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  1. You’re right about the assumption but it does have the photo which does show the word “minimates” So there is that.
  2. Universal sold some in IOA’s comic shop back in the Spider Man Friends and Foes (or whatever that Ock pack was called) days. Dunno if they have since.
  3. Jabba, Crumb, and Bikini Leia or Guard Lando or Blind Han sounds right. Bikini Leia being the right answer but I don’t know if they’re still marketing that outfit.
  4. What, you don’t want a Crash Test Doomy minimate?
  5. Ahahahahahhhhh so it’s not Far From Home. Regrettable. But Spider-Verse is still on the table and that... that is not so regrettable. I could also go for the first two Rami films to round out that particular group since we got Spider-Man 3 but never 1 or 2. Also this is a prime opportunity to release The Lost Ghost Rider Wave. I don’t think they should release the Lost Ghost Rider Wave. But this would be an opportunity to do so.
  6. I WANT THAT JUGGERNAUT. He’s exactly what I wanted.
  7. Yay! Rooting for Ghidorah.
  8. Hate to be a bother but was there any word on this?
  9. Personally I’m hoping it’s Far From Home. A Spider-Man/Mysterio two pack. Either in the Night Monkey suit or the final fight suit. I don’t care. I’m just sad we don’t have that Mysterio.
  10. ... I like the cap minimate. it looks nice.
  11. And with Avengers continuing to drop characters you can always just throw out a couple two packs from each DLC. A character and maybe whatever villain that character’s dlc centers around. Not to forget of course the Morales game and any other Spider-Man sequels coming.
  12. I guess I should ask then, is there any chance of a followup to get the characters we don’t have yet?
  13. Yeah oddly enough I have 0 intention of getting the game but I want these minimates and the hopefully coming follow up with Ms Marvel, Thor, Modok, and honestly who cares I just want those three.
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