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  1. Juggernaut could definitely be improved with new less slanted boots, a helmet design which doesn't hide the face so much and some more details on the waist piece. It's been 6 yrs (doesn't seem that long), its not easily available and he's a popular character. I'll change my guess to: Toad, Hoodie Rogue, Marvel Girl, Juggernaut
  2. "Box Set is one new classic character, two never-made classic costumes and one requested update, I think. Title-specific." Based on Zach's two hints I'm guessing its an X-Men themed boxset. As they say "X Sells". - Toad - Hoodie Rogue - Marvel Girl (Jean Grey) - Classic Wheelchair Xavier (Can't think of any other X-Men that haven't been updated/redone)
  3. TRU wave is up at tru.com and only $5.99 a set.
  4. http://io9.gizmodo.com/thors-got-no-hammer-and-short-hair-in-the-first-image-f-1793085493 http://io9.gizmodo.com/jeff-goldblum-looks-just-as-weird-as-you-hoped-in-more-1793092847 Well this wave should be much more colorful and eye catching then past Thor movie waves. If Hela has her headdress (probably only for a short time, if at all) movie Hela minimate would make for an acceptable comic Hela minimate stand in.
  5. I always thought the budget that needed to be met was the reason for so many human characters and spreading out the mutants. Did it make the waves less interesting..yes and that probably hurt sales. Also, the last two waves were released way too late and after the space episodes were almost done. That probably hurt sales as well. Shame cause the new season has been really good with some characters I'd really like to have and as others have said without Shredder's main team the line is incomplete.
  6. Awesome. KH II is better and that means we should get one or two Mickey minimates.
  7. So is Gotham done? Nothing was shown at Toy Fair. With no DC minimates I was hoping it would continue since the show is getting more "comic-like" with the character costumes.
  8. Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades. My only hope is that DST looks into the Young Justice license and it's available and minimates can be made. Most of the DC universe has been on the show.
  9. Kingdom hearts = Yay! Super excited for these DC as only vinimates. It is just like Batman 66 all over again.
  10. I sure hope that's Zach not wanting to give things away and this isn't Batman 66 all over again. 😭
  11. Does anyone get excited for vinimates? Very little chatter here about them and they are collecting dust at local TRU's.
  12. I believe it's from the Arkham City game.
  13. Holy $&!@ DC comics, movies, games and movies!!
  14. 80's TMNT nice.
  15. There's been several versions of Mega Man that would be recognizable, also Proto Man/Zero/Rush/Roll/Dr Wily are all recognizable to gamers.