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  1. So... TRU and likely Disney store. They've carried some stuff before.
  2. Eight characters does leave us room to have a Banner if you count him as the same character as Hulk though.
  3. Toys R US's first boxsets. Then I tracked down oh so many more.
  4. I'll be picking up the TRU sets. Not sure about Tinkerer. It'll depend on how big his role is in the movie. Peter looks so sad.
  5. Confirmed sighting in Alpharetta GA. Now I've got everyone!
  6. Do this but remove the spaces inside the brackets [ spoiler ] [ /spoiler ]
  7. I absolutely fucking loved this. Like way more than I thought I would and I'm no old school fan. Until I saw Linkara's History of Power Rangers I couldn't name a single character besides knowing them as [insert color here] Ranger. But this movie... damn this was a good time. All those actors have a career ahead of them because they took Power Rangers and managed to make the serious drama scenes not only work but stand out. Where were these guys for Transformers? So... good... 8/10. Better than Kong. This bitch better get a sequel or I'm gonna be so mad.
  8. There is no Fant4stic. Do not speak of it.
  9. Or when anyone but James Marsden is Harry Dresden. I feel ya.
  10. They could go with the explanation Strange gave which was essentially "it's kinda science but fuck you it's magic and we're never gonna mention that it's something other than magic ever again"
  11. I dunno. The story is over 10 years old at this point and it's a fairly well-known look that even people who aren't necessarily comic readers might know from the inmates film since it's on Netflix. And its possibly the most well-known story the Hulk has ever starred in himself. When I ask people for Hulk stories to read, Planet Hulk is always mentioned first and then World War Hulk second. Often nobody can think of a third actual story that's a must-read (although sometimes they throw in a few of the Hulk-Wolverine incidents). If Hulk has a classic story at this point, Planet Hulk is it.
  12. What about a First Appearance hulk? Or we could get the full gladiator Hulk from Planet Hulk with weaponry and a helmet considering his appearance in Ragnarok is gonna be Planet Hulkish.
  13. I picked it up but I'm having difficulty progressing in the story because I just keep dicking around and shooting robot dinosaurs. I'm kinda annoyed with myself about it but... robot dinosaurs. And shooting them in the face. It's irresistible. One time I got ganged up on by a pack of scrappers, a Sawtooth, three watchers, and the dragon-y one. Bellowback I think. It hurt. It hurt a lot.
  14. There are no more guns in the valley.
  15. This was glorious. If he ever plays this character again it's a disservice to this film. Because THIS is how you end a character. Beautiful film.