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  1. Trekker 42

    wave 79

    Captain British Petroleum?
  2. Trekker 42

    wave 79

    Man I wanted that CGR ... I guess that’s it though. When there’s only one interesting character in the wave it’s not too surprising that they kill it.
  3. Trekker 42

    wave 79

    Hoping Moondragon’s cape is in a set I want. I have a thing I wanna do with it but I don’t want the whole series.
  4. I really wanted a Far From Home movie set but if we’re not going to get that at least the comic wave we got is maybe one of the best minimate waves of all time.
  5. Second at least. It was on the Deadly Foes set too.
  6. Maybe because it was a distinct representative o Wave 1 of Minimates? Something unique to the beginning of the line that we haven’t seen since? Every other character from the first wave has been remade at least once except the Elektra variant. A return to their roots of sorts.
  7. If Ghost Rider is in I’m hoping that means we get Blackheart with him.
  8. How the hell does one make an Ego minimate anyway?
  9. Trekker 42

    wave 79

    Hellz yeah Cosmic Ghost Rider!
  10. My guess for the redo is also Blade. Yeah we had a first appearance Blade but we've only ever had him in the costume anyone knows as Blade once. Though I do admit to the remote possibility that its 2099. @DSTZach when you say "never done" or "hasn't been remade" are you counting the animated minimates?
  11. I’d like a new Dark Phoenix since the old one looks... like hot garbage honestly. I have no desire for any of the X-Men cosmic stuff.
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