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  1. So - resurrecting an old thread from the almost nearly dead... but has anyone seen the Playmobil Ghostbusters Ecto-1 with lights and sound? It's pretty amazing and it's $45. The Firehouse is less than $70. Lego, Playmobil, Hot Wheels - it doesn't seem that there is any shyness about licensing the Ecto-1.
  2. I just found the Witch exclusives in Northern California... Daredevil hit almost 2 weeks ago with the Aliens APC
  3. has anyone figured out how the pulse rifle holder in the back of the APC works?
  4. The APC showed up in Northern California today - I too was a little floored by the $14.99 price given that specialty is 2x that.
  5. I got the Lego set today - it was an elaborate build. Well worth the $$
  6. I picked up some at Target in Brentwood (Northern California, not O.J. Brentwood). $3.99 each also - I got Ned Flanders, Chief Wiggum, Maggie and Milhouse. They are pretty neat
  7. I've gotten a little tired of "The chase" as it were. If I happen by a TRU. I will stop and look around, but I no longer go on the elaborate road trips to see what's out there. In fact, everything usually shows up at the store in my backyard eventually - I have never really benefitted from preempting the shipments here by driving 35 miles. I've recently realized that it's much the same with I've just learned to be patient and save the gas
  8. I'd buy any Minimate set for a dollar! I just missed that sale... I would have picked a few sets up for that
  9. As interesting at the mates turned out to be - it's not really high profile enough to drive sales at a National retailer like TRU. Not too surprised if this one doesn't get a second shot
  10. No doubt... I like the Comic Book Men a lot. Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back was on cable the other day... It was funny to see Brian and Walt (much younger) at the end of the movie Let's hope so.... (Don't get me started about Lost in Space...)
  11. I'm hoping this series keeps going.... and not just another cruel tease like Munsters
  12. We'd all go broke if DST picked up Star Wars as a minimate format. The way the figure go - there'd be at least 3 waves of all the variants of clone troopers - they'd probably exceed the number of Spidey and Iron Man variants.
  13. Any news on going farther with this series? The Robinsons? Major West? Chariot Vehicle.... all of the above?
  14. The Cage ENTERPRISE and Pike comes with the version of the Phaser pistol that also appeared in the cage - the one with the circular shaped barrel
  15. Of the Minimates that I'm seeing on the shelves, the newer product like Voyager has been wiped out. It's all the re-hash product that is sitting on the pegs. Though the ST assortment was new, the individual characters weren't exactly fresh
  16. I'm a little conflicted on this one... I always like new Trek mates.... but an seriously underwhelmed by the lack of originality of this offering - just another one-off variant. At least it's not another Kirk in the center seat.... or Spiderman for that matter. Likewise with the Bird of Prey announcement for the larger ship line. I would have liked something a little more original or a re-offering of the shuttlecraft. YAWN!
  17. In no way am I trying to stir shit up but you cannot compare Minimates and Kubricks. Minimates are much more accessible, not to mention affordable. I have no idea what the Harry Potter license costs, and I believe you when you say it's pricey, but they would be HUGE. ...and don't get me started on $10 blind boxed HP Kubrick's..... for the record, Professor Snape is not an army builder, in spike of what the case ratios suggested
  18. I just finished watching the Defiance season finale - Great show so far. Has anyone else thought that this would translate nicely into minimate form. Lots of cool species, alien weapons and potential for vehicles ("rollers"). Better yet - all the characters are anthropomorphic, so they translate well into 'mates. Thoughts?
  19. I really like this ENTERPRISE and am looking to order the Mirror Mirror variant as well. After seeing this, I'd really like DST to revisit issuing the Galileo. The only other thing I have to say is "More Ships!"
  20. I tracked them down in the Bay Area as well - Pittsburg if any of you are local and looking
  21. I second the motion - let's get that Shuttlecraft back on the pre-orders!
  22. Make it a box set with the fourth character the disembodied fortune teller head
  23. Yah - I am a little floored by the prices of these.... that pirates ship is twice as much as its 3 predecessors. Other than an extra mast and an extra figure, it's almost identical to the first ship released. Of course I'd like to see more Disney minimates... but not at those costs
  24. I love the idea of Lost in Space - Minimate versions of the Robinsons and their robot would be spectacular - though I could really give-or-take the chimpanzee with werewolf ears from the original show. I'm glad it's not the reimagined version of the show. Better yet, mini-versions of the Chariot, Jupiter 2 and flying pod would be great. I'll be disappointed if this goes the way the Munsters did and we get a Dr. Smith mate with a vehicle and no other cast. As for Aliens - another great license to explore with a lot of Marines and aliens to fill out sets, but it won't be complete without the APC, Power Loader and Drop ship. I can actually see 2 APC's - a battle damaged APC variant with Ripley driving and another "clean" version with Bishop
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