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  1. There was a press release on Collider back in Feb. It stated that they had acquired the license after Playmates lost it, and that they would be not only producing the Kre-O line, but also Star Trek roleplaying toys, as well as other unannounced products. It's just been speculated by every toy source that 3 3/4" is a no brainer, its just Hasbro's thing. I think we'll probably see more info once Toy Fair and SDCC rolls around.

    I also apologize for not posting a link, but I'm using my iPad and I can't get this thing to copy and paste to save my life.

    It would be great to see a 3 3/3" line, but I'm going to be really pissed off if I run down a wave of characters to find that I can't get a full crew because the subsequent waves got cancelled.

  2. The thing that any toy licensee could capitalize on is the uniformity of the costumes. You sculpt one Away Team jacket and it's good for everybody. That would be a good way to offer Minimates like Pike and Spock from "The Cage" again; just put them in Away Team gear with extra pieces to make bridge versions as well.

    I was huge into Playmates back in the day but they made some decisions that still irk me.

    - The original Riker figure came in a battle-damage uniform. Later releases saw the same sculpted damage cheaply painted over (like we weren't supposed to notice).

    - The hip articulation was great for pornographic dioramas and little else. Thanks to the V-cut, the figures couldn't even sit properly in their bridge chairs without looking like they were visiting an OB/GYN.

    - Because the emitting beams were sculpted to the phasers, weapons looked like bad light sabers.

    - The First Contact figures were inexplicably an a 6" scale. They looked great but were terribly out of place with the rest of the 5" line.

    But they did offer some fun playsets and vehicles along with a wide variety of characters from most of the TV series and some films. I still have the Galileo from TOS and the bridge and transporter from TNG. I always wished the figures were in the 3 3/4" scale so I could have that Star Wars/Star Trek crossover. When the last movie came out I found it hard to believe that the same company that had delivered such a successful Trek line in the past had failed to do so years later.

    I have high hopes for DST's Minimates. I know the new films are bringing in new fans, people who had never given Trek a second glance but are now going back and watching the previous films and shows. With any luck that will translate into big bucks for this latest incarnation of Trek 'mates.

    I collected most of these but was just so overwhelmed by all of the variants and my disappointment that the ST:Generations lines had no articulation. I sold most on ebay, with a few exceptions

    It's hard to believe those came out 20 years ago.

    I replaced that collection with the AA/DST 9" characters (s well as BSG.) because there is no comparison in detail, but I have hung onto the 6" First Contact & DS9 figures

    For reasons that are purely related to my childhood, I have also been recently scooping up the retro cloth figures and bridge set

    I hated the Playmates toys for the recent Trek movie, but bought them because I wanted the bridge set - which turned out to be another disappointment.

    Looking forward to more Trek minimates

  3. Star Trek Mirror Mirro 2-pk is came out this week.

    Nice replicas, though I think these were manufactured by a different company for DST - like the Pike retro figure, the texture of the heads is different.

    BTW: if you have the ST;TNG set, there was an packagin error when those shipped a few months ago - you can write DST to get the phaser and belt that should have been included.

  4. TRU munsters exclusives showed up in Northern California this morning -

    Hoping the rest of the family isn't just a cruel tease... like the Mummy boxset.

    1. We never, ever said we were making the rest of the Munsters family (that "maybe" I gave is pretty much the first, and far from official), so it's unfair to call it a tease, let alone a cruel one. The Koach is in the vehicles line, and vehicles only come with one Minimate, usually. I think we may be on record as saying we wanted to follow it up with a Drag-U-La, but we'll see if those 400 Koaches per store sell well.

    2. The Mummy boxset fiasco was far from intentional, so I don't think cruel applies there, either. We always intended to make it, and were legitimately disappointed when we couldn't due to a factory mix-up.


    noun \ˈsär-ˌka-zəm\

    Definition of SARCASM

    1: a sharp and often satirical or ironic utterance designed to cut or give pain

  5. These are about 8" tall, as were the original Mego (and similar in size to DST's cancelled line of ST, ST;TNG and Stargate figures.

    We had bunches of the DC guys when I was growing up too, including Batman, Penguin, Joker, Aquaman, Superman, Robin. I noticed the DC remakes' hands are different than I remember, and they don't come with the vinyl gloves anymore - I used to think the Batmobile was great.

    I'm really disappointed that DST cancelled the Rand and Chapel figures and I'm still hunting for the re-issue Romulan and Khan exclusives

  6. Bought Egon but returned it when I couldn't find the other three. Never saw twilight zone ones in store either. Missed opportunity. ):

    I rounded a lot of that set up at Marshall's for $9.99. Got the TRU exclusive with Janine, slimer and Samhain on clearance for $17.98 at TRU - it comes with a 2-story, firehouse facade out of cardboard.

    I passed on Twilight zone, though I came close a couple of times

  7. I've been collecting the old Mego-style Star Trek Retro figures and bridge set. Anyone have fond memories of those sets from childhood? These were some of my favorite toys growing up.

    I'm happy that I was able to get the whole bridge crew now.

    I also ordered the Mirror Mirror Spock & Kirk set as well as the Star Trek:TNG set with Picard and Borg - hope to see more.

    Also out are Real Ghostbusters, Planet of the Apes, Six Million Dollar Man, Twilight Zone, Universal Monsters, BSG and, of course, remakes of the old DC superheroes.

    Anyone else collecting these?

  8. Only 1 case has showed up at the local TRU so far. I scooped up the last Glen set and an extra Rick set, but the Shane pack was cleaned out.

    I visited numerous times hoping for a re-stock, with no luck until the Shane set appeared on the shelf.

    Since the rest of the stock hadn't changed, I can only a ssume that it was re-stocked after being returned or found somewhere else in store.

    However it happened, At least I'm set on this wave.

  9. Just bought the Queen Anne's Revenge pirate ship playset at Walmart - on clearance - for $15!! Couldn't pass it up!

    Me 'mates look terrific on board! If you ask me, minimates are better-scaled to this ship than the POTC figures are! Plus there's plenty of room for all of them! Which is also the downside - this thing is nearly 3 feet long and easy 18 inches high. I've got a nice OSM Astro-Nautilus/kraken climbing up the side to boot!


    I would go back to Walmart, Target and TRU and scoop up a couple of the blackbeard/cannon deluxe packs while they are still cheap and available. That's what we did for my son so he could fill up the upper and lower desks with cannons. otherwise, you have to shuffle the one that was included around.

    The other deluxe packs also integrate into the ship.

    Its a nice size for Minimates, but if I were to do it, the sails, rigging and paint would need work. Playmobil makes far nicer, close-to-minimate scale ships, though you can't touch the new Lego POTC for detail.

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