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  1. If it’s a two pack I could see it being Quicksilver/Iceman. 4 pack I’ve got no idea. Hopefully Luke got something that does well for him.
  2. Found these in NJ today. It was not a store that had 0 movie mates but a store that actually had a lot and they got 2 sets. The two stores that had 0 movie mates instead each got in a case of captain marvel that was 2x marvel/korath & 2x fury/Ronan. 🤔 huh?? These definitely suffer from being based on promo materials with hulk’s suit being lavender, the quantum suits being silver and weird decisions by DST such as making Ronin’s sword so tiny (it’s like the tiny katana mold from long ago), Thanos’ sword being really stubby, his helmet missing gold paint on the top and Rocket not having pupils again. If DST hadn’t stubbornly/stupidly decided to not make anymore Endgame minimates (as it keeps raking in the $$$ headed toward being the biggest movie ever) then these wouldn’t be so disappointing since we’d get 2nd versions of characters that would be more accurate. Instead I’ve got an Endgame collection made up mostly of inaccurate Quantum suit figures. Whoop de do. 👎
  3. If this is true then out of the 10 Walgreens around me only 2 have any chance of ever getting new minimates. This is due to Walgreens never clearencing out old product or having any meaningful sales. They have sales on items such as marvel legends and good ones at that all the time. It’s their own mismanagement that has created this situation and is keeping them from selling new product.
  4. Nope and after checking the 10 Walgreens around me the past 3 wks this sure feels like IW wave 2 again. By this time after first sighting Cap Marvel wave was widespread. Stores have plenty of room w most having 0-2 movie mates. I’ve see plenty of Hawkeye Pop, Infamous Iron Man ML and Fortnite exclusives so the stores are getting in new stuff. This along w no new eBay listings in almost 2 wks is not encouraging. Although given how things have been going for minimates this seems appropriate. 😒
  5. Don’t worry it gets worse. Hasbro is doing the same characters and more in their cheap kiddie lines. New Hasbro Endgame figures (spoilers)
  6. Endgame wave 2 Pops (spoilers) sigh.....😪 sure would make a nice wave/boxset along w a few others. So Funko still sees good sales even sometime after the movie?
  7. There’s no point in trying to argue w @DSTZach he’s a DST employee and it’s his job to represent the company and defend them. He’s not going to say publicly his boss/co-workers made bad decisions or are wrong even if he personally felt that way. Although he should probably stop getting into arguments w people here on a fan forum. I know he’s just passionate and cares but the “Chuck-like” responses he’s allowed to give won’t satisfy most people. Unless he’s willing to take people’s concerns/ideas to @DSTchuck it’s just best to stick w telling us news/info/hints. As for a custom Endgame Cap there’s nothing out there that can be used to make it. The AOU uniform is close by overall design but along w the scaled chest, there’s difference w the arms/legs and the shade of blue isn’t close. Civil War is closer by design/color but still off. The IW Cap is the right shade of blue but the uniform design doesn’t match and there’s no helmet. I might try painting a Civil War Cap I think that’s the best that can be done.
  8. Only things to do now are work on customs, but the s!%* out of the Endgame boxset/wave and write to AskDST politely asking for more Endgame mates (another boxset probably has the best chance) and hope it’s enough to wake @DSTchuck up into seeing there’s demand for more.
  9. I understand that DST had only concept art to work with and could only make what they knew. It seems all the licenses did, if you look at what companies like Funko/Hasbro released it’s all the same. The problem is the other companies will keep going and will make the rest eventually, DST just moves on. However, they only move on when it comes to minimates, which makes it even more frustrating. Look at what/when DST releases for statues, Select, diorama, etc. They release stuff way after the movie and currently they are still making items from BP, Ragnorak, Infinity War, etc. Different licenses may end at different times but if there’s any movie worth sticking with it’s Endgame, especially with how much could be made. Maybe it’s time for DST try something new, they might find they’ve been wrong and there’s still money to be made.
  10. If this is true then minimates are essentially dead. The Castlevania minimates aren’t gonna happen and if Bruce Lee/KH are both dead there’s nothing but a John Wick boxset and Marvel. Walgreens, the only retail seller, has nothing the rest of the year after only one Endgame wave.
  11. After seeing the movie I’ve got to agree w @minimatestopmotion there is so much good stuff that DST could make. They are leaving tons of money on the table. Something has to be up we don’t know about with no second wave at walgreens despite no other waves for the rest of the year.
  12. So these went from being listed in the press release about the license being obtained, @DSTZachsaid they were scheduled, to “if there is interest”. Another minimate-related disappointment. I sure hope these actually happen I really wanted to get a few boxsets from the show.
  13. @DSTZach said awhile ago there was 50 marvel minimates this yr and gave the breakdown. That means no SDCC, no other box sets and nothing from Walgreens but this wave and animated 10 for the entire year. DST has statues to make and now has a piece of Star Wars, minimates are now small potatoes.
  14. While something like a Thor/Cap/Rocket/bulky war machine would be a great multipack, DST had been steadily decreasing minimate con exclusives until we got to the point of none last year. I seriously doubt we’ll get any this year either.
  15. 1) yea not the best idea of a pack-in piece. I’m thinking of something that’s like Funko Pop’s Scenes series but for minimates. 2) The last large pack was the 2013 SDCC Hall of Armor that was not a good set and came in that ridiculously designed long package 😉. The other large sets were from Art Asylum and they were repacked mates that were still available in others packs on the same shelf. I know my shops dropped minimates cause they don’t want to be stuck w leftover 2packs anymore and others have said the same. Why not try a larger set and see if there’s a market? 3) Do I know if they tried? Nope, but if they didn’t it was a missed opportunity and they are making statues from it so they must still believe there’s a market for items based on the game. I’m sticking to my belief DST needs to go beyond their basic 2-pack/4pack and offer minimates in different formats. Honestly, if I were them I’d try blind boxes. That’s what I see in all kinds of stores in various cardboard displays. Blind bags don’t seem as prevalent as before but maybe offering them again as a mass market item would get them in stores.
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