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  1. Had high expectations for this multipack and it exceeds them. Nice work DST!
  2. Would appear so. Several sellers on eBay have them.
  3. Thanks for the info. Luckly I hadn't opened my order from TRU.com so I was able to return and buy for a cheaper price.
  4. Yea I could only find them on the mobile app as well. Typical
  5. The other two sets are up on TRU.com
  6. Yup
  7. If anyone needs a set of Series 4, there are 3 full sets at a Walgreens near me. I'll gladly pick them up for cost + shipping. Just send me a PM.
  8. Perhaps Mcfarlane is just for retail and DST is for specialty?
  9. McFarlane did make 5" figures for Halo and Assassin's Creed. He lost Halo and changed Creed over to the red top/blue top 7" statues. There are still some Walking Dead 5" figures, they are now Walgreens excluvies and only because they asked. Everything else is the red top/blue top statues.
  10. I gave up on getting more Trek Minimates years ago. The lack of retail interest in Trek, DST's obsession w the original series & lack of creativity in Trek offerings doomed the chances. DST having the licenses for so many years and the only bridge crew we got from TNG is Picard and Sisko from DS9 is depressing. As people stated here numerous times 4-packs w extra heads should have been offered. With good character variety they would have been successful. DST is seeing now that 4-packs are easier for comic shops to sell. Shame they didn't see it then. 😓 Mcfarlane won't do much w the license. Interest is still low from retail and their current "red top/blue top" strategy is a dud.
  11. Found the TRU Magneto/Wolverine set in NJ today. Even packed case (4 of each).
  12. X, Sigma and Strider minimates please.
  13. Supposedly this is the line-up for the game. Definitely great potential for minimates on the Capcom side. Marvel side doesn't do anything for me minimate-wise except for Gwenpool and Ms Marvel. MARVEL: Iron Man, Captain America, Captain Marvel, Ms Marvel, Thor, Loki, Hulk, Hawkeye, Black Panther, Black Widow, Ant-Man, Spider-Man, Venom, Daredevil, Iron Fist, Luke Cage, Ghost Rider, Punisher, Ultron, Thanos, Star-Lord, Rocket (w/Groot), Doctor Strange, Gwenpool, Squirrel Girl, Fing Fang Foom (Giant Character), Wolverine, Magneto, Storm, and Doctor Doom. CAPCOM: Ryu, Rashid, Chun-Li, Zangief, Gill, Morrigan, Talbain, Tessa, Mega Man X, Sigma, Roll, Strider, Jin, Captain Commando, Edward Falcon, Asura, Gene, Dante, Leon, Ada, Wesker, Nina (BoF2), Spencer, Simon Blackquill, Phoenix Wright, Rathalos (Giant Character), Masamune Date, Batsu, June, and Frank West.
  14. I'm sure we'll get a Roxas eventually. There's going to be multiple waves.
  15. Read this info over on thefwoosh.com. According to the post this info straight from Zach. "There will be minimates and would include Sora (Kingdom Hearts II), Donald, Goofy, Auron, Demyx, Jafar, Shadow, Tron, and Sark."