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  1. No, her hair actually sits lower and looks normal. I didn't notice that it was sitting a bit high until you mentioned it.
  2. Dukes of Hazzard is a wave in itself - General Lee, Roscoe's Sheriff Car & Daisy's Jeep (or Boss Hogg's Caddy).
  3. Sorry that I couldn't blow off work and collecting a paycheck and all to get these posted sooner.. Some quick notes: All the mini-babes are built like 2-d Victoria's secret models with "ample" detail. Anne Bonnie: A nice add to the Calico Jack series - pictured are the FF2 version (black hair) as well as the version packaged with the Vendetta. The both come with a coiled "cat" and cutlass. The are virtually identical, save the color. The version packed with the mini vehicles has the peg holes in the legs badly butchered like the were bored out with an xacto knife so the boots cannot stay on and will need glue. Little Red Riding Hood: Very nice and original character with satchel. Very close to a hot, mini-version of Abby Sciutto from NCIS. Alice: Nice graphics, no accessories - overall well done, but unremarkable. Medusa: Very nice paint detail. Arm gauntlets are a re-use (From Ice Giants and Atlantian Soldiers(??) Equipped with a sword (And for those that will most certainly ask... only Medusa left the house without underpants) I did my best on the pics...
  4. I'll try to get some pics up when I get home from work - I think this is another nice set. Interesting that the packaging says that the Medusa charactar is actually a villian in the Calico Jack Storyline
  5. This is pretty exciting news. I'm still enjoying the POTC ships and sets. I wonder if we will see video games for Lego LOTR as well.
  6. I grabbed the TRU set online - the local store looks like it's under siege, and I'm not waiting to see if they make it or even if they get to the right place in the store.
  7. TRU in Pittsburg, CA is still pretty well stocked with these too...
  8. I think that sticker tht we have all wondered about that is included in all the sets, might be the hood-mount circuit box for a BTTF III product
  9. These hit the TRU in Pittsburg (Northern California). I grabbed a full set w/o any problem
  10. My LCS didn't get these or the Series 2 vehicles. Was the release split geographically?
  11. These are amazing - I can't wait to get my hands on those
  12. Unless this screw up gets passed down to the series 2 boxsets.
  13. Has there been any news on the release of the Dracula & Frankenstein boxsets? I've been holding off on the non-exclusives @ TRU for those sets?
  14. They've had it available for a while, but collectibles never seem to qualify. I'd bet that items that come in assortments - especially those with the same SKU#'s, are too difficult to manage this way. I'd use it, but I doubt it will ever be available
  15. My wife was at Sun Valley in Pleasant Hill - No Dice.
  16. Yeah - I had to have the Warthog with the Guass gun - I'll end up letting my kids have the duplicate figures
  17. It's still about 50-50. The last mates I got came in several boxes ( 1 pk per box). Last nite my Wave 11 exclusives arrived together in an envelope - 1 of the packages a little squashed.
  18. I never used to collect figures this scale because the likenesses were so off, but they've really stepped things up with some of these Vintage Collection figs. This Han is a spot-on Ford, and the Bespin and Dagobah Lukes are pretty great too. I saw something about a Bespin Leia being in the works, hope she's also at this level. Between this line and the 30th Joes, Hasbro's getting a lot more of my money than they used to! I like this scale and have a particular fondness for it - especially the Vintage stuff - because I am probably one of the few on this board who was actually around to get figures in this packaging during the first go - when Kenner was selling these. I still have the original R2-D2, C-3PO, Yoda, and an army of Jawas.
  19. Pirate ship and the rest of the vehicles showed up on the West Coast today
  20. Yeah - I can see that. A lot of the Saga figures are on clearance at a local Walmart because they are just repackaged versions of figures that have already been released. I really look for neat Clone Wars characters or better versions of some of my characters in the form of the Vintage Collection. I really like the added articulation and the cloth robes and accessories. I only collect 1 set of characters for the most part - having every version of every series is a little too much for me to deal with, so I always look to replace/upgrade the pieces I have with a slightly better version.
  21. I've been a little disappointed tht there has been virtually no new product for the SW 3.75" line. Even the stuff I found last week was dominantly past waves
  22. I'm not sure how wide-spread this is, but I went to my local Target a couple days ago and they finally stocked the Classic Vintage figures across several waves. I scored the Logray figure I was looking for and found that it rang up as $4.49 as did all the other figures. As far as I can tell, this isn't clearance but maybe a temporary price drop. Check it out if you are looking to stock up - I went back and got several more figures for that price
  23. Well crap. Looks like I'll need to stalk eBay... This isn't a bad place to start, given the prices that the bids are starting at as well as the $40 Buy it Now auctions
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