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  1. Found it! Extremely well done 2-pack. Ant-man is perfect, Falcon's wings are brilliant and Redwing is now one of my favorite all-time accessories.. (up there with Goblin's glider) Thanks DST!
  2. Came up empty at 2 TRUs in Montgomery County, MD(seeking Falcon/Antman).. but if they are in New Jersey.. it's gotta be soon. Any other sightings?
  3. Still watching TRU for the Falcon/Antman set... anyone found it?
  4. Haven't hit up Annapolis yet.. trying to find a good reason for a day trip with the kiddos and then we will give it a shot. Thanks!
  5. REDWING FOR THE WIN!! Must track down the Falcon/Antman set. That is just awesome. Hitting TRU in about a month?
  6. ya, I did try Alliance Comics in SS. They had the Deadpool wave and the dude working said, "Minimates just don't sell here". It was a great LCS and I did pick up some other stuff for my kids while there. We did, however, take a 40 minute family drive up to Catonsville, MD to Cosmic Comix & Toys. First time I have seen a wall of minimates in over a year. It was really nice, though $11 for a 2-pack stung a little (I've gotten used to TRU $$ during the past 13 months).. but I was able to snag the Captain Marvel/New Thor pack that I have been wanting so I'm calling it a win. Thanks to everyone for the help!! (even those posts that were lost.. I did see them before they were dumped) -Chad
  7. Thanks all. Sounds like I'll have to venture out of the burbs. Funny thing.. just reading the words DC Minimates still makes me a little sad.
  8. Hi all.. Just moved the wife and kids from SLC to the DC area (Northwest of Bethesda). The TRU in Gaithersburg is small and doesn't look to be a consistent supplier of minimates.. I stopped in Beyond Comics and they said they stopped carrying them quite a while back. Anyone living in the area that can point me in the right direction? Thanks! -Chad
  9. Scored! The wife found these at a TRU in Salt Lake City today (Sugarhouse for any curious locals). Fresh out of the box so she grabbed the mutigen pack as well as the few I was missing from the KMart series. Set and happy!.. but the Mutigen Leo looks so good, now I'm feeling the itch to start tracking down the other translucent ones.
  10. Series 2 packaging is done, the lineups for each retailer are set, and the danger is very real. Woot! I was really hoping this line would get legs and run! "New versions of the turtles with new gear" what the what? Sweet.. I wonder if we are talking slightly different paint jobs or something as new as sculpted heads. Can't wait to see Casey Jones!
  11. I saw a box of these at my LCS.. i groped, fondled, felt up, tested a few bags but could not tell what I was feeling.. at $5.99 per, it is too much of a risk when I just need Donny and Shredder. I will be waiting for these to hit my local TRU.
  12. Nothing in Salt Lake City, UT yet... glad to see more are finding these popping up. Man, I love being a turtle.
  13. Looks like my lunch break will be at TRU tomorrow. Sounds like a great week for you AZ. What was the retail price on these? .....though, I loath going to TRU in December... lol
  14. WOW!! Now the TRU search begins!! I haven't seen this mentioned before but has anyone noticed a variation on their Leo headbands? Putting my two identical Leos side by side, one set of bandana ends go left while the other goes right. Happy to see the TRU pairing with Donny and Shredder.. since I need both characters!
  15. The Vox

    TRU 19

    Space armor Iron Man!!! man.. tru continues to have my favorite new Marvel mates.
  16. Hey Zach, any chance we get to see the TRU package shots sometime soon?
  17. Eureka!! 40 minute drive north to a store I have checked before and I found half a strip. I ended up with Krang, Mikey, 2 Leos and 2 Raphs. I am wondering if there is any difference in shipping based on the size of the store. This was a Big K. The other regular KMarts I continue to check in the area have none.. or they got them in and they were wiped out instantly. Just so glad to find a Krang and to get my TMNT collection started!!
  18. I'll chime in and agree that the current TMNT cartoon is right up there with Korra.. not the same type of show, but the same quality. I like that there is enough tribute to classic turtles to feel familiar but they also freshened it up and let it be its own show. Now... if I could only find these minimates you all speak of, then I could comment on that as well. One day, Krang Head, one day... Sounds like for whatever reason these seemed to skip the I-15 corridor completely.
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