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  1. You’re making that, right? please tell me that was an announcement
  2. I especially like the MVC She-Hulk. And yeah like… the idea of a Hulk but a woman? Kinda lame. But the execution… By God they did wonderful things in the execution. Deadpool before it was cool to do Deadpool.
  3. And a new version of a WWII Red Skull to cap it off? I’d love to see a Torch that has parts to not have him burning. My QC Hammond ain’t much to talk about
  4. Yeah they didn’t really go too hard on changing designs from the first film. I think what I would’ve made for this one is: The Black Panther Namor Ironheart Mk2 Attuma Ramonda Midnight Angel
  5. I don’t remember Ivan retiring. Hell I offered to assist him once during another long dark period and he turned me down. You sure you’re not conflating it with Central?
  6. I’m stoked as hell to see the alt looks. I’m hoping one is a traditional Elektra and I can stop waffling on gettin one on EBay.
  7. While she left the show later than the Rangers you are providing alt heads for in the next set, Kimberley did indeed leave the show and was replaced by a character named Katherine.
  8. I still hope Mr Knight shows up.
  9. I really want to put Wiccan’s cape on his mom.
  10. For Classic, I’m gonna give it to Best Of Spidey with the web wings. Whether it’s a particular comic Spidey or not, it’s very Spider-Man to me. Big eyes. Cute little symbol. Bright colors. as far as alt looks, Zombie spider man hands down.
  11. They’re here! And they’re beautiful! Get these from Luke while you can, everyone. They’re easily worth it.
  12. Anyone put Lego Kermit head on Mate Kermit body? I feel like he’d be really good for it.
  13. I think to adequately do this you’d have to have two box sets: Heroes and Villains Heroes: Moon Knight, Ms Marvel, Shang Chi, NWH Finale Spider-Man, Kate Bishop, Mighty Thor Villains: Gorr, Wenwu, Scarlet Witch, Green Goblin (with parts for both classic and finale Goblin), Sylvie, Doctor Octopus. I know I’ve got two Spider-Man villains but honestly the only other villains I could think of who really need a slot were Agatha and Abomination and I honestly felt like it was more important to get a Doc Ock than either of those. Not only for this movie’s sake but for the sake of the Rami films.
  14. I dunno if I can fully express my happiness.
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