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  1. Why are you coming back to make moronic posts? Lets all hope your family loose their jobs and you have to live on the streets shall we. Whats that, thats not very nice... Yeah. So dont wish the same on others. Frankly, sir I really don't care what you say and right back at you anyways
  2. Er, yeah I kinda hope AA goes out of business cause there ideas are so crappy (evil)
  3. I am not blaiming your "community". I am blaiming AA and DST.
  4. I don't like Minimates anymore. It started when AA/DST postponed the D.C. Minis. I wanted those a lot. I am not going to wait until they come in February (if they even come then...). They only come up with crappy lines to Minimate, crapin' cereal. Unless you need to buy every single Minimate that ever comes out there is no reason whatsoever to buy them. Even series 12/13 came out about 6 months late and had no baddies at all. Series 14+15 are Minimates about a movie that came out 4 months ago. AA has such bad ideas for lines that only geeks will buy them. Watch this movie:The End Some of you ugly people even complained about my signature of :deathstroke: I will sell my Minimates on Ebay....... :deathstroke: :deathstroke: :deathstroke: :deathstroke: :deathstroke: :deathstroke: :deathstroke: :deathstroke: :deathstroke: :deathstroke: :deathstroke: --Ha HA I have the last laugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. cereal minimates=bad (I have said it all in 3 words and one symbol) R.R.
  6. "NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" to quoute Luke Skywalker. If DC Minimates don't happen I'm going to steal the prototypes. I mean seriously they can make these Minimates with all the time they had. I agree with FOS, if they don't come out fire the people in charge. R.R.
  7. Those look great!!! I'm really glad we are getting so many accesories--it's great! Blue Beetle, Deathstroke, and Ares look great. I'm fine with the over-the-face masks for Batman as long as long as they don't make his face look fat I wish we could see the pic of the Penguin--it would be great if the Penguin is actually shorter than the normal one. DC Minimates= lots of accesories, cool characters, lots of villains, GREAT Marvel Minimates= not many accesories, re-issues( yes I'm talking to you wolverine!), not many villains at all, LOUSY R.R.
  8. I am most interested in point 2 I do not have a shirt that has Deasthstroke on it, but I have on that says "The Visitor From Planet X". R.R.
  9. Is it confirmed then that they are in fact cereal Minimates? R.R.
  10. I really like some of Frank Miller's earlier work like Daredevil and The Dark Knight Returns but now Frank's on the list for the looney bin...
  11. Sorry Ady, got a litttle crazy looking at a computer screen for 2 hours. R.R.
  12. Okay guys I'll stop putting useless emoticons in my posts. Sorry about hurting all of your eyes. R.R.
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