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  1. There’s also the Thorbuster Destroyer armor. ... and the Destroyer for that matter.
  2. Hooooooly hell this woke up Ady AND TM2? ... hey where TBT at?
  3. Or different versions of different characters who are the same characters but in disguise?
  4. I’m gonna call Duke, Scarlett, Baroness, and Cobra Commander. Snake Eyes in a second set with Storm Shadow.
  5. I think the worst part about it is how lackluster a wave this is for me. All I see when I look at 80 is an obstacle between me and the incredible looking 81/82. That being said I’ll probably get Ghost.
  6. 1. The little bastards always did kinda look like they have big heads so yeah I agree on the slip on helmet. 2. That Rangers reboot movie was deeply underrated and I’m about equally sad that it’s not getting a sequel as I am that the Kelvin Star Trek films were killed off right as they figured out some form of an identity.
  7. The interview doesn’t confirm minimates for them but damn it they should happen.
  8. Oh wow this is such a big deal that you woke up AdyCarter. That’s insane.
  9. I gathered from the article that they have licensed a few things from Hasbro but that, for now, only Transformers is getting minimates. But apparently Joes and the Power Rangers aren’t impossible. I know for a damn fact I’d buy the hell out of some Power Rangers.
  10. Hey @buttheadsmate according to the press release they’re not gonna transform. They’ll just look cute like this.
  11. Halloween Wanda/Halloween CAPTAIN SPOILER (for those who haven’t been watching) Halloween Vision/Whoever is actually behind all this.
  12. Ooooooooooooooooo New and exciting? Hellboy is both of those things. ... I’ll accept if it’s not Hellboy but I kinda want it to be Hellboy.
  13. The hexagons! BEEEEEEEEEES! ... I am kinda sad we’re not getting Minis for this. This show is fun.
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