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  1. This is a spectacular set. The playability is a bit limited, as the front of monie tends to fall off if not handled carefully. Otherwise, it's great. I've got mine on a shelf at work, and I added a few extra soldiers from some of the other pirate sets. My obsession lately has become a lego town. I was bale to buy the Fire Brigade and Emporium earlier this year, and recently put assembeld the Green Grocer by downloading the instructions and ordering the pieces from various sellers. Next up is the Grand Carousel, but I don't really care for the horses on that, so that one I'll likely modify from the plan.
  2. I think it was a solid review, and I'll look forward to more. This is one of the 2 sets I was able to get ordered from Toys R Us before the sale goes off (buy 1 get 1 half off) AND before the store raised the prices of the sets across the line to MSRP + 10%! I expect they'll be in stores everywhere in the coming weeks, to corss promote the video game if nothing else.
  3. I'm hoping to see those in the store while the sale is on this week. I've recently added the Imperial Flagship and Brickbeard's Bounty, and would love to see them along the Queen Anne's Revenge.
  4. These have been showing up at about one case at a time, but I'm hoping we'll see them soon in the Target easter section. I was bale to pick up a few, and they're fantastic. My Kimono Girl stands on my desk between the Sumo and the Samurai. The Frankenstein and Wolfman look great with the vampire, witch, mummy, and zombie...what other monsters could they do in future waves?
  5. Any and all help is appreciated. Just one of the reasons this is the best board on the web.
  6. For those of you in Europe, is the Green Grocer set (10185) still available? Seems I missed my chance here in the US, except for e-bay. I curious, in general, if sets are retired at the same time on both continents. Thanks for any info. HRG
  7. I can agree on "Beautiful Girls", and most other works, but have to disagree on Episodes 1-3... I've seen less wooden performances by a dining room chair. But to be fair, the other performances in those movies nicely circled the rest of the table. To qoute Frank Caliendo as Sean Connery re: Dragonheart: "It pays HOW much?"
  8. And they're offering the same again through 2/20 for those who have not gotten this awesome set. (Sorry for the necro, just wanted to do a public service...)
  9. It seems that in Central VA they're all gone. I was so surprised to see these right before Christmas, I think a lot of folks were caught off-guard. And Gillbob, I've seen that that phenomenon as well. This is the first wave that some of my fellow collectors across the pond haven't asked me to pick up for them, so I haven't paid as close attention on this wave, but the last few, you're spot on.
  10. Well, I was planning a trip to a mall with a Lego store in a couple of weeks (anout a 2-hour drive, but it's a big mall), and the big boat was at the bottom of my list, following Diagon Alley and some fo the City sets, but it just moved into second place. I'd hate to have this all of a sudden get discontinued and miss it, especially after I dragged my feet too long on the Green Grocer and the Carousel.
  11. New characters? Great! I just hope the style is similar to what we've got, versus going more "video game style"... I remember the Marvel/Capcom releases for the ToyBiz line back in the day. Stand alone, I thought the Captain America looked great. Set in a line-up with other ToyBiz characters, it just just looked off. For a fairly recent minimate example, remember how the Lee Adama figure looked in the TRU line, with those BIG BLUE EYES? He seemed like HE would fit in well in a video game based line... Just hoping these don't go that route.
  12. Oh, man I'm in serious trouble on this one... I've been eyeing the Imperial Flagship set for a while, and now I'm thinking how good it would look along side the Black Pearl. Off to start selling blood...
  13. I went in to a local one yesterday to see what had been marked down (Max, Universal Monsters), and I was planning to pick up the Series 9 leftovers that had been sitting around for a while (couple of Magik sets, 1 Cannonball set), and ALL of the Marvel mates were gone, even Thor/Lady Loki. The store had done a reset, and while there were IM2 mates pegs, there were NO pegs/tags for Marvel sets. I'm sure it was an oversight... I'm sure they're just sitting in a cart in the back room... but it really surprised me to see nothing.
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