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  1. Trekker 42

    wave 79

    CGR looks real nice. Well done on a really great character.
  2. LEGO is definitively too small. I can say that for sure.
  3. Sooooooo... any chance of a little sneaky sneak picture of the X-Men wave? Or even just Juggernaut?
  4. And the sculpts were beautiful. The Sauron is still one of the best toys I’ve ever seen.
  5. Those damn things hold up to this day. It may be the gold standard for a mass market toyline... ever.
  6. They weren’t really a storyline as far as I know. They were more of a... background concept.
  7. Secret Wars Zombie Pack? Future Foundation was also a good set and a generally well liked story if I remember right. Before AOA had a couple solid gems. Secret Invasion, Thunderbolts, Marvel Zombies. Stories that are liked and had genuinely great minimate sets.
  8. God I’m gonna have to hunt the hell out of Walgreens for the Juggernaut if he fits with comics. The Excalibur one has been my biggest grail. I’d basically count my minimate collection complete if I had a Juggernaut worthy of the name.
  9. I’d love to. I’ve mostly got Marvel/MCU and I have none of the packaging, but I can take as good a picture as you can get with an iPhone. Can Wordpress be done without a PC? All I have is this phone, but if it can be done I’ll do it.
  10. I’d greatly appreciate at least Xavier and Magneto in their current costumes. Xavier especially.
  11. Maybe we’ll find out when we see the movie! oh wait
  12. I think so far you’re the only person I’ve seen who actually liked it. Maybe design-wise a missed opportunity but as far as marketability goes its a dodged bullet.
  13. I’d be here for it. I just want him to be made this time. It’s not Godzilla without Ghidorah.
  14. I know that we need to support things in order for more to be made later, but frankly I’m not getting burned again. When Ghidorah is announced I’ll go back and get the rest of them.
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