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  1. I also agree with BHM but mostly because I subscribe heavily to FTK
  2. I don’t think Who is quite the merchandise driver that it was in the Tennant/Smith days. I walk in the circles that would talk about Dr Who a lot and it seems it’s become as culturally relevant as Game of Thrones on May 20th 2019. Absolute quiet. Even the biggest most excitable Who fan I know hasn’t spoken a word about it in years. Something broke for her. And I thought she was unbreakable. I myself am excited for the return of Russell T. Davies to the show, but ever since halfway through Capaldi it just… vanished here in America.
  3. Any idea if we’ll get Shredder’s real face? I mean I can probably make him but it’d be nice to have an alt head for him since he doesn’t wear that mask blacked out for that long.
  4. Or maybe a Celestial? Arishem so someone can stand next to Galactus and it not look stupid? Though for the record I think it’s actually Shyam Gorath Alternately, Luke have you done Uatu yet?
  5. I forgot about Clea! Id be surprised if it was an Eternal as like… do they matter outside the context of the group? It’d be weird to get one without the others. Like making a Black Bolt Minimate and not making like… any other Inhu… oh wait. Still going with Shang given how well he’d fit with that upcoming street level box set.
  6. I hope I made it but I understand if I was too late.
  7. Cosmo would probably be a lil buddy like Lucky. but based on their prominence in the movie I’d be mad as hell if we got Adam and not the HE.
  8. I’d do Yar or O’Brien over Barclay (because I hate him) but yeah that right there… that is the Way. Although it has been long enough since a TNG mate that we all know they’d do Picard/Riker instead of Riker/Wesley
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