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  1. I admit I wanted him off the project, but not like this. Damn, man. I'll say this much, considering his daughter died in march I'm very impressed that he continued production for two months like he did. His tenacity and passion is admirable, but I'm also glad to see his priorities and energies focused in the right place. Somehow, despite the fact that I hate all but one of his movies, this made me respect the guy more. Props to Whedon too for finishing the thing. His involvement likely won't have much effect on the final product, but at this point he's directed both the Avengers and the Justice League. The man has credentials that's for sure.
  2. I've been told certain religions have camps for such a thing but they're generally considered ineffective and occasionally inhumane. ... honestly though I'd take something heavy, tape it to the end of one, and find something to hang it from and maybe it'll de-curl eventually.
  3. Part of it. The Vulture and Shocker packs with an Iron Man and Happy Hogan exclusive.
  4. Please be Thor and Darryl.
  5. [looks around] [cough] I uh... not big fan of marvel comics at the moment. Love the movies. Man Thing is a fun read. But... yeah... im just here waiting on DC to formally bring back one of my top 5 super-teams, The Justice Society of America. They'll get there. Someday. Wave 74 tho... dats a lotta minimates, yo. [quietly goes back to reading Silver-Age crises on multiple earths]
  6. Is the box set still gonna contain figures seen in the assortment or is that redundancy eliminated?
  7. BLACKHEART. They never did make that f**ker did they? Yeah he's about due, after we get Toad.
  8. Legit though I feel like there's nothing that really got missed here. I'm not sure if that comes down to it being a relatively smaller cast for a film or if it's that they got DST some reference material pretty quickly but I greatly appreciate it. Even the first Guardians lacked the three main Novas, the Collector, and Thanos. This? Kraglin and even then he's QC-able. Doctor Strange also felt complete and I'm liking the precedent it sets. I hope DST keeps it up what with how these movie waves are usually one-and-done unless it's AOU or Civil War big.
  9. Wouldn't mind an MCU version of the characters in the Stan Lee cameo. The rest I couldn't care less.
  10. Anyone else get a look at this badass thing? Its about 3 feet tall, and it comes with 3 microfigures of astronauts which you can see if you look very closely next to the landing module. Plus that landing module fits inside the rocket which separates in the same stages as the original thing complete with each stage's rockets. I haven't been this impressed with a Lego set in a long damn time. Especially since, at $120, it's one that I feel like I can afford and is good value for what you get. I could never bring myself to drop $500 on that Death Star even though it's packed with cool stuff. This though? This I won't mind dropping $120 on.
  11. After seeing this movie, I have to say DST did a good job picking characters to offer. Only remotely major character left out was Kraglin. Impressive work guys.
  12. Ya gonna draw his mini mate, yes.
  13. Silk Spectre and Ozymandius? Yeah those were new and they look GREAT. The Alien Neomorph was new as well and I don't remember seeing StockmanFly before either.
  14. So... TRU and likely Disney store. They've carried some stuff before.
  15. Eight characters does leave us room to have a Banner if you count him as the same character as Hulk though.