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  1. fwoosheyman

    Kingdom Hearts

    So the license actually restricts who can be in a pack together? And characters like mickey/maleficent can be together since they aren’t level specific? It makes sense to put related figures together but what a ridiculously anal retentive requirement.
  2. fwoosheyman

    Kingdom Hearts

    Yea we aren’t getting Aqua or characters like Riku, Kairi ever. Zach said there are 5 waves planned out and unless the Disney characters cause a big sales increase that wil be it. DST is just doing what was in the promotional materials/trailers for KH3. The 5th wave will be something like this: - Sora (monsters inc)/random Disney character - Donald (monsters inc)/Sully - Pirate Goofy/Barbossa That will finish up the trio for monsters inc/pirates and give us more pirates minimates for whoever has a boner for them at DST. Elizabeth Swann in a kingdom hearts line....🤮
  3. fwoosheyman


    No castlevania minimates at toy fair. 😥Sure hope these are still being made.
  4. DST’s non marvel section. John Wick boxset and KH wave 4. Nuttin else new for minimates.
  5. fwoosheyman

    Wave 78 DST’s marvel section. only wave 77, 78 and Cap Marvel boxset 😕
  6. The two face is new based on BTAS style. The GCPD was freeze, ivy, croc, bane, & Montoya.
  7. so DCC is continuing the line by now making up their own designed animated characters that were never in the shows. Uhhhh.....Why?? I understand not wanting to put out a wave of Clock King, TNBA Penguin, and the other scraps left (though I’d totally buy them) but why start making up your own stuff? There’s still Luthor, Brainiac, Darkseid, Lobo, Parademons, etc and all of the characters from JL (I’ll give them a pass on JL since they might be restricted) and things like the Fatal Five movie. It’s things like this, which won’t make me miss DCC if they are truely dead at the end of the year. Between the poor decisions, delays/cancellations, and constantly changing focus trying to collect their stuff is such a pain and usually disappointing.
  8. fwoosheyman

    Marvel Legends discussion thread

    For once I’m not jealous of the new legends (they are extremely well done) since we have most of what was shown already as Minimates. except for Korg, I’m buying that and I want a minimate korg too.
  9. fwoosheyman

    Wave 78

    The horrible face and hairpiece.
  10. fwoosheyman

    Wave 78

    *cough* Chuck likes old characters that don’t sell *cough* Jean dewolff *cough* horrible enchantress didn’t help either.
  11. fwoosheyman

    DC Minimates & everlasting optimism

    Lego....smego The landscape is changing and new opportunities may be available. Licenses are split into more parts than ever. With DCC going away speciality has a huge void that might open up something. Mezco was able to produce those horrid mez-itz’s for years w Lego making DC products. Don’t throw up your hands and just give up since Lego is around. Fortune favors the bold. Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbour? Hell no!
  12. fwoosheyman

    DC Minimates & everlasting optimism

    From McFarlane interview on IGN: ”In addition to stepping in for Mattel, McFarlane Toys will also focus on the market previously covered by DC Collectibles (which was recently folded into WB's Consumer Products Divison as part of a larger corporate restructuring). That means fans can expect high-end collectibles like statues and busts from McFarlane along with traditional action figures. McFarlane told us, "With DC Collectibles taking a step back, there’ll be a void there, and they want me to sort of step up and take some of that momentum on myself." so they are taking over all collectible stuff that Mattel/DCC did and spin masters is doing kids stuff. Come on DST weasel in there and get some.
  13. fwoosheyman

    DC Minimates & everlasting optimism So Spinmaster is making stuff, now McFarlane and minimates???
  14. fwoosheyman

    Kingdom Hearts

    They are out now
  15. fwoosheyman

    Marvel 'Best of ' wave

    Not exactly exact. Similar yes but the big techno armor chest plate w hip/crotch guards and “thigh rings” are completely different and the overall “techno” design of the gauntlets and boots is different. Plus no Jake Gyllenhaalness.