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  1. Deadpool 2?

    Please no more X-Force.
  2. Deadpool 2?

    I definitely be in for a Deadpool 2 wave or boxset. Not really interested in another Deadpool comic wave in its place. DST has done a good job with Deadpool (comic wave, TRU series, etc) that I'm set with comic Deadpool. What could another comic wave have that would sell other than another Cable, Domino, etc?
  3. Daredevil Netflix (& other show) minimates?

    I agree that you guys were in a tough spot w Iron Fist and Colleen Wig is the only reason I'm going to buy it.
  4. Daredevil Netflix (& other show) minimates?

    Surprised and disappointed there won't be a Defenders set. I was really looking forward to getting a new Elektra, Weaver's character and whatever else interesting the series will bring. Hopefully this isn't the end of the Netflix mates. I want a set for Punisher and Daredevil season 3. If the sales of previous sets haven't been great I don't see the coma-inducing Iron Fist set doing well at all (especilly considering the series wasn't good either).
  5. SDCC 2017 Marvel Minimates!

    Thanks for posting the video Bighurt. so gwenpool slide is TRU 24 and spidey slide is TRU 25.
  6. SDCC 2017 Marvel Minimates!

    Good stuff. I guess this wave is inspired by some of the earliest waves w things like chameleon, MJ & half head Spidey. Disaapointed DST went w Cat's modern look instead of her more recognizable classic costume, considering how bad the two previous minimates are. If TRU waves are now going to be 6 packs instead of 3 I'm all for more minimates.
  7. Thanks for the info. Wanted to get Gree but picked up the Spidey set too since it made the shipping free.
  8. SDCC 2017 Marvel Minimates!

    Good stuff. Thor waves look great, so colorful and well done. Wave 65 is looking good too. I'm not familiar with Iron Fist's tracksuit costume but it's so ridiculously over the top it's awesome. Glad to see DST trying out the BAF system. Quake doesn't do much for me since she's an easy custom but I hope it leads to more sales.
  9. Infinity War

    I still think it's Disney Store. They've had them in the past and have a relationship w DST. Also, they stock items specific to each Marvel movie. I could see them wanting minimates for each new Marvel movie.
  10. Infinity War

    Just give me Thanos, Black Order members and the new Spidey/Iron Man armors and I'll be happy. I've got plenty of versions of everyone else.
  11. Pacific Rim: Uprising

    Kaiju & Mecha minimates......SOLD! Please skip the humans DST.
  12. Thor: Ragnarok

    Mystery Minis are 2.5 inches tall and are chunky, Surtur could work w minimates. Looks like glow in the dark Grandmaster and a gladiator guy next to Surtur. Also one of them looks like Korg the Kronan.
  13. Thor: Ragnarok

    http://marvelousnews.com/index.php?catid=252&itemid=21923 looks like Surtur is in the movie (awesome design) as well. I'd rather have him than Heimdall, although Heimdall has a cool design as well. Also, there's a "barbarian" look for Hulk and a wolf? Does Hulk have a pet????
  14. Wave 73 - Spider-man Homecoming

    Saw it today and it was great. I'm starting the campaign for a Ned minimate in the sequel wave right now. He was hysterical. 😄
  15. wave 74

    Really???...Ashley Barton & another OML.