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  1. Those aren’t from the Falcon and Winter Soldier series. Those are Black Widow. What our buddy is looking for is Falcon, Zemo, Winter Soldier, and John Walker Captain America
  2. An extremely necessary great updated Dark Phoenix. #abominationnext
  3. An extremely necessary great updated Dark Phoenix. #abominationnext
  4. I already got the Ghostbusters one but I wanted to say I had no idea this existed and I absolutely LOVE this.
  5. I’m excited for it to become his new villain next year. but honestly I think it looks pretty dumb. But maybe it’ll be an excuse to get a two pack with a new Mr Negative or Scorpion or something so... sure. Why not.
  6. Well I don’t have one so... that’s neat. I’d like it.
  7. I finally decided to buy myself the Aliens Deluxe sets and boy are they just the absolute best. I wish they’d kept this going. Especially for Godzilla so we could get a worthy Ghidorah. Alien Queen is one of my favorite minimates ever. Right beside Sauron.
  8. Ah I would’ve been satisfied with a box set at the time considering they would’ve had to take spoilers into account. That set would’ve been Advance Suit Spider-Man (parachute accessory) Mysterio MJ Night Monkey Now given that we’ve had some time to let the spoilers set in I could see a 3 2-pack wave coming from this Advance Suit Spider-Man/MJ Mysterio/Maria Hill (with Talos’s wife alt head) MoCap Suit Mysterio (because ya damn right I want this variant SO badly)/Night Monkey
  9. Having a gap just bothers me. Like they’d done so well getting every movie represented but then not only do they skip one they skip the one with some of the most fun designs of the entire series.
  10. I’m a little bit on the side of Minifiend here especially since the streak is broken and Far From Home got skipped. Otherwise, a specialty boxset with Walgreens supplement wouldn’t be bad. It was a bit sparse for Endgame but I’m willing to bet DST wasn’t given the resources to really make something out of Endgame the way it deserved.
  11. While I have no idea what the hell else you’d do for Wandavision since next to nothing about that show has been revealed, I want the Halloween costumes.
  12. Problem with the Sentinel is that no matter how army-build able it is theyre always gonna be the wrong damn size. Hydra and SHIELD are probably the right answer but I also find them to be a somewhat boring answer and I’d like to find something that is a bit more dynamic and interesting even if it’s not as prevalent in the universe. And if it’s something where we’re choosing just one single enemy I think it kinda has to be a villain. Because where’s the fun in seeing the heroes go into a fight as an overwhelming force where the villain stands no chance? I think the answer is the Hand
  13. Yaknow, they really should consider getting a new SKU for minimates at some point soon so they can, Yaknow, clearance some of the ones that have been there since 2017.
  14. Block them, BHM. There’s nothing worth that sort of irritation. Should a minimates wave be announced, someone here will tell ya.
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