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  1. Everything’s either too light or too dark. Closest I could find were the classic Batman, Destiny, and the Frost Giants. good luck and hail Ivan
  2. The New Champions are newer. Plus making a Kamala would give them use of those nice shiny new Reed Richards parts they made.
  3. There is the… strange… Guardians of the Galaxy team from 2015. Kitty Pryde, Rocket, Groot, Thing, Drax, and Venom. It fits the lineup. I’d believe it more if we didn’t just recentlyish get that Guardians wave. However there’s no overlap in characters with that wave so it could be used to fill in the gaps that left us while also giving us a new Kitty. Having the Thing in it does overlap the FF set but maybe he could be swapped out for someone who joins up a bit later? Space Iron Man, Cosmo maybe?
  4. Plus Young Avengers was created in 2005. Hence my clarification question above. I was thinking the Champions myself. Kamala, Miles, Cyclops, Cho Hulk, Nova, Viv Vision
  5. As in “new team new name” or “new iteration of a previously known team?”
  6. Not unless there’s currently a running show of Gargoyles. Mystery License is still on the air.
  7. I’d rather see the Deluxe Minimates (as seen in the Aliens line) brought back for those.
  8. Didn’t Mikhail Rasputin possess someone once?
  9. Much as I like what I think you’re implying, Wanda as the Scarlet Witch is a must have for this film.
  10. With another six pack made entirely of the Big Cameos.
  11. Six pack of Rangers huh? maybe the movie suits?
  12. To answer your question, here’s the reasonably interesting looking characters I remember from each show that we haven’t gotten already I’d spoiler tag it but it seems I’ve forgotten how I tried three edits to get it going but nothing Sam Wilson Captain America, The Scarlet Witch, White Vision, Halloween versions of Scarlet Witch, Vision, and their children, Agatha Harkness, Moon Knight, Mr. Knight, Khonshu, Hawkeye, Kate Bishop, pretty much the entirety of What If but particularly Watcher and Captain Carter, Sylvie, Classic Loki, Alligator Loki, Kid Loki, TVA Loki, He Who Remains
  13. Oh that’d be a clever way to get those damn X-Mates out there. Just add a couple extra characters to the announced ones and it’d be great.
  14. It is worth mentioning thatRise of the TMNT is getting a Netflix movie this year so it is still going in a way. Could be those guys
  15. Just Nickelodeon and some Mirage box sets. 87 series got prototypes but they were cancelled.
  16. I thought legends was older but it did swap companies so maybe that makes a difference
  17. Some YouTube video Diamond put out. It’s like an hour long and shows off a lot of stuff but if you scrub through they’ll show up.
  18. Oh what a brilliant thing to do. Love the multiple heads. They all look pretty damn great.
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