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  1. They look terrific!
  2. It would be great to get some classic comic folks. Fantastic Four, Inhumans, Kirby.
  3. Same. I need that Shang-Chi as a Minimate so very much.
  4. Mystery Man

    wave 79

    That’s what I’m thinking. Have to see what color green matches first, though. My initial thoughts of this wave are: how cool... it would be if these were them in their 1970’s costumes.
  5. Mystery Man

    wave 79

    Yay for Darkhawk!! Wonder how I can kitbash that Moondragon into a classic one?
  6. Mystery Man

    wave 77

    That Miles? Shoulda been Vermin. Woulda been perfect.
  7. I like these a lot and can’t wait to get ‘em. That glow Godzilla is real snazzy! Fingers crossed for Ghidorah, Anguirus, Rodan and Mothra!
  8. I don’t think it’s too outlandish. But then, I don’t think classic Inhumans are either. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  9. I went ahead and ordered it just in case. Thanks anyway, though. Guess I’ll just have to wait for it to arrive and see myself!
  10. Resurrecting this thread. Can anybody with a Pumpkin King Jack tell me some measurements on his head? Width and height? Possible to use on a 5-6 inch action figure? How’s it compare to the Stay Puft Head, for example?
  11. Absolutely fantastic! I’m delighted that Luke, Zach and Chuck made this happen!
  12. If it’s comic related I’m buying. Doesn’t even matter if I like the comics or not.
  13. Mystery Man

    wave 79

    Only part I don’t like are those shoulder pads. I need articulation!
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