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  1. True. The only other way around it would be to tape ‘em in little bags underneath the feet. Heck, I don’t care! They just need to make ‘em!
  2. Mystery Man

    wave 79

    Yesssss! Vision could have solid and intangible parts too!
  3. Thanks guys! And yeah, I’m quite a collector of Masterworks, Omnibus and OHC’s:
  4. Me too! It’s got just enough Kirby/Lee in there and just enough Conway. Thanks for the original line-up that I worked from you did all the work! Being in the money men. Let’s get this thing in production!
  5. That’s what I’ll be doing, fa sho!
  6. “The Collector Commands!” OR “A Man And His Butler!”
  7. Thanks! I’ll get it now. I have a couple pics to upload and man, those Photobucket marks are tacky.
  8. Gimme gimme. Hot damn gimme. BUT a few changes to the FF line-up which will become clear will the other 2 boxed sets after it. She-Thing was omitted because this set feels much more 1960’s into the 1970’s and she didn’t even show up as Ms. Marvel until ‘85. Fantastic Four Friends & Foes "Lab Ready" Mister Fantastic (blue/black uniform) Solid Invisible Woman w/phasing parts (blue/black uniform) Red-uniform1970’s Johnny Storm Medusa (FF uniform) Crystal (FF uniform) Thundra Wizard Trapster Dragon Man Diablo The Inhumans Black Bolt Medusa (Classic Kirby costume) Crystal (yellow) Lockjaw Triton Gorgon Karnak Maximus Alpha Primitive Alpha Primitive* *But have an exclusive two-pack someplace of just Alpha Primitives. Bronze Age Marvel Classic Luke Cage, Power Man Classic Iron Fist (two chest blocks for with and without dragon tattoo) Son of Satan Brother Voodoo Count Dracula Killraven Deathlok Adam Warlock (parts for both Marvel Premiere #1 and Stranges Tales #180 looks) Updated classic Spider Woman First appearance She-Hulk
  9. What’s everybody using to upload pictures and attach them on here with these days? Photobucket has these ugly watermarks now...
  10. What we have is absolutely terrific and I’m grateful for all of it. But I also just wish we’d gotten clean Bishop and Ferro. This line is one of my favorites and it’s a shame that there’s nothing new on the horizon.
  11. Mystery Man

    wave 79

    A spiky version of the Thing would be nice. Or even re-releasing the last TRU one but with the blue/white tank top “4” look and a few other parts to have different looks. I absolutely will never be satisfied until we get the classic Inhumans. But then again, I also won’t be satisfied until I’ve got a Dragon Alan, Diablo, Max Thinker, Awesome Android, Frightful Four, Red Ghost, etc etc etc. I could make a whole line JUST out of the first, say 50 issues, of FF and be happy for the rest of my life.
  12. What I like are the options to display characters how we want them without resorting to customizing. I wouldn’t mind a Thor like that if you could remove the bicep cover on IF you wanted to. And if I saw one in person, I might actually like it! If they packed it with a bulked up Destroyer... that’d be a thing of beauty! Same thing with that Hercules. Had they a detailed torso under that awful chest cap, it would’ve been so much better. I trimmed off the shoulders on mine and had someone paint them, but that’s not an option for everybody. God how I hated that chest cap sculpt. I hated it in preview images and I loathe it now. Luckily I think the only noticable use of it I can’t work around it is, yep, Herc.
  13. Mystery Man

    wave 79

    They could either do a second set shortly before/after with the Fantastic Four or mix them two teams together. A classic FF could include a classic blue/black costume Sue that’s been long overdo for an update. Perhaps a “white hot nova” Human Torch (glow in the dark!) and also yield some fun villains like Dragon Man, Diablo, Wizard, Trapster, Psycho Man, even the Red Ghost with some non-poseable Super-Apes!
  14. Meh. He’s not as big as Thing or Hulk. I don’t need a giant muscley Thor. Reminds me too much of Liefield!
  15. I feel like the TRU 12 First Apprarance Thor is perfect. For me, anyways.
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