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  1. Nah, man, I'm just a fan. I don't work for them, nor they for me.
  2. Hit the south TRU here in beautiful Austin, Texas last night looking for LEGO minifigs. No luck there, but was delighted to find the uniform Rhodes and Mk VI Iron Man as well as the MAX Jet. There were two of them on the shelves (one of which I purchased). No sign at all of Delorans or HKs.
  3. He'd have to come with a recliner and TV and be packed with his greatest nemesis: a falling brick.
  4. Yeah, they're a good thing for sure. It's a chance to get some figures that we'd never get otherwise. So while they can sometimes be hard to find, I'd rather they exist and be hard to find rather than they not exist at all.
  5. Yeah, my Whiplash was also missing his whips. I e-mailed DST customer service about it. In the past, Chuck has asked that we PM him with these problems, so I did that as well. (Which I had done with a missing Wolverine Origins Deadpool sword, and he got it replaced quickly.) But didn't hear anything. Ended up just picking up a second set at TRU, so I guess it worked out for DST in the end. Heh.
  6. So has anyone gotten their C2E2 Stark Expo packs in? I ordered through my LCS, but it seems like they should have come out by now.
  7. Not sure if this was covered, but I figured I'd ask to be sure: Niether my BD Whiplash nor the main-line, normal one came with the energy whips. Were they cut from production, or did I just not get them?l
  8. Somehow, totally missed this topic until today. I missed the deadline, but will try to slip this under the door. 01) BEST MINIMATE Ares (Dark Avengers Box 2) Armored Punisher (War Zone) Sarah Conner (SWAT, Cyberdyne Assault) 02) WORST MINIMATE Wolverine (Weapon X, Wolverine TTA) Terror Dog (Energized, Ghostbusters TRU W2) Daredevil (Armored, Marvel W29) 03) BEST VARIATION Wolverine (Marvel Heroes BS) 04) WORST VARIATION Spider-Man (Symbiote Bond, Secret Wars BS) 05) SEXIEST MINIMATE Males: Wolverine (Weapon X, Wolverine TTA) Wolverine (tank top, Movie TRU exclusive) Louis Tully (GB BS1) Females: Six (Captivity, BSG TRU W2) Sand Serif (Gown, Spirit exclusive) Dana Barrett (GB BS2) 06) BIGGEST SLEEPER Armored Punisher (War Zone BS) Viper Mini-Flyer (BSG) TRU Support of Minimates 07) BEST CELEBRITY LIKENESS Logan (Wolverine TRU exclusive) 08) BEST 2-IN-1 MINIMATE Louis Tully/Terror Dog (GB BS 1) 09) FAVORITE CUSTOM (3 choices) Han Solo Hellboy Martian Manhunter, Black Lantern 10) BEST ACCESSORY Slimer flight base T-800 Arm Silver Surfer board 11) WORST ACCESSORY T-800 gun 12) BEST ACCESSORIZED MINIMATE Armored Punisher (War Zone BS) Ares (Dark Avengers BS 2) Deadpool (Marvel W28) 13) BEST PACKAGING Punisher War Zone 14) BEST BOX SET/WAVE Ghostbusters BS 1 15) WORST BOX SET/WAVE X-Factor BS 16) BEST GHOSTBUSTER MINIMATE (3 choices) Slimer (Clear, TRU W1) Ray Stanz (GB1, BS2) Washington Square Ghost (TRU W1) 17) IN MEMORIAM (3 choices) Spock (ST) Jean-Luc Picard (ST) Martian Manhunter (DC)
  9. Went to TRU today. Was surprised to not see any Secret Wars sets. Looks like they sold after all. Was also surprised to see Wave 5 there. I found Old Men Logan and Hawkeye last week, but went on a whim this evening, and found Surver and Swordsman tonight. Looks like there was a fresh case out. Saw 2 more Logan/Hawkeye. This was in Austin, TX at the south TRU. Also broke down today and picked up the Angel/Warpath set on eBay.
  10. Found Logan/Hawkeye at the south TRU in Austin today. Marvel/Black Bolt were also on the shelf, but they were there earlier this week. Secret Wars has been on display for a while now. No signs of any other 'Mates. I think this means that I'll have to do eBay for Angel/Warpath. I doubt that this store will be getting any more, though I know that some passed through (from seeing a pack or two from the wave). Hopefully Surfer/Swordsman and future waves will not be shortpacked, so Angel/Warpath will be the only ones I need from TRU.
  11. Wow, I'm surprised that these aren't all over the place. I found these here in Austin last week before the holiday. Our south store had a bunch of them in stock. I saw them there in the morning, but wanted to make sure my order hadn't shipped. Back-ordered, of course, so I called and canceled that part of the order (everything else had either shipped or been canceled) and went back to TRU after work to pick it up. It also rang up for me at the $164 price. I assumed that it was a case price, and the manager said the same thing. He got the correct price from the shelf, and I was set. I had a $10 voucher from an earlier coupon, so it was extra cheap for me. To answer some questions: Yes, there's the symbiote hood. It comes with two "flame hands." Photon's cape works fine; her arms are quite mobile. Though her hair doesn't want to stay on. I'll note that on all the sets that I saw, the paint app on Photon's head wasn't great. Right at the top border, the paint wasn't applied well, and some of the base white could be seen. There was also a tiny spot of black on Dr. Doom's outer armor that appeared on all the figures they had. Neither is a big deal, though. If anyone has trouble finding them, PM me. If you cover costs and shipping, I'll happily pick them up for you. I don't see them selling very well, since it's really a bunch of folks that either nobody knows or are in some funky outfit that nobody recognizes. This was a strange box set for TRU to pick up. Personally, I'm still looking for Angel & Warpath...
  12. Had a package waiting for me at work today with the flyers inside. I was pretty happy. Cdubya, thanks for the guide about the stickers. The written description was enough for me. Most of them made sense without needing a writeup, but for the ones that didn't, I was scratching my head. For the Viper sticker that goes in the translucent part of the cockpit, I put mine on, and it actually looks okay. Most of the sticker is over the joint that opens the cockpit, so the amount of white you see isn't very much. Plus, with the gray of that part, it looks like just an extension of the controls, so I think it fits okay. I'm loving the stubby Minimatish design of the Viper. I think the Raider is a bit "big headed" (even by Minimate standards), but it's cool nonetheless. I do wish the red dot of the eye were centered, though. But having them in hand and playing around with them makes me like them a lot more. I'm happy to have them, but wasn't terribly saddened when they were announced as not being made. But having them, I'm really glad they got done, and are super cool. Much cooler than the C3 flyers. EDIT: Quick update to my 2-packs with So after getting an e-mail one morning saying that they had no shipping date and telling me to call if I wanted to cancel, me buying the Tigh/Six pack from a B&M store, then me calling to cancel to be told it couldn't be canceled because they were leaving the warehouse...I got an e-mail the next morning saying that they were out of stock and my Tigh/Six pack was canceled from my order. Ugh. At least I was able to get them.
  13. Another "WTF?" shipping moment... A quick recap: I made a big pre-order for all the BSG/GB/Marvel 'Mates. I received, without issue, the SDCC Dark Avengers TRU set first. Next up was BSG series 2. I got notice that 2 of the sets, Ellen/Simon and Tory/Sam, had been canceled from my order. I was moderately annoyed, but happily found them at B&M. Soon after, I got two sets in the mail (Athena/Cylon and Tyrol/Cylon). The other set, Tigh/Six, was listed as backordered. So here's the update. This morning, I got an e-mail that Tigh/Six were delayed and that there was not a scheduled date for them to ship out. Annoyed, I went to my B&M TRU hoping to find this set. They got another case in, so I picked it up. The e-mail had a number to call to cancel the order, because they said that it would remain on the order. (If Oct 9 came around, and it was still not in, they'd automatically cancel it.) So I called and after going through no less than three menu trees, I got a hold of someone. I told her my order and item numbers, and asked that she remove that item from the order. She said that the computer was telling her that she couldn't. She put me on hold to investigate, and apparently, it was in the shipping process (or actually shipped out) from the warehouse today....maybe. It wasn't totally clear if it actually shipped, or if a ship date was just added in. I guess we'll see if I end up with 2 Tigh/Six packs, but I'm saving my receipt to return one of them if I need to. They may have refunded my shipping on that pack, but I'm not sure. The lady was nice, but the shipping system is crazy-disorganized. But, hey, yesterday afternoon, I got an e-mail saying the mini-flyers were shipped. I have a tracking number, and there's been progress on a package on, so I'm assuming that they've actually been shipped. I guess I'll find out next week. (In which case, expect to hear some "swooshing" noises coming from my work area.)
  14. My Deadpool from Wolverine was also missing one of his swords. Somewhere, DSTMatt said that if there are any issues to PM him, so I did. He sent me over a replacement sword, and was really nice about it. DST is pretty good about that stuff, and Matt especially.
  15. Well, after having my Anders/Tory and Ellen/Simon sets canceled, I hit TRU yesterday morning hoping to get lucky....and I did. I mean, I'm moderately peeved I'm not getting them in the mail, and I'd have preferred to buy them at retail than on the website, but at least it won't be a problem getting those two canceled sets from my order. Now I have an unknown number of packages coming. But not only from TRU, but also BBTS and AFX.
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