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  1. Unless maybe they do one Jaegar and one battle damaged Jaegar per pilot. Because you know those buggers are gonna get smashed in this movie. It'd get a few more uses out of the new molds too. Or put the other pilot under the set's Kaiju ala Terror Dog. People will buy two sets each as it is for the pilot and the Jaegar alt looks. Can't hurt to have the Kaiju have one too.
  2. That'd be magnificently delightful. We'd get a Blackheart, a Phantom Rider, a nice updated Ghost Rider, a civilian Johnny Blaze, Mephisto, and in the place of the Random Love Interest of the film let's put Lady Death. That'd be a damn near perfect wave right there not gonna lie. I'd order every single pack of it. Brand it as wave 15 and you'd be all caught up. They could just say it was stuck in Development Mephisto's Realm. As for what we're getting here I loooooove it. Not all that big on the one with Gwenpool but I'll grab the Scarlet Spider pack. But I'll be getting two of that Chameleon pack if it's packaged as shown. We get a Spidermn and a Chameleon and a MJ and Peter all in one glorious package? I'm so in. The other two I'll probably grab just because I'm there.
  3. "I did naht hit Thor it's not true it's bullsheet I did naht hit Thor I did naht. Oh hi Hela" so gonna make a Tommy Wiseau out of that Loki.
  4. Collector would be an option, but he was a large part of the movie and people now know who he is. Perhaps Alastair Smythe? A Spider-Slayer suit Smythe? He's not very much in the public conscious and he was completely glazed over in the one appearance he had in ASM2
  5. The only way I think I'd care about getting the humans is if they put them under the armor of the Jaegars. Just make them alt looks.
  6. I grabbed a set at the Alpharetta TRU. Beautiful set of figures there.
  7. Ages of Thunder? Never would have guessed that one. I love that story. My only absolute must-have here is Hulk and Red King. But I really like how this turned out. May wind up getting the others anyway.
  8. I actually found that villain zombies set you mentioned, but also the Back to the Future Delorean. So yeah. Weird.
  9. Well. To be fair. much MUCH bigger spoilers below
  10. Aw poor Odin. He gets left out of this run and the last movie's too. Now the only Odin is the one whose head won't stay on consistently.
  11. Does Banner count as a separate character from Hulk in this case?
  12. This sounds more like what a complete line for Kingdom Hearts is to me. Though I'll admit I can go without the Final Fantasy Characters if I have to as long as I get the main cast of Hearts and the Disney partners and villains (plus Maleficent as she didn't have a specific partner to fight her with in KH2. In the first one I guess it would be Beast) EDIT: and each of the Disney world character packs should have that world's Keyblade packed in because I say so. Sora also should get his drive forms and pack in with those some of the non-Disney Keyblades.
  13. Even on a day as dark as this, I can think about the Bright Knight and smile. Adam West was a source of endless joy in our world and I can't do anything short of thank him profusely for it. I just wish I could've done it in person.
  14. Is this villain supposed to be unmade or an update? Could be Dormammu or Molecule Man. Both big cosmic threats and Dormammu has never been made for comics version.
  15. May the force be with you.