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  1. I think so far you’re the only person I’ve seen who actually liked it. Maybe design-wise a missed opportunity but as far as marketability goes its a dodged bullet.
  2. I’d be here for it. I just want him to be made this time. It’s not Godzilla without Ghidorah.
  3. I know that we need to support things in order for more to be made later, but frankly I’m not getting burned again. When Ghidorah is announced I’ll go back and get the rest of them.
  4. Aw man... I didn’t want to like these. My MCU display is full up through Endgame and looks amazing. But I really like these. Especially Taskmaster and Red Guardian.
  5. Sauron is still my favorite Minimate of all time I think. Perfect combination of intimidating and utterly adorable and that cape is still just so neat. It’s a great depiction of a great design.
  6. By God a revival of Lord of the Rings minimates with modern Minimate techniques would be so nice.
  7. Well that and the fact that Alien Covenant was... just kinda miserable.
  8. I enjoyed greatly the one BAF I actually managed to complete (Spider Slayer) but if it didn’t work it didn’t work. I just wanna see what’s in 81 now.
  9. That Mini really was spectacular. too bad the one I bought was missing the faceplate.
  10. This wave was not made for me. But I’m very glad it was made for the people it was made for.
  11. I could do with a remake of part of the OG Zombie set. Wolverine and Hulk in particular didn’t age great.
  12. I really want this to be what they’re doing. It’s astounding.
  13. Lego is definitively still a thing for sure. Beyond that, I can say toys at places like Target and Walmart barely move.
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