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  1. Out of interest, how did you get a screen shot of the level? Edit - Never mind, I think I've found out how. I never realised Miiverse had a website as well.
  2. I'll check out the levels posted when I get home, but in the mean time I have two levels I'm proud of, both being spur of the moment creations: Sky Pirate Attack - 2F18-0000-0042-841B A Doctor's House Visit - 596D-0000-005D-7436 I have a few more but they're my most popular so far.
  3. I get where you're coming from and sort of agree to a degree. I was put off Battle of Gods for a while (partly as the back of the DVD box had the new villain, Beerus, kicking my favourite character, Gohan, in the stomach) and I'll admit there are some scenes that are cringe worthy. However I really like the designs and personalities of Beerus (he's probably my second or third favourite now) and Whis and I must say, even for being re-colours, I do like how both SSG and SSGSS look. There's something about the shades of red and blue used that feel, underused if you get my meaning? I dunno; maybe I've watched enough Hesei era Kamen Rider that I'm used to multiple form changes and they don't phase me any more. I've not seen Resurrection F yet but the main fight in BoG is highly enjoyable, especially with how it ends. If nothing else, I'd advise looking up some of the scenes on YouTube. My only real gripe is the film pretty much relies on Goku. Unlike other "sagas" where the hero may not be Goku or the others at least do something decent (i.e. Ultimate Gohan vs Super Buu), this one purely has Beerus curb stomp everyone. GT itself was interesting. There were a number of ideas I liked on paper (the design and concept of SS4, the overall idea of Baby and the Dark Dragons) that sadly felt like they were wasted. I'd be interested in seeing Akira incorporate some of them into DB Super and offer his own spin on them, but the news we've heard so far suggest otherwise.
  4. Apparently Akira felt blue looks weaker than red and wanted the hair colour to represent as such... Even though I thought SSGSS was stronger than SSG...? I'm not a big fan of the new name though, and agree with the "red hair = Saiyan God and blue hair = Super Saiyan God" suggestion some have made. However, overall I do like how the design looks; I have the WCF figures of SSGSS Goku and Vegeta, and maybe it's the shade of paint used or the slight metallic effect on the finish but I think it looks really good. I am also curious to see how both the new forms come into play in DB Super. SSG has been hinted to in the opening and as Resurrection F will be the next "saga" I suspect we'll be seeing it, as well as maybe Vegeta undergoing the SSG ritual.
  5. Or perhaps a movie villain box set, like Cooler - with parts to put him in his final form - , Janemba, Broly - with both his slimmed down base version and "Legendary Super Saiyan" form - and either Bojack or Lord Slug. Garlic Jr could maybe be a Rocket Racoon/Snark style articulation-less mini figure. I'd put in Bojack over Slug and Beerus or Golden Freeza over Janemba. I suggested a boxset with Beerus, Whis and SSGSS Goku and Vegeta a few days ago. The boxset I had in mind there was more for "non-canon" movie villains as I consider Beerus, Whis and Golden Freiza to be canon, especially as Akira Toriyama has had a hand in making those movies and both of them will be covered in Dragon Ball Super.
  6. Or perhaps a movie villain box set, like Cooler - with parts to put him in his final form - , Janemba, Broly - with both his slimmed down base version and "Legendary Super Saiyan" form - and either Bojack or Lord Slug. Garlic Jr could maybe be a Rocket Racoon/Snark style articulation-less mini figure.
  7. I'd say that's probably the perfect list. A possible fourth set could have Beerus (with maybe a pudding accessory) and Whis (they've both quickly become some of my favourite characters) and maybe
  8. You will probably have to rely on US members, but honestly, I've seen every one of the Walgreens exclusive Marvel legends and Walking Dead figures the past year or two so I don't think it'll much harder than TRU exclusives. The only issue I potentially see is if Walgreens splits up the cases amongst many different stores, in which case, we'll all be trading with everyone to get full waves Was the 2099 Funk Pop Vinyl Figure Walgreens exclusive or with another store? While I managed to get one (they started to sell them in the UK about a month ago) my friend sadly had no luck finding one, so I'm a little worried the same MIGHT happen with the minimates. I have had people on the forum help me in the past so I'll certainly keep that in mind; a thank you in advanced to whomever may help me if needed.
  9. I'm... Mixed on these. On the one hand I do quite like how a number of them have turned out and want to get the new 2099 (shame he lacks the cape and possible some kind of claw hands) and Miles. On the other hand, as a UK based collector I have a feeling these could be a pain to get. Granted I do have a US based friend who I've mentioned my interest in these to but I don't know how good his Walgreens is so if he has little to no luck then I'll potentially have to deal with scalpers :/.
  10. Personally I'm hoping the 2003 series (I realise I'm in the minority when it comes to me viewing this as being better than the original series ) and the IDW comic could also be brought into the mix. I'd love to have a version of the Turtles from each era, i.e. Mirage, 87, 90's movies, 03, 2012 and IDW. Regardless, while I've not kept up to date with the series I do like how Bebop, Rocksteady and Slash look and will no doubt get them.
  11. The thing I like about amiibo is how they're being supported. For example, I have the four Fire Emblem amiibo figures. If I scan them into either the WiiU or 3DS version of Smash Brothers, I get an ai bot I can train up. I've always seen myself as a medium level tier player (at best) so it gives me a good challenge that allows me to get better and hopefully consider playing online. If I scan those same figures into either Codename S.T.E.A.M or the upcoming Fire Emblem If/Fates, I unlock those four (hopefully five when the Roy one gets released) characters to be used in either game. Unfortunately I lack the abilities to do this at the moment (I'm toying with getting either the new 3DS or the adapter if I can pre-order it in the 5 second window) but from what I understand the version in S.T.E.A.M are special units that can't be revived if KOed (like in FE) while in the next FE game, they appear as "super bosses" (or at least super hard enemies) that I may be able to recruit if I defeat them. Additionally most if not all figures can be scanned into both Yarn Yoshi and Super Mario Maker to get special character themed skins you can use. Thus for me the price I paid for them gets spread across more and more games, allowing me to justify it more. Obviously it is a tricky situation as a) there are supply issues (either planned or unintentional) which they're hopefully getting on top of and b ) there is the risk of locking out too much, like they've done with Splatoon but I think if they get the balance right they provide a nice extra for a good price - assuming you can get them at retail prices - that, unlike other DLC can be used in more games. Edit - This article here provides a complete list of all the known compatibility
  12. I'm hoping they'll make some if/when Pokken gets a WiiU release. Lucario and Gardevior have gone on to become some of the main members of my teams so I'd love to get an amiibo of each of them. I managed to get two of the Splatoon amiibo (a friend managed to get me the third in exchange for a Greninja) and I have to say, the content is great but annoying. The amiibo let you re-do some of the single player maps with certain criteria, i.e. the Inkling Boy missions require you to use the roller while the Squid gives you either a time limit (although your squid form is a "kraken" who spreads ink as it moves) or limited ink runs. They're enjoyable but a little frustrating as the maps weren't really designed with these restraints in mind. For example, in the first map you have to throw a grenade onto a platform to distract a shield gunning for then shoot it while it's back is turned. With the roller this isn't possible; it does have an ink flick move that I wasn't even aware of at first so before I learned about it I spent a good five to ten minutes trying to do a running jump onto the platform to no avail. Additionally the loot you unlock is, apparently, not as good as anything you unlock after you reach level 10. I think the amiibo should have offered a different way to unlock the loot (the other being actual DLC) rather than being locked to it, especially if you've not been able to get them. Whilst I don't agree 100% with everything he said, Jim Sterling does bring up some good points about them in his most recent Jimqusition video.
  13. I read on The Escapist that supposedly Nintendo is currently stuck in a contract with a manufacturing company and wouldn't be able to release any more Smash amiibo until that has expired. HOWEVER that was a post on the forum back in February or March and I've seen nothing else relating to it since, so take that with a massive pinch of salt. On a more positive note, I have seen numerous rumours on Reddit about re-stocks, including one last night that also says wave 5 will have triple, maybe even quadruple the stock that one to four had. If this is true then I feel this strengthens my theory that the first four waves were in production before Nintendo knew the popularity and it was too late for them to do anything on them. Again, it's always worth taking these comments with a pinch of salt but hopefully they have pulled their thumb out and are starting to look to resolve the problem. Edit: A site has posted an article about the re-stock rumour -
  14. Ahh amiibos. I've managed to get most of the ones I wanted, although I've had to watch the subreddit like a hawk after I missed out on a number of UK based wave 4 pre-orders to get Pacman, Robin and Lucina (I'm a HUGE Fire Emblem fan and main the FE characters in Smash). From what I've read, Nintendo REALLY underestimated how popular these were going to be and frankly it makes a lot of sense. The low numbers were probably due to the poor sales of their consoles with unsold versions of both the 3DS and WiiU have supposedly sat in the warehouses and I was told even the recent Pokemon game didn't sell as well as expected. Additionally considering this was a bold and risky new direction for them, it makes a lot of sense to not produce large numbers if they'd fail to sell. Finally a lot of the characters are relatively unknown or cult favourites; as much as I love Fire Emblem it rarely sells well outside of Japan so why produce 10,000 figures of say Marth or Robin when maybe only 5,000 of the fans would get either. And as for why they've not made more stock yet, from what I've read about production times, it's likely the four Smash waves released so far (at least in the UK) and possibly even the upcoming fifth wave were all in production and with quantities set LONG before Nintendo knew how popular they'd be. Now I will add this is all, ultimately, just speculation but I feel people are too quick to jump on the "Nintendo are making limited demand to piss off their fans!" bandwagon without checking some of the facts first. However now that's been proven otherwise I do feel they need to pull their thumb out and do something about it. I understand it will take months to start production of and release re-prints of everyone released so far and I do realise they don't want to flood the markets but I really feel they need to do something rather than dropping them for cards that mimic the functionality. Even if it will take a while to resolve the issue, at least saying in a future Nintendo Direct "Hey, we are looking to resolve the stock issue; hang in their collectors" will not only give hope to people who've missed out on getting their favourite but will also take out a lot of the wind in the sails of scalpers and we may start seeing reasonable prices for them. The day wave 4 released in the UK, Lucina, Robin and Ness all appeared on for £50+! I also agree that store exclusives was a VERY badly chosen idea and poorly handled. In my eyes store exclusives and/or chase figures should be say the same amiibo in terms of design but with an alternative pallet - say Mario or Luigi in their Wario/Waluigi designs from Smash - i.e. amiibo that only hard core collectors would truly be after.
  15. I had a quick look at a photo of them and I'm... Mixed. I prefer the stylised design of the MMPR/FM/SFM figs to what I saw, but my opinion may change when I see photos. I am a little disappointed they are changing it again though, as if/when they do Kyoryuger/Dino Charge (I'm hoping they'll do all ten and maybe even Deathryger/Kyoruger Navy) and ToQger (I'm not a big fan of the core five's overall design but I am UBER hyped at the fact the sixth ranger is Orange ) then they'd look different to both the SFM and Samurai figs I plan to/will have.
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