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  1. Yeah, Black Science is great. Remender seems good at big ideas, not so good at using other creator's characters. I really disliked his run on Cap when he was in the Zolaverse, I gave it half a dozen issues but couldn't bear it in the end. Loving Spider-Gwen fully expect her to be part of regular Marvel once this secret wars bollocks is out of the way
  2. They're irresistible to each other Innit? Which is why they try yo keep their distance as I've the feeling she'll Take Pete's head off if they ever do the bad thing I'd have to re-read the whole thing to pick up on what you've mentioned Zexion I was having too much fun reading it at the time
  3. Well... Remender certainly ruined Brian Braddock for me by turning him into a nincompoop. And even with comic science I'm not sure how having the brain of a dead telepath can suddenly make a lunatic nazi a telepathic lunatic nazi. How's Slott ruined Peter Parker?
  4. Dan Slott > Rick Remender anyday. As far as I'm concerned Remender's another Ben Raab. Hated what both of them did with Captain Britain.
  5. I've loved Spider-Verse from start to finish. Bought every single tie-in too. It was a massive success in my book. Bit of a thread-necro I know, but there's been a lot of discussion on the facebook page about spider-verse mates. I'd like to see some of the Inheritors get the 'mate treatment. As well as Spider-Gwen/Spider-UK, Silk/Spidey 2099, Miles/Spider-Punk, (including a Peter Porker a'la Rocket) and an Updated Jessica Drew/SpiderNoir with maybe Ben Parker as the variant in one of those sets.
  6. Cheers Buddy Nice of you to say so. I used to really enjoy writing the reviews but as more and more product got released it became harder and harder to keep up with it all. Plus trying to write and photograph everything, as well as editing the pics to make them just about usable sucked up a lot of my time. To the point I just got burned out doing it. Luke, Lurch, I really hope you get a good team behind you because sharing the load will only make it easier and keep it fun for everybody. Might even be tempted to come back, if you'd have me? Danny, fantastic to see you're still about mate
  7. I thought you were a philosopher, Karamazov?
  8. Thank you guys! Having a most excellent day.
  9. welcome aboard. I had to double take when I saw your username. A good mate of mine used to run a comic shop called Squonk!
  10. Just got my wave six TWD figures. Bit disappointed with the duplicated walker but that Carl Grimes figure is superb. It's not just the alternate looks, it's the shortened legs. I hadn't realised DST were going to do this, so colour me impressed. I've half a mind to buy another set to customise Puck from Alpha Flight.
  11. Are you using the buttons or putting the code in yourself?
  12. It's attention to small details like this that make you awesome I concur!
  13. Great collection bud. Is that a Galactus Maximate lurking on the bottom shelf?
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