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  1. Thanks; I haven't seen a release timeframe for it nor seen it online yet.
  2. Has anyone seen the General Obi-wan Kenobi Walgreens exclusive while hunting Minimates?
  3. After the wave of 8 different tigers with a flaming motorcycle BAF
  4. Good news?‘r’-us-lenders-plan-brand-revival/ar-BBNOFmF?OCID=ansmsnnews11
  5. If Toys R Us no longer exists, can I still be a Toys R Us kid?
  6. It's the ant with the drum set isn't it? Please say it's the and with the drum set..... Animal will be happier.
  7. Terminator (?) and Lord of the Rings
  8. The Agents having saved the day yet again complete their adventure. Cut to commercial, where Coulson says as usual "Agents of Shield will return in a moment." When they return, Coulson looks to the sky, the camera is looking down and we see all the Agents looking up in awe, and then determination. Coulson looks back to the team, "Let's get to work." The camera pans around to look up at the sky, where we see the giant ring from the Infinity trailer.
  9. He'll be back when he's in a movie
  10. These are stylized designs, but they really don't stray too far from the essential look of the characters. These new TMNT designs are clearly based more upon the movie versions (from what I've seen in pics, I have not watched the movies, because ugh). They stray too far from the original (comic or 1st cartoon) essential look of the characters for many people. Unless your 1st turtle was a recent movie turtle, you aren't going to get excited.
  11. I'll avoid an argument and assume you meant "1st generation CARTOON fans."
  12. Huh. This is supposed to be the new designs: Which is real? Both are awful.
  13. FWIW, according to CBR all the shows are returning
  14. Why is a voter required to answer all questions in these polls?
  15. Also a nightmare for a completionist to obtain every version of Eternity, if they are all unique.
  16. and does capt. marvel have a different hair piece?
  17. Zach, you should pitch to Costco. Bundle the best-of sets, slip in a flyer on how to expand your collection ("Universe") with pics of other available and upcoming assortments
  18. Disney owns it all. Joss directed 1 movie and 1 episode (?). So I think that if Disney says the movies and ABC shows share the same universe, then they are; and Joss is the writer of fan fiction outside of his 1 movie and 1 episode (?).
  19. Depends on which type of bankruptcy you file for....the one they've filed for is not the "big clearance all stores closing fire sale" type. Yet.
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