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  1. wallbreaker2.0

    The Transformers Thread

    So hold on a second your saying that the 3rd party Megatron is actually going to transform and it's not just a non-transforming action figure like the revoltech stuff?
  2. wallbreaker2.0

    My sincerest apologies for what I've done.

    Suspense, drama and comedy all in one post. Bravo.
  3. wallbreaker2.0

    Happy Birthday Prowlar!

    Happy Birthday Dude!
  4. wallbreaker2.0

    The Transformers Thread

    I Like all The tapes and Soundwave Is Just Awesome!
  5. wallbreaker2.0

    I'm leaving...

    This is a dark day in the multiverse. No joke, it's makes me sad to hear you're leaving and even sadder to hear why. You're a good dude, keep your head up, I'm sure this bit of bad luck will be brief.
  6. wallbreaker2.0

    So… Why do you collect minimates?

    There size, realitive low price, articulation, and the wide selection of cool characters especially comic related. I've also always been impressed the way they can capture the essence of a character in such a tiny figure ie Wave 9 assault Punisher.
  7. wallbreaker2.0

    Happy Birthday Minimadman

    Happy birthday minimadman!
  8. wallbreaker2.0

    Happy Groundhog's Day!

    Happy Ground hog day!
  9. wallbreaker2.0

    Happy birthday, Shadowmate!

    Happy birthday dude!
  10. wallbreaker2.0

    The Transformers Thread

    So I received an email from big bad toy store letting me know mp Soundwave was in which is awesome but, what's even more awesome is they have pre orders for mp Sunstreaker,mp Prowl, and mp Smokescreen!
  11. wallbreaker2.0


  12. wallbreaker2.0

    Happy Birthday to Eclipse and Trekker 42!

    Happy birthday guys!
  13. wallbreaker2.0

    Happy Birthday TENIME and Samwise!

    Happy birthday guys!
  14. wallbreaker2.0

    Happy Birthday

    Happy birthday Ivan!