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  1. We still need the new Joes and D&D previews…
  2. It’s confirmed by Zach, 2 six packs, one for heroes another for villains. So, I believe the heroes are pretty obvious, can’t wait to see the designs for Hank, Eric, Diana, Presto, Sheila & Bobby. Besides Venger, which other villains do you guys think will be in that set? I think these are a home run @DSTZach
  3. @DSTZachalready revealed it on that YouTube interview. it’s D&D 80s cartoon, two 6packs: one for heroes and another for villains.
  4. Mine are: 1. Moira McTaggert 2. Dr. Cecilia Reyes 3. Sage 4. Darwin 5. Husk Bonus: More GenX love: Chamber, M & Synch
  5. Hey Luke ! is there any special plans for the 40th anniversary of the brand ? Just watched the streaming from Hasbro and its a lot going on with Gi Joe
  6. What about this one?: Avengers 90s Captain America Black Widow (grey suit) Vision (white version) Sersi Crystal Hercules
  7. This would be perfect !!
  8. I think its the 1st time in 10-12 years without any news or teasers from new minimates. Strange times indeed…
  9. Any upcoming waves revealed at Comiccon this year ?
  10. Thanks for the gift Zach. For thing like this minimates are the best toyline
  11. Thanks Zach, these look great !! Im excited to add them to my minimate collection, looking forward to more minimates of this line.
  12. So, any news for this wave ? Feels like forever since the last one.
  13. @DSTZach any news of relase date for this wave ?
  14. Yeah, by “be” i meant participate and make the usual reveals
  15. @DSTZach are you guys gonna be at Comic-Con 2020 ? can we expect any news from the line ?
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