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  1. With 80 apparently being street themed I know it’s not gonna be X-Men related but not gonna lie I’d really like a House/Powers of X Wave Xavier/White Queen Magneto/Cypher
  2. There is only one Lord of the Mates. Only one who holds a case of original Hulkbusters. And he should not relinquish power.
  3. I kinda want these but I feel like final purchase decision will happen when they’re in my hand. I really do appreciate the Captain America one though. I wish he had a fully Venomized left leg. Never really liked these mid transformation characters.
  4. Bricklink is obtuse to navigate at times but it truly is the best place to get individual pieces.
  5. The Ghost Rider from that wave and Maaaaaybe Sam Elliot are the only two I’d want from that sad little collection.
  6. I think I'll just be picking up the Beast and Archangel sets. I never liked 90s designs of... really damn near anything and I've already got a good X-Factor Cyclops and Jean. But I want that Beast real bad.
  7. I've got two near me and nothing particularly new has shipped, unfortunately. But they'll come around eventually.
  8. I see a Wookiee bowcaster on the far left but not sure of the line it would’ve come from. And dead center under the really long barrel gun looks like Han’s blaster.
  9. To be fair it’s have to be called Ulti-Mate
  10. I’d buy the hell out of an Ultimate Mr Fantastic but only if I knew I’d be getting the rest of the FF in that costume as well. [glares at Best Of Mr Fantastic] Ultimate Venom with tentacle attachments, exploding symbiotic base, and an unattached symbiote accessory as well as a Spider symbol chest and a blank chest? Plus the ability to make him hella buff or a skinny boy.
  11. Trekker 42

    wave 79

    Okay I know what you meant but I now need Gamera in Guardians 3
  12. I’d actually like to see a box set involving them. Give us a Venom similar to Venom Unleashed from that Through the Ages boxset but with a swappable no-symbol chest and maybe like an “exploding off of Brock because of a loud noise” effect, Riot, Scream, and whoever else they feel they’ll need to sell this box set.
  13. I just realized that we’re one Scream away from having everyone from the Spider-Man ride. Let’s get her at some point
  14. Especially if they're particularly cool versions of the characters. I'd like a Galactus with a Surfer as well. It's been a while since we've had a Surfer.
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