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  1. fwoosheyman

    Sonic The Hedgehog

    They skinned Tails alive! The horror! 😨
  2. fwoosheyman

    Kingdom Hearts

    @DSTZach thanks for the update. sigh..... I think I was only one who bought these and was excited for more. I was really looking forward to getting Axl, Aqua, etc. 😪 guess I’ll have to be happy w what little we got.
  3. fwoosheyman

    wave 77

    Not really thrilled at the prospects of a Spiderverse boxset. What would we get? Another spiderman, miles, gwen and one new character like Prowler or Spider-ham. All the villains are extra large w extreme designs. I doubt they translate easily to minimate form. Do I want a Prowler and Spider-ham minimate? Hell yea! But I don’t want to spend $25 for just one.
  4. fwoosheyman

    TRU Series 26

    Easy and convenient. Thanks Zach u r the bestist. 😘
  5. fwoosheyman

    wave 77

    Gotta be a Spidey wave. Chuck loves his Spidey and without TRU there’s no longer a constant stream of Spidey-related releases. There’s plenty of never released and redos to make another wave or more.
  6. fwoosheyman

    NYCC 2018

    Anybody go to the panel? Anything new?
  7. fwoosheyman

    Toys R Us closing all 800+ US stores

    Odd but hopeful. They in the process of gutting the one near my work and I’m guessing then tearing down the building. It was the nicest one I had access to and was always stocked well.
  8. fwoosheyman


    Yes! Will buy them all! Great license!
  9. fwoosheyman

    BC Avengers Wave

    Looks like a entire marvel endcap like the NBX one they have now. That should make things easy.
  10. fwoosheyman

    Modifying Marvel Minimates

    I don’t think Chuck really gets how BAF are supposed to work. You make the BAF figure good so people buy figures they wouldn’t normally to complete it. DST’s BAF figures so far are a lame kitbash and a minor character which is the least interesting minimate in the wave. I know they can’t make follow marvel legends and make large characters into large minimates because of the license restrictions but make them more appealing.
  11. Some of the promo pictures show different hands then what the figures come with and aquaman in the promo pics doesn’t have the hook. So we know there was more sculpted then what we are getting. It’s a matter of how we are gonna get screwed by either having to buy the figures twice or the other parts will never be released.
  12. $28 w shipping and u gotta subscribe to a service that has no new content. 🐂💩 Also these reek of getting re-released in some other manner in 6 months with all the parts.
  13. fwoosheyman

    Infinity War

    @MisterPL don’t bother with Rite Aid. I checked a few around me and nothing has changed. Stores are still the same, no sign of work being done and toy section is still just a few random items from years ago at hugely inflated prices.
  14. fwoosheyman

    Predator Minimates

    I get that DST wants to spread things out and do more multipacks from the movie but this is a really boring pack. Hope the movie is good and it sells well enough that we get another pack.
  15. I doubt it. More than likely those will be clearanced and still sitting months from now. I don’t see trek, Charlie’s angels, Brady bunch, Happy Days and I dream of genie dolls (yea I know it’s MEGO but they are still dolls) being big sellers in a target toy section.