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  1. I guess that all depends on how limited the production run was on these. I’m willing to wait for a little while, but I do very much want the Deadpool two pack in particular.
  2. I wouldn’t buy that set. but I’d respect it.
  3. Please! I love this lil guy and he feels like a missing link in my soul.
  4. I feel like for our own sanity we may have to keep using “waves” unless this is to become LCS Set One
  5. My only disappointment here is that Johnny doesn’t have a hairpiece. But I’ve got enough Captains Americas that I can spare a blonde. It’s an FF in consistent costumes with the exact accessories I wanted with them. Nobody’s half translucent or 100% on fire. And I love these black and blue outfits. Plus a solid variant for Surfer and Doom. yeah I’m okay with the $50.
  6. I always call it a “semi-improvised stunt show” Like that Indiana Jones show they have at Disney World but with more freedom to jazz it up between hitting the big beats.
  7. So we got a TV license, something still running, not a streaming original and not any of these listed shows: South Park Golden Girls Rick and Morty Game of Thrones What We Do in the Shadows The Walking Dead Saturday Night Live Top Gear Impractical Jokers Simpsons Grey’s Anatomy It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Bob’s Burgers Dancing With the Stars Family Guy Aight detectives. What’ve you got?
  8. I would fucking cry tears of fucking endless beauty if we got What We Do in the Shadows. I want an entire boxset based off of the Jackie Daytona episode. Also isn’t there a New Licenses thread in TV we should move this discussion to? @Shanesteryou can swap posts around, right? Put GI Joe back on track.
  9. Booooo I was hoping for Cobra Kai. Rick and Morty would be greatly welcome though. I do wonder if the price increase will cause more… careful selection of characters? Like I could see those beautiful Spidey mates released with FFH being sellable at 50, but that recent Guardians wave that cut out Drax and Groot but had, of all people, Angela… seems less likely.
  10. I’d actually pay that for a cohesive complete Fantastic Four team with the accessories shown in the art not a whole lot of other characters I’d pay that for. But I genuinely would for that wave.
  11. Venom’s honestly been way cooler as a character in his own right vaguely sauntering toward being a Cosmic Marvel character than he ever was as Spider-Man’s villain. He may not have been all that great before but he is now. Give the Cates run a look.
  12. When it comes to breaking the little bastards would do that all the time. It was sadly rather universal. However DC in particular had a lot of trouble with the inside of the torso cracking and not holding in legs correctly so watch for that. There was also this weird era right around Scorpion/House of M Spider-Man times where the figures had a defect where there were weirdly short neck pegs. It caused the heads to sit much closer to the neck and they weren’t able to move as effectively. It wasn’t an issue that lasted long but it kinda got on my nerves. Compare The Vertibre-Challenged Spider-Girl here with the more elegantly necked Superior Spider-Man (allhailIvanmayhereignforeverandletmehavefirstcrackathiscollectionshouldheevergetoutofthegame)
  13. You flippantly say “2012” as if it’s not one month away from being a Decade ago. And I think Minimates last seen a decade ago are perfectly fair game.
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