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  1. I've gotten a little tired of "The chase" as it were. If I happen by a TRU. I will stop and look around, but I no longer go on the elaborate road trips to see what's out there. In fact, everything usually shows up at the store in my backyard eventually - I have never really benefitted from preempting the shipments here by driving 35 miles. I've recently realized that it's much the same with I've just learned to be patient and save the gas

  2. I would actually buy the Comic Book Men, which I enjoy more than any of the Smith movies.

    No doubt... I like the Comic Book Men a lot. Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back was on cable the other day... It was funny to see Brian and Walt (much younger) at the end of the movie

    Based on what zach has said it seems like we'll be getting more. Lost in Space on the other hand....

    Let's hope so....

    (Don't get me started about Lost in Space...)

  3. From Chuck in the newest Q&A:

    "Right now we’re in a wait and see for the Trek Minimates it’s possible we could make more but if we did it would be more like what you saw in the Legacy wave – a mix of licenses."

    This is two or three Q&A's now where we are still in "wait and see" mode for the future of Star Trek Minimates....and from what I have seen first hand regarding available stock at TRU stores, I don't have the warm-fuzzies about this line continuing.

    Of the Minimates that I'm seeing on the shelves, the newer product like Voyager has been wiped out. It's all the re-hash product that is sitting on the pegs. Though the ST assortment was new, the individual characters weren't exactly fresh

  4. I'm a little conflicted on this one...

    I always like new Trek mates.... but an seriously underwhelmed by the lack of originality of this offering - just another one-off variant. At least it's not another Kirk in the center seat.... or Spiderman for that matter.

    Likewise with the Bird of Prey announcement for the larger ship line.

    I would have liked something a little more original or a re-offering of the shuttlecraft.


  5. The Harry Potter license is probably still incredibly pricey, and the last Kubrick box set recently went on deep discount through Diamond.

    In no way am I trying to stir shit up but you cannot compare Minimates and Kubricks. Minimates are much more accessible, not to mention affordable. I have no idea what the Harry Potter license costs, and I believe you when you say it's pricey, but they would be HUGE.

    ...and don't get me started on $10 blind boxed HP Kubrick's..... for the record, Professor Snape is not an army builder, in spike of what the case ratios suggested

  6. I just finished watching the Defiance season finale - Great show so far.

    Has anyone else thought that this would translate nicely into minimate form. Lots of cool species, alien weapons and potential for vehicles ("rollers"). Better yet - all the characters are anthropomorphic, so they translate well into 'mates.


  7. I love the idea of Lost in Space - Minimate versions of the Robinsons and their robot would be spectacular - though I could really give-or-take the chimpanzee with werewolf ears from the original show. I'm glad it's not the reimagined version of the show. Better yet, mini-versions of the Chariot, Jupiter 2 and flying pod would be great. I'll be disappointed if this goes the way the Munsters did and we get a Dr. Smith mate with a vehicle and no other cast.

    As for Aliens - another great license to explore with a lot of Marines and aliens to fill out sets, but it won't be complete without the APC, Power Loader and Drop ship. I can actually see 2 APC's - a battle damaged APC variant with Ripley driving and another "clean" version with Bishop

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