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  1. Honestly can’t think of any Kaiju more deserving than those three except maybe getting a Kong in the place of Destoroyah or Shin as Kong and Ghidorah are solid set anchors without Godzilla in it. But Shin really is a genius variant idea for Godzilla. New head sculpt but you could probably honestly get away with repainting the original Godzilla body. Throw in a nice purple fire blast and you’ve got yourself a neat little figure.
  2. Trekker 42

    Kingdom Hearts

    I love Baymax. He is precious and wonderful. I applaud them for making him.
  3. Haven't seen those. Are they articulated?
  4. Trekker 42

    Wave 78

    On the far left of the picture? Looks like Wave 77’s Molten Man.
  5. Trekker 42

    Kingdom Hearts

    Can anyone who bought series 2 tell me if Master Form Sora comes with Kingdom Key or does he get a different Keyblade?
  6. Trekker 42

    Wave 78

    Can’t get accurate Liefeld designs. Minimate feet aren’t that small.
  7. Trekker 42

    Spider-Man: Far From Home

    Aw, really? I'm sad now. But on the bright side it could end my plastic crack addiction. I'll be able to say Endgame is my cut off. Not that I'm actually GOING to do that. It's unlikely. But a wallet can dream.
  8. Trekker 42

    Captain Marvel Movie Minimates

  9. Trekker 42

    Captain Marvel Movie Minimates

    Well as long as they don’t pull the same bullshit as the Infinity War ones I’m fine. That was a clusterfuck of epic proportions.
  10. The Tarantino one may still be happening, whatever the hell that is. It’s the fourth Pine Quinto Urban Pegg movie that’s been killed.
  11. I started with TNG and I love it but my heart will always be with TOS. While Picard is easily the best Captain to ever command the starship Enterprise, I just like the rest of the cast of TOS better. Spock, McCoy, and Scotty honestly have more personality than the entire rest of TNG (Worf and maybe Data excluded) combined.
  12. Trekker 42

    Spider-Man PS4

    Let's see... We haven't gotten: Secret Wars, Spider-Punk, Wrestler Suit, Velocity Suit (Likely since it was designed for this game), Dark Suit, Spirit Spider, 2099 White, Last Stand, Anti-Ock (Again, likely since it's game original), ESU, or Undies and that's base game only not including DLC.
  13. Trekker 42

    end of an era

    I would say the same but I got myself the gift of the last two Trek bridge crew members I didn't have from Luke's and they came on the 23rd. So mini Christmas to myself I guess.
  14. Trekker 42

    Sonic The Hedgehog

    Remind me. Have we seen protos for the other couple Sonic characters who actually matter: Shadow and Knuckles? I like this box set but I don’t want another Godzilla on my hands.