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  1. they look so cute, i sure hope they make an iron man w/ mask that can lift up
  2. there all gone, but if u find one (your a lucky bastard) take pics and post them
  3. yes, but now it's gone
  4. thank you! and the blade, punisher, ghost Rider and daredevil was made because that was the one i was going to pick up before they cleared the shelves
  5. someone else in the forms has pictures i just cant him. i guess the word new at the beginning of the forum skrewed the whole thing up.
  6. i dont look at any street fighter packs, i have only looked at street fighter in wizard con chicago last year
  7. One 4 pack is Cap., spider women, sentry, spider-man i seen it didn't get went back and the whole minimate section was gone. they might just be cleaning out for the new series, but i just want to see who were in the other one.
  8. you know the xmen darktide movie + minimates, its like that but without the movie
  9. i would like to but all the toys r us are about 30min. away and i dont have a car.
  10. i live in Minnesota if that changes anything? they came out beginning of April.
  11. they arn't new i just seem for my first time like a week ago. there like new avengers, marvel knights, and 2 other 4 packs. i just want to know who's in each one, just to see if i dont have them?
  12. Who's in the new 4-packs? I think one set is Punisher, Blade and 2 other people
  13. Top 10: *WWII Captain American *Iron Man *Thor *Ultimate Spider-man *Zombie Colonel American *Venom W/ tongue *Zombie Spider-man *Hawkeye *Grey Hulk *Giant Man Spider-Man/Wolverine Variants: *Berserker Wolverine *Symbiote Spider-man
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