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  1. Yeah, by “be” i meant participate and make the usual reveals
  2. @DSTZach are you guys gonna be at Comic-Con 2020 ? can we expect any news from the line ?
  3. The hairpiece is visible in the picture.
  4. Carlos_

    wave 79

    Yeah... wrong thread Sorry about that.
  5. Zach, any more clues that you can share with us?
  6. Carlos_

    wave 79

    Zach, any more clues that you can share with us?
  7. They were together in the New Avengers team.
  8. Mmmmm Mockingbird sounds very likely... Fingers crossed!!
  9. Carlos_

    wave 79

    Not all of us are complaining Zach, some of us are glad we are getting this characters and costumes. I have been waiting for a Moondragon for a longtime, everyone else is welcome to the collection as well.
  10. Any more news from San Diego ? I am looking everywhere for new reveals and nothing...
  11. You are right, thanks !!
  12. Who is next to Jean ?
  13. @DSTZach can you tell us if there will be any new marvel series updates/reveals?
  14. There are some pictures at instagram. #minimates
  15. Great work Zach! Amazing characters choices for hardcore fans !!
  16. My only doubt is: Are both TRU24 or it is a mistake and the second one is TRU25 ?
  17. Pics are out on instagram !
  18. Ant-Man Movie Ant-Man (Eric OGrady) Wasp Ant-Man Movie Costume Giant-Man
  19. Carlos_

    Wave 60

    Thanks Mnemosis !! Looking foward to it...
  20. Carlos_

    Wave 60

    Zach is there any chance to get an aditional bandana hairpiece for Forge for a classic look?
  21. Carlos_

    Wave 60

    Great wave, i want them all !!
  22. Carlos_

    TRU 19

    Maybe a new Kitty Pryde to complete wave 59 ?
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