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  1. The first box set should be two Crystal skeletons, Shia LaBouef, and an alien.
  2. I hear there's a hell of a time trying to get likeness rights for the Bond actors. RE Harry Potter, if Fantastic Beasts 2 couldn't kill the franchise nothing will. But while I'd love Potter minimates I'm not gonna lie I'm really glad Lego got to it. I absolutely love the castle builds. LOVE them. It's kinda hard to think of properties that have wide appeal and could sustain a collectable minifigure line for more than a few box sets. Ask me about 6 years ago and I would've said Doctor Who, but recently I haven't heard anyone really give a damn about it. I can't see a world in which DST gets Star Wars anytime soon. Steven Universe has a massive fanbase and would make for great minimates, but there's not a massive character pool and there's little to no variation in the characters to have more than two or three box sets. Though I'd love to see DST have a bit of brand melding and make vinimates with some small amount of articulation (Like Godzilla's) for the Diamonds and the Fusions while making minimates of the rest of the cast. Over in video game land I could see God of War killing it as well as Smash Bros (Again there's no damn way that's happening though). Actually thinking about it, games may be the most fertile ground for something that could carry for a while. HALO did reasonably well if I recall correctly. COD would just be generic soldiers and Lego has Overwatch (Which I am slightly sad about since they really would be better as minimates) but nobody is doing Final Fantasy right now I don't think. Metal Gear doesn't have a toyline either. Would either of those be able to sustain a line? Ehhhh... Final Fantasy maybe and Metal Gear prolly not. But I still say God of War. Kratos has many different armors and weapons that could be thrown in so it's not like we'd be getting the same look over and over. Hell they could even throw in Cod of War in one of the sets. Then we'd have all the various gods and monsters and they could honestly make this waves and not box sets. Is it likely? No. But it does have potential as a multi wave license.
  3. I’d like to see a new lynchpin license. Something that can grab the imagination of consumers and last a few waves. Something like Alien or TMNT or Ghostbusters which isn’t necessarily going to hold up for 78 waves or so but also isn’t gonna lie incomplete like my precious Godzilla minimates. Nintendo comes to mind of course. We’ll never get Star Wars or DC I’m sure. Rick and Morty could possibly fit as well. But Marvel was something of a one in a million success story. It can never be topped. But another line like Alien would be welcome.
  4. God have they ever had worse years. Remember that New Avengers wave? At least minimates tend to actually be a quality product now.
  5. My hunt is finally over too. Now I just got to get a couple of the box sets. Canton GA is where I found them. I cleared out that Walgreens but I can confirm they are in Georgia.
  6. I’m gonna guess it’s a badge of honor from some alien race she saved.
  7. Yeah after all the success stories I too went out hunting and found absolutely nothing. Welp.
  8. Eventually it'll be Atlanta's turn. Eventually. But now I know it's on this coast which counts for something.
  9. If you’ve got Raging Hulk from Ultron you do have one. He was gray in the concept art but not in the movie.
  10. If you guys aren’t gonna be tagging those, may I suggest the thread name be changed to OPEN SPOILERS or something like that? @Shanester are you able to do that?
  11. Marvel was where they developed it actually. Marvel Series 1 was around a year before LOTR.
  12. And the first time Darkseid was made they didn’t think of it. So yeah. It was cool while it lasted but it wasn’t a long term thing.
  13. Even if it was, nobody needs to go reading through a bunch of pages just to find it. Thanks!
  14. Why bother? We have tags. Facebook does not. If we wanna openly discuss spoilers we can make a thread for that.
  15. There was a comic that was done on the late Minimate Headquarters that featured a Fake Gold Spider-Man. He was fanmade. Also RIP MMHQ
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