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  1. Here's what you do Luke. You make the wave that we've been missing from Avengers Infinity War and send one pack each with purchases of multiple Endgame minimates. It's literally just some empty minimate trays filled with dirt and labeled with certain characters. That way we Multiversers can trade our boxes of dirt. Because I kinda want a Dusted Starlord/Drax Two Pack while someone else may be more into the Dusted Falcon/Winter Soldier two pack.
  2. I must have that Thanos pack and the Cap pack. I must. It’s necessary.
  3. Sooooo... how about that endgame clip huh? Pretty neat. Cap calling Thanos a bad word and all that. Good stuff. Good stuff. Yeah.
  4. An electoral college might help. Otherwise we may get someone people don’t hate.
  5. Personally I suspect that every single one of the Endgame sets are blatant lies in every way.
  6. INTO THE SPIDERVERSE the whole damn movie Miles Morales Spider Man Peter Parker with both Spiderschlub and Spidersuccess alt heads SP/DR with Peni parts beneath Noir Spider-Ham Spider-Gwen The Prowler with Aaron Davis head The Kingpin Olivia Octavius The final slot I’m undecided on between Miles in his crap Spider suit, Aunt May, Jefferson Davis, and Stan Lee. I’d accept Scorpion or 2099 too though.
  7. Oh my god yes the Leader. Arguably the most necessary minimate update. We've gotten the comic version precisely once and it's not even that great of a minimate. Head is good but the rest isn't.
  8. I want a new Scorpion. The old one I have suffers from Stumpyneck where the neck was shorter than your average minimate so the head is barely above the shoulders and can't move well. Plus I'd like to see a longer more articulated tail.
  9. Boy am I glad I got out of these when I did. I regret not buying that Gotham Jail set but this... this is just depressing.
  10. Trekker 42

    wave 79

    How dare you disparage the Spider-Buggy that way. The lack of it in our lives is a travesty.
  11. Trekker 42

    wave 79

    I want a Cosmic Ghost Rider made before he disappears into the ether for sure. I like that character. He was a good addition to the canon. I also want DUCKERNAUT from that Guardians team he fought.
  12. Your face is a stupid design.
  13. ... It... it could give us Spider-Ham... The precious wonderful Spider-Ham.
  14. So what i'm hearing from you is that they do this when they know the line is gonna end anyway. Like the final wave would be: Stan Lee and Spider -Man Jack Kirby and Doctor Doom (Picked him because I didn't want to do just one of the FF and I felt for Kirby at Marvel it had to be an FF creation and frankly Doom can hold his own) Steve Ditko and Doctor Strange Joe Simon and Captain America
  15. Honestly can’t think of any Kaiju more deserving than those three except maybe getting a Kong in the place of Destoroyah or Shin as Kong and Ghidorah are solid set anchors without Godzilla in it. But Shin really is a genius variant idea for Godzilla. New head sculpt but you could probably honestly get away with repainting the original Godzilla body. Throw in a nice purple fire blast and you’ve got yourself a neat little figure.
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