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  1. Silly and Stupid pandering to extremist, now I'm definitely gonna buy this set today. Already have all the lego Starwars figures, but was holding out on Jabba and Rancor sets until I found them loose on ebay, but I gotta say that Lego keeps it classy.
  2. Thanks for the confirmation. So why on earth number sets if you are going to duplicate or repeat numbers? Was this due to a honest mistake, errors/rejects in productions, or just good old fashioned incompetence?
  3. Nice work indeed, so glad to see M.O.D.O.K. take the prize!
  4. As you mentioned Gold and Silver Spideys are the rarest and most expensive Marvel Minimates to find MIB. Members have stated that there were also a few extra bagged sets made above 50 but these were not numbered. (Not sure if they were just extras for staff, or why make extras and not number them) Other than that I would say the Hulk-buster set draws the highest money but may not have been produced in low quantities. Seen a few sell on ebay for over 75.00 each OPENED with box.
  5. Best and Favorite changes: More sculpted pieces, accessories, and detailing on figures More bulked up characters and Peices (Bulkier Hands, Feet, Crotch, Torso) More Diverse New Character Efforts to complete Teams (X-Force, Alpha Flight, The Worthy, Heralds, etc) Bases (finally my mates don't domino fall at once) Bad Changes: Not using 3 inch scale for large characters like Onslaught, Apocalypse, etc. No more DC mates
  6. We need members to complete the Brotherhood, Inhumans and the Wrecking Crew Sorta hard to impossible to pick one when you look at how many marvel groups / teams are left to be tackled.... .... and mother f**king Deathlok.
  7. Here's hoping they can break the 2.5 height with the Queen Alien.... this has sooo much potential. I can easily see Predator I or II getting in next if this line does well... PLEASE LORD DELIVER THIS TO ME!!!
  8. HAR, you didn't bother to take the time and come here and post at 2:00 AM that they were available, BHM was the one to post that they were available. Sure, he may order more than the average collector (I know for a fact he didn't "clean them out"), but at least he took the time to contribute to the rest of the forum that they were available. Sorry was very tired and passed out shortly after. When I woke up, I saw that there was already a notice up on the board. I rarely get a chance to order a TRU exclusive due to my aggressive work schedule, so I just powered thru a TRU order and slept. However, I do try to post heads up on the board when I see nice mate deals.
  9. So I was online at 2:00 AM this past Sunday and see wave 15 online. I order 3 of each set, get my free shipping quota and got my order confirmation was shipping the next day. Then some ass-clown goes in and cleans out the sets and now tons of back order emails are being sent. Putting limits on the order cart of even 20 per customer would go along way. People could still take advantage with multiple multiple orders, but why make things easy to clean out exclusives?
  10. Man... I was hoping to see the Fear Itself The Worthy Villians completed in a TRU wave. Attuma, Absorbing Man, and Titiana would be a dream. Maybe another 4 pack with an "Old man Serpent" as the 4th figure in the future...
  11. I only have 3 MIB Grails left and I do pay hunting fees *hint *hint: Holiday Hal JLU figure Kame DBZ AB figure Fat Janemba DBZ AB figure I am glad to say have have no more minimate grails thanks to such an awesome community. This site helped me find everything I've missed in the minimate lines. I do want some extra Exclusive BB Gators as I only have 1 set MIB but that's not urgent. I did obtain the following MIB Grails in the past 5 years: Barcus Guyver Figure w/ Test Tube Prototype Omega Shenron Dragon Ball GT Jakks Figure Sigma Rilldo Dragon Ball GT Jakks Figure (2nd form) 4 Vegeta Saiyan Space Pods Jakks Figure Vehicle Gold/Silver Spidey minimate Silver BB Gator
  12. The paint apps on Vorin, Gruntos, and Merk on the TRU versions seem alot better than the set I first got. I usually try to only get just the exclusives, but I couldn't pass up the new paint apps on the heroes and villians
  13. I got a rare Antalor/Nychirix and Gruntos/Scapus TRU set today. Could only find 1 set extra, and was thinking of opening it. PM me quickly If anyone wants them I can ship them for $23.00 including shipping to any USA buyer.
  14. Wow... how spoiled we have become that Boom Boom would be suggested for worst Minimate of 2012. She provided a NEW character release, rounded and completed out a female member for teams, she has accessories and new sculpting. You want bad for 2012? Look at the Sewer Battle Amazing Spiderman, Amazing Spiderman Aunt May or Original Ryu (Sentinel vs Ryu)
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