker, and got the HHH/Big Show pack to decorate a cake at a Wretlemania party last weekend... otherwise, these look and play like superhero squad/Galactic buddies - definitely preschool aged toys. I saw a commercial for the ring, which is a cross between hungry hungry hippos and wrestling - you just pound on paddles that make everything in the ring bounce, until the figures are ejected - lame! Minimate wrestlers would be interesting, but given the the wrestlers' moves and positions, i think they would not be articulate or sturdy enough to pull it off.
  11. Packaged pics of TRU product up at the AA site: These look pretty nice
  12. Perhaps, to celebrate Minimate Inquisition day, we should market the Minimate Q & A Magic 8 ball, with all the stock answers to Q & A questions. Answers would include: All signs point to No retailer Interest It is doubtful Nothing Planned for 2011 - Try again later Never Say Never Cannot predict now - but it's something we have considered Better Not Tell you now Don't count on it - our current license doesn't allow that Blah Blah Blah Cost to Produce Blah Blah Blah My sources say: "We have no plans to go forward with that" No Kang.
  13. I can see DST's point, that Trek may be a slow mover right now. I think that has a lot to do with the fact that most retailers are still trying to liquidate all that lousy Playmates Trek product - especially since so many people got stung by the incomplete waves and that build-a-bridge mess. Playmates notwithstanding, other non-Playmates ST product has also been pretty sluggish. One specific example, are the Hotwheels ships, which tanked and stalled - I thought those should have been a solid seller. Moreover, the Comicbook store-dominated specialty market often does not embrace the non-comic licenses. I have found many stores that will not stock 'mates, other than Marvel or DC. On the other side of the coin - look at all the other Trek novelty product that is on the market - 3 types of cologne, enterprise bottle openers and pizza cutters, bobbleheads, potato heads and so on (not to mention that DST seems to be going strong with ship replicas, props and retro figures).... classic trek especially still appears quite viable. Sometimes I wonder if DST has set its expectations for retailer interest a bit high
  14. I was finally able to see one of these first hand and pick it up today - I was very surprised with how well the inside was designed and like the lids that fit tight so that the figures and pieces don't spill. It's infinitely impracticle for the vast array of minimates I have, but it's nice to have one with the Battle Beast figure.
  15. I like these a lot - DST's Femme Fatales themes statues have always been really nice looking - but too expensive to be able to collect - glad we're getting mini versions. Also very happy to see that Tarot managed to make it into this collection - I hated to see that line scrapped
  16. Though I always thought of RGB as a cheap commercialized rip-off of the GB movies, I do like the way the mates look and will most definitely pick these up. As for Knight Rider - it's definetley an interesting direction, but given that the recent, re-imagined, spin-off tanked, I think that KITT may end up chauffering Axel Foley, Don Corleone and Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose to the minimate graveyard. I do hope I'm wrong, 'cuz I'd definitely pick one up if it ever made it to production. KITT does beg an interesting question - what might round out the next series of vehicles? Dukes of hazzard isn't a bad guess. Smokey & the Bandit might also fit into the stunt-car genre. As far as cheesy, 80's, vehicle-based TV shows go... Airwolf anyone?
  17. The imperial flagship is a nice looking set but at $200 + shipping it's pretty steep. Cost or not, I will have to get the Queen Anne's Revenge and will be financially doomed if they throw the Black Pearl, Dauntless or Flying Dutchman into the mix
  18. Here is a link to some newly released pics of POTC product including POTC Lego - They are supposed to include past movies, as well as On Stranger Tides. The Queen Anne's revenge is a must have - the other sets are equally nice
  19. The 12" GI Joe from teh 60's & 70's are some of my favorites, when it comes to outstanding attention to detail on accessories. I don't know if you've seen one of the vintage books that talked about foxholes and camp setup, but those were great.
  20. Only TRUs I've seen them showing up at are in the Eastbay.Like Pleasant Hill..Pittsburg or Pinole. thanks for the heads up. but damn, that's one hell of a trip just to buy these suckers... I grabbed the Wolvie/Magneto set in pinole and one of the sets of exclusives from the Pleasant Hill TRU a few weeks back - have not seen these in Pittsburg yet except a single spidey/dr. lizard set that looks like it was returned from another store. They are recovering from inventory and haven't really restocked in weeks. They are supposed to get a shipment today.
  21. Though the specialty store packs are the way to go - TRU reaches a much wider market for those who don't frequent comic stores, don't have access to a good comic book store and/or don't buy extensively online (like so many of us). Without cannibalizing the specialty market (by selling the same products) - this seems like a good way to get products into a market that would otherwise have been missed
  22. I remember Adventure People. Pretty cool and versatile - what they lacked in articulation, they made up for in accessories and vehicles.
  23. As we know - He-Man, Thundercats, Transformers & modern GI Joe (1980's on) were properties that were conceived exclusively to sell a (mainly action figure) toy line. I don't see too many other companies being allowed to develop action figures outside of the license owner. As for DC... they may come back... but I wouldn't hold my breath, especially since I'm sure they have so many other wonderful concepts (like Blammoids) that they need to fail in the market.
  24. which, by the way, is a really cool die cast car for that scale. it took a while to get my hands on one of those
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