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  1. Sounding off this time. I do really want this little buddy.
  2. The Dinobot question I have is will they release as bot or Dino? Obviously for most of these guys there’s really no question about it. They release as the robot who was once in disguise but does anyone really care what Grimlock actually looks like? He’s a T-Rex. That being said, I’d like a four pack of Dinobots with Grimlock as one of them and put someone else in the waves. Grimlock can be the Big Anchor Character of that set. Or make the pterodactyl an accessory. … speaking of accessories, I wonder how Soundwave’s tape buddies will be handled.
  3. So Soundwave and Megatron for the Cons Im gonna say Ratchet and someone we’ll never see coming for the autobbots.
  4. I mean he does look a lil doofy, but, unlike other Juggernaut remakes, he exists.
  5. I swear if that Animated Juggernaut never comes out imma cry. He needs his redo! He needs it!
  6. This time they’re gonna be a department in Macy’s.
  7. Actually Minifiend that’s exactly what happened. I remember being there for the first Yay Shot but I cannot remember what it was of or who requested them but they misspelled “tray shot” and it just… felt right. I feel like I should pin it on @hellpop regardless of who actually started it though. Him or @NerdyTrev
  8. God Age of Ultron was such a golden age of MCU minimates. I don’t think anyone who mattered got skipped. When the biggest possible complaint is that “Hawkeye’s Wife and Maria Hill got skipped” you really did nail it.
  9. I’ll keep a look out myself. I’ll have to start making the Walgreens rounds again especially when that Juggernaut drops.
  10. I accept this logic. sooooo wen we gettin em?
  11. Hey @DSTZach did you forget Deadpool was in XMOW too?
  12. Gorr? … is… he still purchasable or did I miss out?
  13. He was the first ever Deadpool Minimate after all. Assuming Ivan has everything in chronological order on his Database.
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