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  1. fwoosheyman

    WWF Custom Minimate Preorder Thread

    Ordered and subscribed. There are so many variants of the Macho Man I’d buy. Same w Warrior.
  2. fwoosheyman

    Predator Minimates

    Meh. 😕 really wanted to like this but the trailer is generic and blah as you can get. Kids and "Scientist" Olivia Munn don't give me a lot of hope.
  3. fwoosheyman

    Infinity War

    Yes he has the appropriate head underneath.
  4. fwoosheyman

    Infinity War

    Cull’s skin color is wrong, eyes are the wrong color and the tassel was different colors on the movie, along w no club.
  5. fwoosheyman

    Infinity War

  6. fwoosheyman

    Any more best of waves?

    @MisterPL gets it. ⬆️ A comic guardians wave is desperately needed. We have one comic style guardian (Gamora) from long ago. DST made the whole team in more expensive Select form why can we not get them as minimates?
  7. fwoosheyman

    Infinity War

    @DSTZach are these really due out next week???
  8. fwoosheyman

    Animated Marvel 'Mates

    It took me 7 Walgreens to find this wave. The stores have stopped getting in every wave and are now only getting them in if they need new stock. Same w the movie mates. Out of those 7 stores only 2 ever got in the Infinity War due to a glut of Thor/Black Panther packs. At least around me the sale did nothing to thin out the peg warmers.
  9. fwoosheyman

    Infinity War

    A giant warehouse full of DST treasures. 🤔 hmm sounds familar.
  10. fwoosheyman

    Infinity War

    Pleased to see 4 packs for Walgreens and the Black Order should be completed. Unless it was budget issues I don’t see why DST would skip the Outriders and make Falcon, Gamora, Drax instead. I would think an army builder would be in more demand and sell a lot better.
  11. fwoosheyman

    C2E2 2018

    Hmm....old licenses coming back. There’s Halo, MvC, Street Fighter, LOTR, Terminator, TMNT, Tomb Raider, Rocky, BTTF, PvsZ, Spongebob, Mass Effect, Lost in Space and a few minor ones like Grimm Fairy Tales. Most are not that popular anymore or had full lineups. I can’t think of any but Street Fighter, TMNT or LOTR having any chance of selling.
  12. fwoosheyman

    Contest of Champions

    I’m part of a good alliance and we’re just now looking for a few new members. My name in the game is “Smashmaster X” (Gwenpool sig pic). Send me a friend request and check out our alliance (ACAA)
  13. fwoosheyman

    wave 75

    Just gloves and boots. I find it very plain, maybe I'm just used to Cap minimates having gloves/boots it just looks off to me.
  14. fwoosheyman

    wave 75

    I like this wave much more than wave 74. The selection and execution are much better, even with Quake being kind of a lame BAF. I found Wave 74 to be boring. Surtur and King Hulk are nice but the rest are just dull to me. I really like the Hydra Cap design but the minimate needs some sculpted pieces, all tampos just doesn't look right to me.
  15. fwoosheyman

    wave 75

    The 2nd Hobgoblin hood would be much better. Just have to paint it white, which is always a pain.