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  1. Licenses We Are Developing But Haven't Announced

    Mario too. Also Pokémon, Fire Emblem, Crash Bandicoot, Call of Duty, and Dragon Quest. The new Doom is fairly recent although there's only been a few Dooms.
  2. Pirates of the Caribbean

    Or use this hand. Compass may not be round, but this is more size accurate than the cosmic cube. (HAIL IVAN)
  3. ABCs Inhumans

    Two movies. He did Ultron too.
  4. ABCs Inhumans

    Ohohohohohoh.. they fuckin didn't. Not even a little bit. Everything except sweeping grand shots of Hawaii (interesting setting not gonna lie) look intolerably awful. But dammit Black Bolt is so charming and Ramsay is so delightful. Rest of the cast can fuck right off, but I'm in for those two. @MisterPL if this isn't part of the MCU then Agents of Shield isn't. One of the inciting factors of this show is Black Bolt sending Triton to gather the inhumans on earth that exist because of events of that show and bring them to Attilan so they can be protected. It's canon.
  5. Yeah they didn't pull a Borders. This seems more... early K-Mart.
  6. ABCs Inhumans

    Soooo... Anyone else actually go to the IMAX premiere? I work at a theater and so I saw it for free, but holy fuck man this was really damn bad. Like so baaaaaad. But strangely enough Black Bolt and Ramsay were intriguing enough that I'll probably finish it. However it's inexcusable how uninteresting everyone else is. Gorgon is a meathead stereotype. Medusa is too intense for her own good (pretty much a not-evil Cersei Lannister). Crystal is a block of wood and I still don't know what her power is. And Karnak is so boring I don't think they bothered to say his name. Puppy is a good puppy tho. Attilan looks like an Apple Store. This was stupid. But I wanna know how it ends.
  7. Inclusive line

    ABC's Inhumans obviously.
  8. Inclusive line

    I mean... Lego. Lego is mine. But I do like Figuarts Kaiju line. If I had the money I'd jump onto that.
  9. So... Sell TRU to Disney. Got it.
  10. Licenses We Are Developing But Haven't Announced

    Speaking of Superheroes... South Park The Fractured But Whole would be a delight.
  11. wave 74

  12. wave 74

    The Ghost Rider I'd like is this guy but less doofy looking: http://minimatedatabase.com/figure.php?i=148&n=Ghost+Rider Dunno about Heinous though. (HAIL IVAN FIRST OF HIS NAME KING OF THE ANDALS AND THE FIRST MEN)
  13. The End of Minimates?

    If I threw it together you'd solicit the first three movies worth and in that you'd get the GoldenTrio, Snape, Dumbledore, Hagrid, Lupin, and Sirius with a few others. The only HUGE character that I save for the later sets are Voldemort and Draco Malfoy. Malfoy is in Half Blood Prince and Voldemort is in Hallows.
  14. The End of Minimates?

    Man Harry Potter could've worked so well. You could pretty much get everything you need out of the line with a four pack made per movie (or book). One of the Goldeneye Trio per pack, one DADA teacher, two supporting characters... might miss out on someone like Tonks or some of the Weasley family and maybe a bigger Death Eater or two, but you'd have almost everyone important.
  15. The End of Minimates?

    Man the day minimates end will be a sad one but it's not coming anytime soon. And on top of that it's among the most comprehensive toy lines of all time. If it dies, it dies happy. Until then, long live the minimates.