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  1. Same situation at two of the TRUs near me. If you're in need of the exclusives, feel free to PM me as well.
  2. If you have TJ Maxx or Marshall's in your area, you should check there for Grapple and Lugnut. I found some last week.
  3. I think it might still make for a good story if they Or something along those lines.
  4. I found Wave 3 today. Picked up the Hal/Saint Walker and Kilowog/Zilious Zox packs. No Walmart 3-packs yet.
  5. I couldn't get the other leg off the Terror Dog without getting a pretty nasty stress mark on the waist peg so I didn't want to push it.
  6. I think the PG-13 rating is about right. If she can handle an X-Men-type movie or something like Sherlock Holmes, she should be okay. My overall impression was decent. Not great, but not bad with what they had to work with. The Green Lantern mythos is pretty complicated to begin with and I think they did a fair job of cramming the origin into two hours without making it feel too jerky. Tomar Re and Sinestro were awesome! Kilowog could have been better. The OA stuff was amazing! Blake Lively: It would have been nice if they did DEO agent Cameron Chase but Waller was enough, I guess. The 3D didn't really seem all that necessary but it was cool nonetheless. I'll have to see it again as I was slightly drunk by the end. Hooray for theaters with beer! Final rating: 7/10.
  7. Is this about what you're looking for? I know! It looks so awesome, I'm definitely thinking about grabbing a few spares. Can I assume that they just forgot to glue mine or are they all like this?
  8. I picked up Kre-O Mirage and Jazz today. I absolutely love the Kreons! The boxes are really nice as well. I haven't actually opened the bags for the building blocks, yet. I might try to sell them on their own for a few dollars. Here's a quick size comparison pic for reference:
  9. Got my set today! These are awesome all around!
  10. Yeah, I usually wait for price drops and sales for games but a friend made me an offer I just couldn't pass up. He gave me the system, the two LEGO games, a case, a silicone sleve, and a set of screen protectors for $290. The only design "flaw" I see with the system is them putting the stylus back where it was in the original DS. Just a pain, that is. I'm also not a huge fan of Nintendo continuing with their dilusion that hundreds of people are going to be wandering around with these systems everywhere you go. I did manage to get two Street Pass hits from driving past a Game Stop, though. Other than that, the system is seriously fantastic. I highly reccommend it. I love the "Augmented Reality" stuff and collecting Miis with the QR codes is just super fun. Plus, downloading the 3D videos from the e-shop was a nice surprise. They even recently offered the 3D Green Lantern movie trailer and it looks amazing! I must have watched it 20 times by now. And the fun part is, I can check on that with the activity log. Mario 3D, Luigi's Mansion 2, Animal Crossing, and Mario Kart are must owns for me. Resident Evil look sweet as well.
  11. I picked up my 3DS a few days ago and I love it! I spent 3 hours the first night just playing with the stuff already on the system. I was so surprised that there was so much to do with it right out of the box. I grabbed Street Fighter and both LEGO games. I'm planning on buying Zelda and many more down the line. My friend code: 5069-4014-2221 My Mii QR code:
  12. Black and white Bride of Frankenstein, hopefully.
  13. G'nort would be amazing! Larfleeze is a must. I'd like to get a Saint Walker and Indigo-1 to round out the New Guardians. How about a Bleez part swap figure along with Laira?
  14. Only if they can top the Warthog. Easily the best Minimate vehicle produced thus far. I do like that they've dropped their claim that it can accomodate 6 figures, though.
  15. I found these nifty little guys in a vending machine at a Red Robin today. Not the highest of quality, but at 75cents each, I couldn't pass up trying to get a set. After dumping $4.50 into the machine, I'm still short a Daredevil and Thing with extras of all but Venom. Does anybody know anything about these? I'm wondering who was offered in Series #1 and where they might be available, if at all.
  16. That's exactly how it was! But with more beer.
  17. I found these today! Magneto is awesome! Great figure and an amazing likeness to boot. Mystique's face is mezmerizing. Love it! Is anybody watching Game of Thrones on HBO? Am I the only one seeing Jack Gleeson's Joffrey Baratheon here? Now I just need to see if I can cobble together a good outfit for him....
  18. I had another very pleasant trip to TRU today! I kinda wish they'd stagger the releases a bit more. My $10-off-$50-or-more coupon helped a bit, though. Gotta love being able to actually put the TRU rewards to good use.
  19. I got a big surprise today! A friend called me from BotCon and asked if I wanted his extra exclusive Kre-O Prime! I didn't even ask him about it or know he was attending. I'm so excited!
  20. There's a great gallery of the Kre-O display from BotCon at seibertron! I wish they were selling the minifigs seperately, but I'll buy the sets anyway.
  21. Congratulations to you and Pete's wife(I was wondering why there was a female on the winner's list)! I, sadly, did not win.
  22. Apparently, DST is giving away some First Class Minimates and design sheets on their facebook page tomorrow!
  23. Some more details emerge. Some good, some bad. Either way, it sounds more and more like an empty marketing gimmick and less like a straight-up reboot.
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