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  1. fwoosheyman

    wave 79

    Everything on the list is cancelled.
  2. fwoosheyman

    wave 79

    I wouldn’t be surprised given the way things have been going. It was a really weak wave and the move to 3 packs per wave didn’t make any sense. I echo what Swarm said this would have been better as some kind of full GOTG team w a BAF Cosmic Ghost Rider not a random assortment of cosmic characters. Also I agree w YB that DST’s thinking w minimates for the past year or more has been garbage. They say boxset are easier sells so where the @$&! are some marvel boxsets? DSTChuck says they couldn’t make more Endgame sets cause of “the schedule” yet a year later they are still making all kinds of endgame products and so are other companies. Make a damn Endgame boxset w final battle cap, Thor, iron man w gauntlet and Cap Marvel. That will sell. Why they haven’t tried blind boxes/bags again I have no idea. They can’t get into stores w their current way so try it with something that stores actually buy. Also, there’s no attempt to try anything “Kickstarter-like” or more modern ways. And who knows what’s next w Walgreens. They have a new buyer and he’s inherited an animated series that consists of the last scraps of characters from some unpopular animated shows and a movie series that doesn’t have enough movies per year now to support year round releases. Both of these series need to be revamped/replaced can DST actually offer him something good? Minimates is in desperate need of some kind of revamp/reintroduction w some new ways for them to be released and I don’t think DST current leadership has it in them to come up w anything.
  3. Found these in PA today. 2x each per case I agree with @Trekker 42 they would be better if they were fully venomized. However, the promo art shows everyone in a half/half state so I’m assuming that’s all DST had to work with. One thing DST could do is update the ”bleepin” insert. It’s still just stuff from 2017 and TRU waves. Minimates are on life support at least show stuff that can be bought to potential customers.
  4. Similar thing happened to me. Found them this morning and they wouldn’t ring up also the cases were all mixed (2x strange 2x Dracula and 2x strange 1x Dracula 1x Rocket).
  5. I can beat that. I checked local stores this weekend and found several restocked w wave 6. Stores are now packed w such great minimates such as animated iron fist, armor Spider-Man 🤮, Iron Patriot, etc. this wave is 2 yrs old why is this garbage being stocked now?
  6. So DST has Avatar now and we aren’t getting minimates. Booooo! This is torture! DST now have some of my favs Castlevania, Mortal Kombat, Avatar and we aren’t getting squat! Maybe they can get Hellboy next and not make minimates just to drive me over the edge. 🤯
  7. fwoosheyman

    wave 79

    Finally a cosmic wave! Yay! 👍 Some of the characters/costumes aren’t what I would have chosen but it’s still good. Definitely need another cosmic wave to finish up the guardians, watcher & gladiator would be nice too.
  8. Panel is at noon PST today hopefully wave 79 will be shown. I wouldn’t hope for anything more than that.
  9. I’m not surprised there’s no minimates for any other DST lines because they don’t have any other licenses, except Castlevania, that could make even one boxset that has a chance of being produced. Rocketeer? Black Hole? No chance too niche. After TMNT, Bruce Lee, Kingdom Hearts and Sonic all died I’m sure they are reluctant to try anything else. Although I believe the Sonic set didn’t do well due to really bad designs (except Robotnik they were ugly) Horrible character selection, along w an ugly Mickey design and the numerous quality issues w Wave 1 doomed Kingdom Hearts. The only positive is Walgreens is still getting new product (that’s a lot of sales) though the animated waves have become weaker (10 & 11) and since they are based on shows which aren’t very popular I wonder how much longer they will last. The lack of product worries me because people will move on without a steady stream. If we are down to 3-4 waves (only 6 plus a BAF) and a couple Walgreens waves per yr how many people will loose interest and what are the chances of bringing in new customers? There’s a Scorpion and Sub-zero bust in the DST display so they have MK in some manner but I wouldn’t bet on minimates being made. Although I’d sure like to be wrong.
  10. I thought DST stopped making sets that were based on current comic events due to low sales.
  11. fwoosheyman

    wave 79

    Almost every Marvel character has been requested by multiple people here so I’ve got no idea what the wave could be. I’d like a break from spidey/X-men for awhile. If 3 packs per wave means a move to more smaller waves per yr then that’s good in my opinion but if it’s still just 3-4 waves per yr, no comic box sets, etc I can’t see it as anything but bad.
  12. The costumes are slight variations on the MCU-look so I’ve got no desire for them. I’d still buy minimates from the PS4 game. Lots of good villain designs and a bunch of spidey suits that haven’t been made.
  13. Difficult to have a minimate panel when there’s no product to talk about.
  14. fwoosheyman

    wave 77

    Ehhhh I don’t mind the lack of legs for hydro-man since all kinds of spare legs can be used. I’ll take a BAF figure over some legs and other bits. Now the Miles figure is just straight trash and never should have been made. It’s one of those “WTF DST”decisions they make from time to time.
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