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  1. Trekker 42

    Predator Minimates

    I’d say that it’s unlikely such an unpopular film would get minimarts but Alien Resurrection got minimates and so did the f**king Dark Tower so I guess as long as you’re not DC or Star Wars anything can get a minimate series.
  2. Trekker 42

    TRU Series 26

    Yeti will anchor a second series. The Squatch we have wouldn’t fit this aesthetic.
  3. Trekker 42

    TRU Series 26

    Coelacanth can't count anymore since it was actually discovered to still be alive. I think we'd pretty much have to do these all at the same scale unless you want to get Vinimates into the mix. Megalodon, Mokele Mbembe, the Krakken, and The Loch Ness Monster could fit there. I feel like a wave proposal. Why not? Sasquatch/Mothman Jersey Devil/Beast of Gevaudan Chupacabra/The Goatman A Grey/A Reptilian The Reptilian would have alternate heads for Richard Nixon, Rasputin, and King George III.
  4. Trekker 42

    Spider-Man PS4 It’s that guy.
  5. Trekker 42

    Infinity War

    God bless you and your meme.
  6. Well. Let’s not forget how they like to delete accessories between now and release. Anyone remember how Ra’s Al Ghul came out but without a sword?
  7. Trekker 42

    Spider-Man PS4

    True but you can almost make a wave out of what DST hasn’t made yet. Secret War, the main suit from this game, The Bulletproof Suit, The Spirit Spider, the dark suit, the one from this game’s endgame, velocity, Spider Punk, Last Stand, and 2099 White.
  8. Trekker 42

    TRU Series 26

    So has Bigfoot.
  9. Trekker 42

    TRU Series 26

    Probably the same time Infinity War Wave 2 actually comes out.
  10. Trekker 42

    NYCC 2018

    What a good pupper
  11. Trekker 42

    Spider-Man PS4

    As far as the game goes, I'm a little over halfway complete. I'm super stoked on more of this. And I want minimates of damn near everyone and most of the bonus costumes.
  12. Trekker 42

    NYCC 2018

    I’m hoping I’m wrong. Mostly because I want a box set with that look and the villains new designs.
  13. Trekker 42

    NYCC 2018

    Is it going to be the white spider costume from the Spider-Man game?
  14. Trekker 42

    MMC Reviews Discussion

    I keep getting an internal service error. Is this it? Is this the final days of the great Minimates Central? Has all been lost to time and sadness?
  15. And there would be no excuse not to make a Ghidorah. Affordable Godzilla toys that actually make the other kaiju are damn near impossible to find. And even if you find them they're usually unarticulated or barely articulated. Neca's Godzillas are nice but they just make Godzillas. I like Godzilla, but I want him to fight other kaiju.