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  1. So these went from being listed in the press release about the license being obtained, @DSTZachsaid they were scheduled, to “if there is interest”. Another minimate-related disappointment. I sure hope these actually happen I really wanted to get a few boxsets from the show.
  2. @DSTZach said awhile ago there was 50 marvel minimates this yr and gave the breakdown. That means no SDCC, no other box sets and nothing from Walgreens but this wave and animated 10 for the entire year. DST has statues to make and now has a piece of Star Wars, minimates are now small potatoes.
  3. While something like a Thor/Cap/Rocket/bulky war machine would be a great multipack, DST had been steadily decreasing minimate con exclusives until we got to the point of none last year. I seriously doubt we’ll get any this year either.
  4. 1) yea not the best idea of a pack-in piece. I’m thinking of something that’s like Funko Pop’s Scenes series but for minimates. 2) The last large pack was the 2013 SDCC Hall of Armor that was not a good set and came in that ridiculously designed long package 😉. The other large sets were from Art Asylum and they were repacked mates that were still available in others packs on the same shelf. I know my shops dropped minimates cause they don’t want to be stuck w leftover 2packs anymore and others have said the same. Why not try a larger set and see if there’s a market? 3) Do I know if they tried? Nope, but if they didn’t it was a missed opportunity and they are making statues from it so they must still believe there’s a market for items based on the game. I’m sticking to my belief DST needs to go beyond their basic 2-pack/4pack and offer minimates in different formats. Honestly, if I were them I’d try blind boxes. That’s what I see in all kinds of stores in various cardboard displays. Blind bags don’t seem as prevalent as before but maybe offering them again as a mass market item would get them in stores.
  5. No I’d say that was a smart decision and they are easy quick customs by using minimates main & best feature which is parts swapping. You can’t make a Cap or Thor in their Endgame costumes. We never got Thor in this outfit in the Inifnity War waves so this is twice it’s missed. If there was a second wave/more releases sure go for it and make both versions. But if we only get one make the more interesting versions not the quick custom versions as a regulat release. As @Minimate said I’d prefer to have to buy another boxset then to not have to buy another boxset and not get Cap/Thor in street gear. DST exists to sell product make people want to buy more product. Advertise in the two packs “hey kids! want Cap and Thor in their quantum suits check out this boxset and use minimates swapping feature to create them”. Encourage more sales not less. No that’s not what I meant, the product is fine. Offer them in different more creative forms than just standard two packs and 4-packs. Something that makes them stand out on the shelves wether it be something like versus/battle scene packs or team packs. How about a wolverine/Sabertooth 2pack w a little snowy cliff/ground piece they can be posed on and used to create your own little scene. Perfect for a single purchase for a desk but can be combined w others to create something larger. You want Jim Lee X-men here’s a team pack of something like Wolverine, Cyclops, Jean, Gambit, Rogue & Storm. Stick to we’ll known groupings and one buy packs that gives the buyer a complete team. Think of it as a new form of the “best of” minimates if stores want multipacks and not waves of 2packs. Go beyond movies, not making product for the Spiderman PS4 game was a missed opportunity. It’s was HUGE and sold over 9 million copies. Having merchandise for it when it released could have gotten minimates back into stores like GameStop, etc. Vinimates designs are great but they just make me want them in minimate form (DC movies especially 😫). I’m not a statue guy, I want to be able to move the collectible into a pose I want. Also I don’t have the room for them.
  6. Unfortunately I’m well aware DST is now a bust/statue company who just happens to make marvel minimates and Select figures. If Walgreens or Disney store didn’t want them anymore I’m sure they’d be dead. I’m just not happy about and will go on voicing my opinion on it until the bitter end. If DST was making any sort of attempt to evolve minimates or be creative I’d be more understanding but things like@DSTZach just confirming that 2 of the 8 Walgreens mates are just Quantum suit Cap & Thor shows that DST isn’t even trying.
  7. As much as I love this idea it seems too creative and forward thinking for conservative DST to even consider.
  8. Then make another boxset for specialty or a SDCC exclusive boxset or a 2nd Walgreens wave. Customers having to beg for more Endgame releases just to cover the basics should never happen if a company is doing things right.
  9. I sure hope there aren’t any quantum suits in the Walgreens wave. Looking at what’s possible this wave seems prime for disappointment. - Hulk (new suit) - Cap (Quantum & new suit) - Widow (new suit) - Ronin - Hawkeye (new suit) - War Machine (new suit) - Iron Man (new suit) - Rocket (Quantum & new suit) - Thor (Quantum & standard) - Thanos - Antman - Cap Marvel that’s 15 possible minimates w only 8 spots. I’ve got a bad feeling about this. 😦 What I’d really like to know is why the biggest movie of the year w more than enough known content (there’s probably even more that we haven’t seen) for more releases is getting so little.
  10. 4-pack looks good for what it is (kinda dull quantum suits). Now where’s the Walgreens wave which will have the good stuff?
  11. TNG minimate boxset w multiple heads. Come on DST you’ve seen the light w this idea w the Endgame boxset now do it for Trek. Plenty of uniform styles to choose from and with the upcoming Picard show at the end of 2019/beginning 2020 interest will be up. Not a lot of new sculpting/new pieces would be needed for this, costs would be lower. You could even make one minimate in it an army builder alien if you wanted to go crazy w value. @DSTZach @DSTchuck give it a rest w OG Trek and give TNG a shot. Please 🙏
  12. 4 pack of (redacted, redacted, redacted & redacted) walgreens wave of: - redacted/redacted - redacted/redacted - redacted/redacted - redacted/redacted
  13. Yes we need Widow from Endgame the costume that goes w the red hair is new and very “classic comic book style”. Black suit, gold belt w widow symbol and the wrist stingers are back.
  14. I sure hope there’s more than Zach doesn’t know about or isn’t allowed to reveal that’s barely any product for Walgreens for the rest of the year. I can’t imagine them wanting to hold peg space for one wave of both lines over the course of 10+ months. This comes off more as minimates are done at Walgreens and being dropped during a reset later this yr. Also this list means no SDCC or other con exclusives, no comic box sets or anything. 😥
  15. Some wave 9 packs lingering around me. If anyone still needs them send me a PM and I’ll pick them up (cost + shipping)
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