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  1. Anyone got the sku# or the upc I would appreciate it.
  2. I've been looking at 3D printers and came across filament extruders. I noticed that you could get a 1lb bag of pellets for about 4-5$ which is way less than the 50$ for a 1lb spool of filament.
  3. I've never had any problems with DST customer service. My Target Nightcrawler had a broken leg and they replaced the whole figure and my latest incident was was Black Widow's hand snapping off at the wrist. I recommend sending pics with your email because they responded to my request with in hours.
  4. My thoughts and prayers go out to the families and victims of this tragedy.
  5. Maybe they are saving it for series 4 I think it makes sense being Mumm-ra the Ever Living is going to be in 4.
  6. I wanted to post this again here. I think it fits this thread well.
  7. Skate or Die Break Thru Super Dodge ball Rivercity Ransom
  8. A lot of craziness going on now a days does make it look like "the end".
  9. Picked up the Quinjet the other day and I hope to see something from the X-Men like the Danger Room.
  10. Has anyone really looked at the promo pictures on Disney's website? Specifically Thor minus the beard.╬Ł=pProductID&Ntt=minimates&Dr=pPublished%3A1&Ntx=mode+matchallpartial or Kang and Hulk╬Ł=pProductID&Ntt=minimates&Dr=pPublished%3A1&Ntx=mode+matchallpartial
  11. My youngest with Spiderman, at New World Comics (Oklahoma City), on FCBD . Ignore the spot on her forehead she is allergic to bug bites.
  12. Is that Mark Hamill voicing the Joker?
  13. Why is it every time I see a zombie minimate I think of boobs?
  14. They have "The Room" in Greece? It amuses me that so many people here have seen The Room. Did Zach just announce a Tommy Wiseau Minimate?!?! So bad it's good.
  15. LOL that stand the comes with Wolverine and Chris looks very familiar...
  16. I think once I had attempted to count the bricks to make the Baxter Building. I hope it helps if only a little bit.
  17. unscent*ed* fabreeze on a cloth in a box with the minimates works for me. Just make sure not to let the Fabreeze and mates touch because i'm not sure if the chemicals with damage the paint or plastic.
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