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  1. If it’s comic related I’m buying. Doesn’t even matter if I like the comics or not.
  2. Mystery Man

    wave 79

    Only part I don’t like are those shoulder pads. I need articulation!
  3. Agreed. I’m dying for a clean Bishop and Ferro.
  4. Whatever Luke has, I really hope he sells a lot of them so DST/Marvel lets him do stuff like this again. BUY IT UP, FOLKS!
  5. Has 11 been mentioned at all? If so I don’t recall the line-up.
  6. I mod just about everything Lego for Minimates. My opinion? See the solid gray block that is 4-dots long... the one near the bottom of the “wall” behind each figure in the bay? If you had 2 of those per bay it would fit a Minimate, I believe. Maybe even just 1 per bay... but without the set in hand I can’t tell for sure. Just buying that extra from Bricklink/eBay/Lego would be an easy and cheap mod. I’d suggest buying one set and using the parts included to see how much tinkering it would take, then go from there!
  7. Mystery Man

    wave 79

    Great ideas! I’d *LOVE* an updated Silver Centurion with shoulder pads using the Wolverine shoulder pad “tech”! I also like the idea of Ultimo but am swapping him out on my wish-list because he’s just too small. I can’t stress how much I wish Marvel would make use of Vinymates. Wasted potential on their part. Silver Centurion/Whiplash(Blacklash) Hydro Armor/Stingray Stealth Armor/Grey Gargoyle Modular Armor/classic Ghost BAF: Bulked-up classic Titanium Man
  8. This set as Minimates would be a beautiful thing.
  9. I’d eat a set of “Under Siege” villains up! Especially if it got me Grey Gargoyle and Mr. Hyde!
  10. I seriously want Glob from “Hulk #121”! What a great issue!
  11. Gimme Mockingbird’s #1 and #2, please.
  12. I filed down some of the under portion of the cape on Nighthawk, then glued it down. It’s why I buy extra’s!
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