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  1. Trekker 42

    Sonic The Hedgehog

    Remind me. Have we seen protos for the other couple Sonic characters who actually matter: Shadow and Knuckles? I like this box set but I don’t want another Godzilla on my hands.
  2. So the designs for KOTM have been released by our friends at SH Monsterarts. And they're FANTASTIC. I miss Minimates even more now.
  3. Trekker 42

    wave 77

    Or maybe a Once Upon specific one. We get Deadpool and Domino and Cable but the fourth is Fred Savage. Either that or it is just Deadpool 2 and the fourth is Firefist. Too bad we won’t get a Juggernaut.
  4. Trekker 42

    Where did everybody go?

    I still like to crop up from time to time see if anything neat has been announced. I post occasionally but not like I used to. It feels like Minimates aren’t as important to me as they once were. I’ll grab MCU ones but nowadays that’s about it. Until Godzilla comes back that is
  5. Trekker 42

    Stan Lee passes away

    I’ll copy my Facebook tribute here: What can be said about Stan Lee at this point? He made a universe of icons that persist to this day. And he owned it. Never stepped away and never tried to disown his own creations. To the day he died he was there making legends happen. Until he became a legend of his own. He may have left us now but, really, he can’t leave us. His spirit will forever live on in a responsible young man from queens, four intrepid explorers, an industrialist, a wizard, a god, and so many more. Nuff said.
  6. Trekker 42

    The missing movies wave

    Take the wings off an extra Anthony and you’ve got a big ant
  7. Trekker 42

    Ask Zach

    I need to watch Castlevania season 2 before I jump onto any other Netflix show.
  8. Trekker 42

    Daredevil Netflix (& other show) minimates?

    You put Poindexter in the Daredevil suit but with an FBI jacket as an alt look and put Nadeem’s head in there you’ve got a solid multi-look minimate right there. I could see DST putting Melvin in over Maggie if only because of the toy-friendliness of him. Saw blades and the Gladiatorish shirt and all that. Id be all over a box set from this season what with it being the best Netflix marvel season in a while maybe ever. Punisher was the last one I bothered to finish until now. I was gonna finish off Iron Fist S2 just to annoy my girlfriend who knows I’m wasting my life with that show but then... no. No I don’t think I’m going to take that kind of time.
  9. Trekker 42

    wave 77

    A Nightwatch movie? 1. God they’re getting desperate 2. The hell is a Nightwatch?
  10. Trekker 42


    Oh okay
  11. Trekker 42

    wave 77

    They’ve never made a Spider Slayer far as I can remember.
  12. Trekker 42

    wave 77

    Could be Wolverine, Classic Avengers, Defenders, or maybe that wave with the X-Men and Brotherhood members. Those are the most recent themed waves that didn't correspond with a Marvel event. Maybe an older version of the Defenders and Ghost Rider is the character shared? He was on the team once. Strange could be the Recently Made character since he was in the movie.
  13. Trekker 42

    BC Avengers Wave

    Aside from him wearing Thor’s hat, maybe.
  14. Trekker 42

    Bruce Lee

    Norris? Id be up for a box set with Bruce and some colorful Kung fu motherfuckers from Enter the Dragon. Damn I wish Iron Fist was just an enter the dragon remake with superpowers.
  15. Trekker 42

    Toys R Us closing all 800+ US stores

    Mine’s a Halloween store now. Which seems oddly... appropriate putting it in the corpse of a giant.