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  1. Future Foundation

    Picked up my set last week at the Montclair Plaza here in SoCal. I only wanted Spidey, so if anyone wants the others PM me. $15 shipped.
  2. Who's ready for 19 AND 20 ?

    I ...have....MYSTERIO!!!! Two of them actually, along with the others. He is now my favorite MM!
  3. Who's ready for 19 AND 20 ?

    Must...have....MYSTERIO!!!! :tongue:
  4. Packaging of 19 and 20

  5. Scarlet Spider/Hobgoblin

    Thanks for the hook-up blacksun1520!
  6. Scarlet Spider/Hobgoblin

    PM sent Blacksun!
  7. Scarlet Spider/Hobgoblin

    How about selling that "brand spankin new set" to a fellow board member who can't find them.
  8. Scarlet Spider/Hobgoblin

    I don't have those trades, but I have Paypal and I'm willing to pay extra. Anyone?
  9. Packaging of 19 and 20

  10. New Spiderman 3 Movie Minimates!

    I'm happy, no complaints here.
  11. New Spiderman 3 Movie Minimates!

    I'm in Southern California and my local comic shop has them listed also. I will post after I get my set on Wed.
  12. Scarlet Spider/Hobgoblin

    I went to a local FYE today and asked them if they knew anything about it and of course they didn't.
  13. Rocky Set 1

    I picked up my Rocky set this weekend and noticed that there is no hair piece for Rocky with the robe, anyone else get this problem?
  14. free mates from DST out of the blue?!?!

    I received mine today as well.
  15. new waves coming out tommorow!!!

    Nothing here in Southern California today.