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  1. I can’t get another set but if I find Reed parts on Luke’s someday I fully intend to elongate my Reed further.
  2. Also I’ve heard some people have trouble with their Reeds but mine is not only perfectly fine but also one of my new favorite minimates. This is how Mr Fantastic should be. It’s beautiful.
  3. Yaknow man you make a good point. There’s only one character in this set (two if you count Loki but I’m not counting Loki) that has been made before. Minimates haven’t had this many previously untouched characters in the main waves since wave 69. Even the FF was remakes. Damn good remakes but still remakes.
  4. Yaknow I’m not much of a Young Avengers guy. Not unless Kamala’s involved somewhere. Even Kate Bishop, whom I greatly enjoy, shouldn’t be enough to sell me on this. But DST, you went and made a Lucky the Pizza Dog. So now I gotta buy this set. Damn you all.
  5. Those of you who didn’t love the show, I recommend the reboot film from a few years back. Especially if you’re asking yourself “why the hell didn’t this work for me?” it’s basically the Breakfast Club with super kung fu powers. Far better and more interesting characters than the show had and Elizabeth Banks having the time of her goddamn life acting like a jackass in the role of the villain Rita Repulsa. It’s not everyone’s thing, but it casts a wider net than the show did and while the pacing is slower than one might expect the characters are strong enough that you don’t mind. I also enjoyed Boom Studios’ Power Rangers comics a lot. If you don’t want to try to jump into the Deep Lore, check out their crossovers with the Justice League and Godzilla. The Justice League one is even written by Tom Taylor so if you like the Injustice comics, this stands a good chance of being something you’d like.
  6. Also can anyone’s head go in the jar? I want to put so many people in the jar.
  7. Yeah Scott’s head in a jar I probably would’ve replaced with Black Panther.
  8. well I’ll be damned. It’s a good set.
  9. But that show isn’t MCU. It’s probably What If…? given that most of them have technically had figures before. New designs of old characters with the Watcher thrown in?
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