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  1. I like the new boxset design and I’m ok w the $50 price. Hopefully this does well and we can get back to a consistent flow of Marvel minimates. The whole 1-2 waves per year doesn’t come off as a line that’s doing well. 3-4 big box sets w a few 4packs per year sure would be nice.
  2. Zach stated the SDCC exclusive announcement got bumped from Dec so the Jan announcement is probably them. They will be in fancier packaging so that will result in higher prices. As for the license announcement who knows there’s so much stuff out there. Just hoping it’s something good.
  3. I’m just confused as to why DST has the new box set listed at $29.99 on their own online store. Is it an error or should we all just buy direct and save some money?
  4. Ouch that’s a big price increase. The power rangers/transformers 4packs are $30. This packaging design is nice but for an additional $10 I’d expect the packaging to be resealable (both the box and each card).
  5. Got the 1st box set today and they are quite nice. Packaging is very sharp as well. I did find that Optimus looks better with Bee’s face underneath the helmet. The eyes are better proportioned and it gives him his nose ridge. I’m curious why they changed from animation colors to metallics. Did hasbro demand the change or did DST change it? Either way is fine with me as long as it’s consistent.
  6. The Deadpool set is very nice and I’m sure will sell well. The Logan set is a total dud. With all the other movie choices or even another Deadpool movie set (Colossus, Cable, Domino, grey/dirty Deadpool) would be more interesting than two civilian mates. Those civilian Logan sets from The Wolverine were huge peg warmers.
  7. I agree 100%. However, Hasbro is making unmade characters and filling in the gaps. Give me some movie-mates of characters/costumes that haven’t been made and I’m all in. Even if they are packed w some re-releases.
  8. I’m assuming DST’s target audience for this set is new collectors because 6 minimates from 9 yrs ago (w very minor tweaks) for $40 is not appealing at all. Especially w all the umade goodness from Endgame.
  9. Yes GIJOE minimates. Will gladly buy everyone DST releases. Remember DST GIJOE is perfect for army builders. Any Cobra trooper collectors will want multiples.
  10. Big transformers collector here (masterpiece, kreons, etc) and these are....weird. Some transformer designs will work in this style really well, others won’t. I’m shocked DST is making them due to the amount of tooling required and not a lot of reuse. I can see why DST is excited though it’s a huge license with so many possibilities for minimates and more. If GIJOE and Power Rangers are possible for minimates then I’m begging DST to make them. They are much more minimate-friendly and I’d love to have a big collection of both.
  11. Falcon and Winter Soldier minimates finally made it to the east coast. Other than the sets being light on accessories (Bucky & Zemo need some guns) these are really nice.
  12. Thread necro. DST gets to make SW figs now. Will it lead to Minimates? 99% sure it will not but one can only hope.
  13. Any new movie mates that fill in gaps like Endgame Cap, Endgame Thor, Rescue, Korg, or movies that weren’t done before (Deadpool, Far from Home) would be welcome additions. As long as they aren’t re-releases I’m all in for more movie mates.
  14. Went searching today and found the Avengers game mates at one store. They rang up as “Avengers BC” Minimates so they aren’t under the movie or animated SKU. Hopefully these are a trial for a new reoccurring series. Some PS4 Spidey and non-big 5 Avengers from the new game would be welcome. Also found the Miles/Prowler from Animated Series 12. No sign of Ghost/Iron Man. The Miles/Prowler pack is....ok. It’s Miles in a very very slightly different style. Prowler is a bad design and a boring figure, but it’s screen accurate. Animated series definitely feels like it’s scraping the bottom of the barrel the past few series. Switching to the X-Men Animated show is welcome change. Wish we knew what the lineup was and had some pics.
  15. It’s been quite obvious for a while DST can’t/won’t change with the times and modernize.
  16. These are nice for what they are but the Avengers game designs are boring AF. The ugly cap design does look a lot better as a Minimate so kudos to DST. I’ll still buy them to support the line but not announcing/promoting them before the game was released and using the hype to try and get some minimate interest going is disappointing.
  17. Very nice a definite buy. Nice to see a lot of accessories/extra parts.
  18. Now we’re talkin DST! Wave 80 & 81 are great. As long as the accessories stay at a high amount I’ve got no issues w the BAF going away. Hopefully with two waves being shown at once we are going to have more releases per year.
  19. Decided to make a custom Spidey & Mysterio Far From Home minimates since we’ll never get any. Spidey is made from parts of Homecoming & Superior with some paint. Mysterio’s helmet & blasts are from two different bootleg LEGO minifig. Chest armor is a modified Penance chest piece.
  20. The new LEGO Vader helmet is oversized and there’s a new bootleg LEGO Vader w the large helmet and sculpted torso control panel. They might fit w minimate scale. Just search eBay or aliexpress they are all over for a couple bucks.
  21. Even though it doesn’t change the situation I do find it cathartic there are others here who don’t think DST has been doing a good job and offer real-life examples/corrective actions. Will it change anything? Probably not, but it’s slightly comforting that there are others who will not go gentle into that good night but will rage, rage against the dying of minimates.
  22. DST better have new plans for minimates if they don’t want to do boxset anymore since there’s no license they have or can get that can support waves of two packs. Only SW & DC could and they aren’t happening. If there are no new ideas that makes minimates Marvel only and with 2 waves of 7 and a few Walgreens releases per year interest will dwindle and minimates will die within 1-2 yrs. You can already see the disinterest on the board as releases have become less common and the amount of figs per release decrease. Also, I’d make the argument that it’s what’s been in the boxsets that’s causing the low sales look at the last few releases: John Wick: The only pull from John Wick is him and a dog. There was no dog in the pack and the others characters aren’t enough to get people to buy a boxset. Wick should have been a two pack not a boxset. Asking people to pay $25 when only one fig is desirable was a mistake. Bruce Lee: There’s been other Bruce Lee DST products cancelled. It looks like demand for Bruce Lee merch is less than expected. Sonic: These were really ugly. Same design style on the head as Muppets and they were ugly too. Characters like this need a fully sculpted head. Just look at the Mickey from KH wave 1 to wave 2. The sculpted head is way better. No surprise these didn’t sell well enough to get more. Endgame: A boxset of inaccurate Quantum suits. This boxset was boring and the quantum suits weren’t important or very interesting. DST got burned by inaccurate concept art. Captain Marvel: Captain Marvel merch didn’t sell well not just for minimates. You could see it in stores everywhere. Also, this was released way late. I’m guessing DST will make Widow for Walgreens if not they surely won’t make Eternals and why would a store want to hold space but not have any new merch for over 1.5 yrs especially with a new buyer. Unless DST has some pleasant surprises in store for Toy Fair I’m not expecting anything but Wave 80 & Widow. Also, I find myself not caring about any of their current licenses or potential new ones because we won’t get any minimates from them.
  23. Everything on the list is cancelled.
  24. I wouldn’t be surprised given the way things have been going. It was a really weak wave and the move to 3 packs per wave didn’t make any sense. I echo what Swarm said this would have been better as some kind of full GOTG team w a BAF Cosmic Ghost Rider not a random assortment of cosmic characters. Also I agree w YB that DST’s thinking w minimates for the past year or more has been garbage. They say boxset are easier sells so where the @$&! are some marvel boxsets? DSTChuck says they couldn’t make more Endgame sets cause of “the schedule” yet a year later they are still making all kinds of endgame products and so are other companies. Make a damn Endgame boxset w final battle cap, Thor, iron man w gauntlet and Cap Marvel. That will sell. Why they haven’t tried blind boxes/bags again I have no idea. They can’t get into stores w their current way so try it with something that stores actually buy. Also, there’s no attempt to try anything “Kickstarter-like” or more modern ways. And who knows what’s next w Walgreens. They have a new buyer and he’s inherited an animated series that consists of the last scraps of characters from some unpopular animated shows and a movie series that doesn’t have enough movies per year now to support year round releases. Both of these series need to be revamped/replaced can DST actually offer him something good? Minimates is in desperate need of some kind of revamp/reintroduction w some new ways for them to be released and I don’t think DST current leadership has it in them to come up w anything.
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