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  1. Trekker 42

    Antman and the Wasp

  2. Trekker 42

    Antman and the Wasp

    Oh so it’s Only other character who mattered would’ve been Janet and I doubt they gave much for reference for her. so yeah that’s not a waste of a spot. Well played DST. Movie is pretty good by the way. Somewhat forgettable but considering we just got Infinity War that’s not shocking.
  3. Trekker 42

    Toys R Us closing all 800+ US stores

    Someday everyone’s parents will die. But you’re still their child. Morbid as that is, the same principle applies. Our children will never get to be Toys R Us kids but we always will be.
  4. Trekker 42

    SDCC 2018

    They made Aphra an exclusive? bastards.
  5. Trekker 42

    Toys R Us closing all 800+ US stores

    I just walked out of Toys R Us. I will never walk in again.
  6. Trekker 42

    Antman and the Wasp

    I like this set. I really want this set.
  7. Trekker 42

    Infinity War

    Checking in from North Georgia and none of the three I hit got any of them.
  8. Trekker 42

    Deadpool 2?

  9. Trekker 42

    RIP Margot KIdder

    For me, no superhero movie is as perfect as Superman. Devious villain, a hero that heroes strive to be, a great challenge, and, of course, a woman whose tenacity and fire puts her in the worst places. A woman worth changing the course of history for. Margot Kidder was an icon. The Lois Lane that the greatest superhero film of all time had to have to make the equation work. 69 is far too young. Lois would’ve been so mad to die so early. So I can’t imagine how the equally feisty Margot felt right then.
  10. Trekker 42

    TRU 25

    If anyone is near Alpharetta Georgia or wants to come here, the tru has two and a half full cases of this wave. I’m not able to do the shipping out to people thing but I’ve got what I want so feel free to have at em. North Point Parkway TRU.
  11. Trekker 42

    Infinity War **SPOILERS**

    I’m extremely excited to see what they do with Ronan in this. Killing him in Guardians was maybe the biggest mistake of the MCU thus far. He’s got such a rich and interesting history and an incredible actor so I’m very happy to see he’ll have a second chance to be a good character.
  12. Trekker 42

    Infinity War **SPOILERS**

    The Skrull are the villains of Captain Marvel so I'm guessing we're going to see a heroic Ronan before he got mad at the Xandarians and became a terrorist.
  13. Trekker 42

    Toys R Us closing all 800+ US stores

    Luckily there will no longer be Lego TRU exclusives.
  14. Trekker 42

    Toys R Us closing all 800+ US stores

    Somehow, yes. It was. I was surprised too. Either that or the guy ringing me up didn't know it wasn't. I got a couple sets that they only had one of. I suspect the lego price will go down slightly more at some point before they implode and everything else I wanted they had a lot of.
  15. Trekker 42

    Toys R Us closing all 800+ US stores

    My location today had an extra 10% off everything beyond the original discount. So I got some legos as well as Assassin's Creed Origins. So we'll see how that goes.