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  1. I’d actually like to see a box set involving them. Give us a Venom similar to Venom Unleashed from that Through the Ages boxset but with a swappable no-symbol chest and maybe like an “exploding off of Brock because of a loud noise” effect, Riot, Scream, and whoever else they feel they’ll need to sell this box set.
  2. I just realized that we’re one Scream away from having everyone from the Spider-Man ride. Let’s get her at some point
  3. Especially if they're particularly cool versions of the characters. I'd like a Galactus with a Surfer as well. It's been a while since we've had a Surfer.
  4. I feel like the Bronze Age offering would need to be a redo of Infinity Gauntlet Thanos and either a Wolverine or Ghost Rider. Modern Age should be Kamala Khan Ms Marvel or Miles Morales Spider Man and The Maker. I say the Maker because he’d rep both a villain made in the modern age and the Ultimate Universe. I suppose as a BAF one should do some kind of Captain America as he’s the one guy who has remained continually relevant for every age of Marvel.
  5. I’d greatly appreciate a Fantastic Four that looks like But made with modern Minimate sensibilities and accessories. But if we were doing the 80th anniversary of Marvel comics in general then it’d have to be 1930s pulp heroes or ones who appeared within a year of October 1939. The Human Torch and Black Widow (Claire Voyant) Angel and Arakus the Vision (yes he’s a month off. I don’t really care because I like his design) Dorma and Namor BAF hell if I know. Phineas Horton? Unflamed Human Torch? That guy from the Marvels miniseries? The original Ka-Zar maybe. I kinda got to the bottom of the barrel for the 1939-1940 heroes.
  6. Trekker 42

    wave 79

    My guess is it comes to Disney+.
  7. But let’s not forget which of these companies made Zootopia and Moana and Frozen lately and which one made Monsters University Good Dinosaur and Brave. Honestly I think they’re about even at this point in Philosophy.
  8. Trekker 42

    wave 79

    Alright I guess I’m getting another Angela to never look at again. But CGR will be worth it. Still need to grab the Reyes one actually.
  9. Trekker 42

    wave 79

    Over in the SDCC thread Zach revealed Moondragon is the BAF.
  10. Oh good! I do hope you find a good fit. I’d like to see something slot into that Turtles/Ghostbusters/Aliens kind of area. Also Zach who’s the BAF of that Guardians series? (Pleasedontsayghostrider)
  11. I want Gor the God Butcher so SO badly for Thor: Love and Thunder but if what I’ve heard is correct and Hemsworth is doing two more movies (and the other one isn’t Guardians 3) then Gor would be a solid final villain for Thor.
  12. I think the difference here is Taika Watiti. Branagh and Taylor were most interested in the grand scale Asgardian epic stuff and less in grounded character moments. If you didn’t have powers those directors didn’t know what to do with you. Selvig suffered from that too. As wacky and huge as Ragnarok was, it was full of those moments which makes it more appealing to someone like Portman who can finally do something fun.
  13. Yeeeep. She’s gonna be in Thor: Love and Thunder
  14. Don't get me wrong I like the wave we got instead of Far From Home more than I probably would've liked Far From Home minimates but like... even so it's a gap. A gap that I'll always know is there. Taunting me. Staring into my soul. It just seems like such a natural point to cut myself off and never touch MCU again. Because I'll always know that "Damn there's that one movie they never actually bothered to make Minimates for and it would've gone right [points between Endgame and Widow] here in the collection." I dunno I may be crazy but that's just my thought process about continuing minimates for the MCU. Hell if all they made was a two pack of Advance Suit Spider-Man and Mysterio I'd call FFH represented, but having nothing from the movie just seems... wrong.
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