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  1. you should maybe add an affiliates bar or something, so that you could display members 88x31 banners to their forums/sites but in turn they would play a 88x31 banner to this forum on their site. Wuld help with advertising this place
  2. are these prototypes or the finished products?? as XManRCJ said itd been nice to see Jeans face darkened as the Phoenix
  3. they all look amazing!!! Beast looks awesome, along with Juggernaut who is equally awesome, this has to be my fav 2 pack from the set, the Colossus and Wolverine are amazing too, love the unforms, Storm is pretty cool too, I dont like her but she looks awesome in her X3 outfit, as does Jean Grey, was gonna get the Dark Pheonix 1 but I'll get this 1 instead. I need the whole set! I want these badly, any idea where (if anywhere) I can preorder them from??
  4. wow those are all sweet, I need the set! The Beast and Juggernaut have to to be my fav 2 pack there
  5. tht Professor X is awesome, definatly gonna try get that 2 pack, have to find it on eBay first though lol
  6. argh, god I just spent like £18 on the boxset just for the Collossus and Nightcrawler o well, thats awesome news anyway
  7. thanks both of you, and Donny do you know any sites with tips when cutting??
  8. tnx if it doesnt count (can the judge or mod or some1 plz tell me) then I'll do a new 1 of a comic cover
  9. lol really?? incase you couldnt tell, Im not very good at cutting stuff
  10. ok I made 1 but I did a film poster, hope its ok, I know it sucks but I had fun making it and Im not bothered that I wont win, just had fun doing it Mine: Original: I know it sucks but I'll enter anyway
  11. thanks, I wanna try do that sorta thing with others (trade mark poses etc) but I find it really hard lol
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