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  1. WOW, that is incredibly short sighted. Do you buy more online or in store?
  2. Wow Pete, that is incredible. Is that an at home commish or con?
  3. Thanks for sharing! Which GI Joe covers did you have?
  4. Hey arnim I uploaded a photo too. Hopefully that works.
  5. Finally got around to posing Scarlet Spider and putting together a diorama that i bought. I need to pull out some more legends. image upload
  6. Yes, I remember buying the season at Sams Club for $109.99!
  7. Thanks for the comments! My first exposure to Vision was in West Coast Avengers (my first series that I followed as a kid) when he was looking like Slim Goodbody and then got reborn as the White Vision. Here is my take on that version. Behold My Vision: West Coast Avengers Vision: photo hosting
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